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This was my initial, much more baroque, treatment for the cover of the complete collection. I opted for a more streamlined image but I still wanted to share ‘what could have been’ with you fine people because I know that many among your number enjoy a good pterosaur. 

The hardcover comes out tomorrow. I will be signing copies at ECCC and, if you’re in the Seattle area, I’d be delighted to see you there.

Bitten - part three (Pack Mom)

~ The next day ~

Y/N and Derek were up early with Liam as the pack mother tended to the young wolf pup as the older alpha made his way downstairs to start on breakfast.
‘’Good morning, sweetie. Did you sleep ok?’’ She asked the baby beta who was still yawning. He rubbed his eye with his little fist and nodded his head making grabby at her to be picked up.
Y/N picked him up in her arms, set him on her hip and made her way downstairs to the kitchen were Scott and Stiles had already arrived and were sat at the kitchen table with their laptop as Derek plated up the remaining pancakes from the hot plate and placed on the table.
‘’Morning boys,’’ Y/N called sitting at the table with Liam in her lap as she joined the others. Liam immediately grew uncomfortable and began to whine in her lap as he hid his face away from them.
‘’Hey, sssh. It’s ok. I’m here, sweetie,’’ she cooed gently bouncing him on her knee.
‘’What is it, pup? What’s wrong?’’ Derek asked as he put a plate of food in front of Y/N and sat beside her.
‘’He show a’h me,’’ Liam mumbled to Derek as he pointed to Stiles.
‘’Did he shout at you?’’ Derek asked repeated what he think he heard Liam say. Liam nodded at the older alpha.
‘’Did you shout at him?’’ Derek asked Stiles who stood with his mouth gaping open unable to believe the small were-baby had just snitched on him.
‘’I didn’t shout. I told him off,’’ Stiles stated trying to defend himself.
‘’Tell him you’re sorry,’’ Y/N told him.
‘’What? Why?’’ Stiles argued.
‘’Because she said so now do it,’’ Derek growled at the human. Stiles huffed and looked over at his best friend who nodded in agreement. He kneeled down beside Y/N to face Liam but he hid his face against Y/N’s chest.
‘’How am I supposed to say sorry if he won’t look at me?’’ Stiles asked looking at the alphas.
‘’Sweetie, Stiles wants to say something to you. Will you please listen?’’ Y/N asked Liam gently but the boy shook his head and frowned at her.
‘’Why not, pup?’’ Derek asked.
‘’He mean,’’ Liam simply replied.
‘’I know, pup. But just listen to what he has to say and if you still don’t like it you don’t have to talk to him ok?’’ Derek suggested. Liam thought for a moment and nodded.
‘’Okie,’’ he replied sitting up to face the older boy.
‘’I’m sorry for shouting at you, Liam,’’ Stiles apologised. Liam stared at the older boy and then looked up at Derek.
‘’No,’’ the child replied folding his arms and sticking his tongue out at the older boy. Y/N, Scott and Derek couldn’t help but chuckle at Liam’s response.
‘’Brat,’’ Stiles replied sticking his tongue at Liam.
‘’Meanie,’’ Liam retorted turning away from the older boy.
‘’That’s my boy,’’ Derek chuckled.
‘’Technically, he’s mine since I bit him,’’ Scott stated.
‘’Well why don’t go near him and see how he reacts?’’ Derek told him giving the true alpha a push towards Liam. Scott did the same and knelt down beside Y/N.
‘’Liam, do you remember me?’’ Scott asked him. The younger boy frowned and nodded.
‘’You don’t like Scott either, sweetie?’’ Y/N asked Liam gently bouncing him. Liam shook his head.
‘’Why not, pup?’’ Derek asked.
‘’He bited me,’’ Liam frowned looking at his arm but the bite mark had now healed.
‘’I did that to save you,’’ Scott told him.
‘’Remember that big scary monster that took you? I had to bite you to save you,’’ Scott told him.
‘’He’s right, sweetie. He did save you and then he called us to take care of you because he was scared something might happen to you.’’ Y/N explained.
‘’He good?’’ Liam asked her.
‘’Yes baby, they both are. I know they can be mean but they are good.’’ She told him pressing a kiss to his forehead.
‘’Okie,’’ Liam replied.
‘’Does that mean we can be friends?’’ Scott asked Liam. The young boy nodded his head.
‘’Good boy,’’ Y/N praised him.
‘’Great job, pup,’’ Derek replied with a smile.
After breakfast, the couple followed the other boys as they took Liam down to the Sheriff’s station.
‘’Ok, so I gave my dad a heads up on what happened and he’s expecting us. Oh and the girl’s are meeting us here too,’’ Stiles told him as closed the door to his jeep and led the way into the Sheriff’s station followed by the others.
Sheriff Stilinski pulled the small group into his office immediately and stared at the boys.
‘’Oh my goodness, he’s so cute!’’ Lydia squealed bending down to the pinch Liam’s chubby cheeks but the baby beta blushed and hid his face behind Y/N.
‘’Hi sweetie,’’ Kira cooed at him.
‘’Oh my god, I want one!’’ She added looking at the true alpha with a big smile but Scott looked like a deer caught in the headlights.
‘’He’s so little, why did you bite him?’’ Malia asked.
‘’I had to save him.’’ Scott replied.
‘’Do you want to explain to how all this happened?’’ Noah asked already rubbing his temple.
Stiles sighed and looked over at his best friend, Scott. Scott nodded and explained to the Sheriff exactly what happened that night.
‘’You bit him?’’ Noah asked in disbelief.
‘’Ok for the last time, yes he did to save him. Can we get past that and focus on this?’’ Stiles replied handing his dad the letter that Y/N had found in Liam’s backpack.
‘’We need you to look up the address in the letter so we can find out who his parents are or at least what happened to them,’’ Scott asked. Noah sighed and complied typing in the address into his laptop as Scott, Stiles and Derek peered over his shoulder.
Liam began to get fussy and made grabby hands at Y/N whining to be picked up.
‘’What is it, sweetie? What’s the matter?’’ she cooed at him rocking him in her arms. Noah looked up and saw Y/N trying to comfort the scared child. He got up from his seat instructing the boys not to touch anything until he got back and went over to Y/N.
‘’Liam, do you like puppies?’’ the Sheriff asked him. The were-baby looked up at the older man and nodded.
‘’You do? Would you like to go see the police dogs?’’ He asked. Liam looked up at Y/N who smiled and nodded saying it was ok. Liam looked back at the Sheriff and nodded his head.
‘’Great, let’s go,’’ he told him leading the way followed by Y/N as he led them down the hall and out to the courtyard where Deputy Parrish was with the police sniffer dogs.
Parrish came over and shook Derek’s hand and gave Y/N a heart melting smile as he introduced the dog beside him to her Liam.
‘’Doggie!’’ Liam pointed.
‘’Yeah that is a dog, good job sweetie,’’ Y/N praised the young beta as she let him pet the big fluffy black dog.
The Sheriff led Y/N and Liam to a small playpen where the puppies were kept.
‘’Come on, sweetie. This way,’’ she cooed taking his tiny hand as she followed behind the Sheriff.
’’Puppies!’’ Liam responded excitedly.
‘’Yeah, puppies. Do you want to pet them?’’ Noah asked him. Liam nodded excitedly.
Y/N sat Liam down at her feet as Noah placed one of the puppies in his lap. The bigger dogs that Parrish was handling made their way over to the young beta and licked his face as they settled beside him letting him pet him. Y/N took out her phone and snapped a few pictures of Liam playing with the puppy and sent them to Derek. It was within minutes that the older alpha made his way into the room to see Liam petting the puppies and playing with the bigger dogs.
‘’I had to come see this for myself,’’ Derek told Y/N standing behind where she was sitting.
‘’Isn’t it adorable?’’ Y/N commented smiling at Liam.
Scott and Stiles joined them followed by the others each carrying papers and a file.
‘’The address that dad looked up was involved in a recent fire. All of the family members were burnt to death. They never caught the killer,’’ Stiles told Y/N in a low voice knowing that the recent event sounded all too familiar with someone. Scott opened the file and showed her the medical report stating that the remains of a man, woman and older boy aged around 10 were all recovered in the aftermath and that the 4th family member, the toddler meaning Liam was also presumed dead even though the body or remains were not found because he was smaller and therefore would have burnt quicker.
‘’Are those pictures?’’ Lydia asked.
‘’Yeah, they show the remai-…’’ Stiles began but Y/N stopped him.
‘’That’s enough. I get it,’’ She told them slightly disturbed and saddened.
She looked over at Derek playing with Liam and the puppies and knew he would have heard everything and sighed with sadness. This sounded all too familiar.
‘’So what’s going to happen to Liam?’’ Stiles asked.
‘’I have an idea but need a moment. Der, can we talk for a minute?’’ She asked him asking Lydia to watch Liam not that he noticed that the older couple had slipped out of the room for a second since we was preoccupied with the puppies.
‘’Sure babe,’’ he replied following her out. Y/N wrapped her arms around the older alpha’s neck running her fingers through his hair.
‘’I’m sorry you had to hear that, Der,’’ she apologised.
‘’Hey, it’s ok. It just means we have to look out for the kid ourselves,’’ he told her resting his hands on her waist.
‘’Are you sure? I mean, I would love to take him in but are you ok with this?’’ she asked wrapping her arms around his neck. Liam squealed with delight as the puppy licked his face. Y/N and Derek looked up and smiled.
‘’Let’s take him home’’, Derek told her and pressed a deep loving kiss to her lips.
‘’Derek Hale, I love you,’’ Y/N smiled pressing another kiss to the older alpha’s lips.
They headed back out and went to get Liam.
‘’Come on, sweetie. You have to bye-bye to the puppies,’’ Y/N told him picking up.
‘’Puppy….’’ Liam pouted reaching towards them.
‘’We’ll come back, pup. I promise,’’ Derek told him.
The Sheriff led them back into his office.
‘’We need you to print a birth certificate for Liam in our name,’’ Derek asked him.
‘’List us as his adopted parents. The last thing we want is for this sweet boy to go to a foster home,’’ Y/N told him. Noah thought about it for a second and nodded. He trusted Y/N and Derek.
‘’Ok, well from previous records his birth name is apparently Liam Anthony Dunbar, followed by his date of birth and the name of his parents – deceased,’’ Stiles told his dad talking him through the document.
‘’Adopted by Y/N and Derek Hale.’’ He added.
‘’Liam Anthony Dunbar Hale’’, Derek corrected.
‘’This is so cute omg. Should we throw you a baby shower?’’ Lydia asked excitedly.
‘’Absolutely not. He’s still getting used to us. He just made friends with Scott and Stiles,’’ Y/N told her.
‘’Let’s not scare him anymore. He’s already been through a lot,’’ She added. The girls nodded in agreement.
Noah gave Derek a copy of Liam’s new file and kept one for the record at the station. Once it was all sorted and Liam was now placed in their care, he dismissed everyone from his office after getting an urgent call over the radio.
‘’I’ll see you guys soon. Take care,’’ he called grabbing his jacket and gun.
‘’PARRISH, LET’S GO!’’ He yelled on his way out of the station to his car followed by the young handsome deputy she had seen earlier.
Y/N pressed a kiss to Liam’s forehead looking down at her chest to see the boy resting against her as his eyes began to flutter tiredly ready for his mid-morning nap. She turned to Derek and smiled.
‘’It looks like its official,’’ she told him. Derek nodded and gave her a big smile.
‘’Welcome to the family, Liam Hale,’’ the older alpha spoke softly affectionately ruffling the baby beta’s hair watching him slowly take his little thumb into his mouth and fall asleep against his mate.

Okay Guys, but consider this:

Sheriff Stilinski and Mama McCall being in a relationship but hidding it from their sons because they wouldn’t stop annoying them about becoming real brothers once they marry and stuff like that.

But one day when the four of them are discussing something in the hospital, John says his goodbye, and right before turning around, he gives melissa a short peak on her lips right in front of the boys without thinking.
It takes him the whole way through the hospital and the walk to his car until he realizes what he just did and that he left melissa with two probably really confused kids.

anonymous asked:

Partially deaf Stiles? Yes! YeS?!?! SO MUCH YES!!1 I WANT IT SO MUCH!!! (Like, I know it will never be canon, but this was literally my first thought when I saw that scene).

RIGHT? For a second I thought they were going for it since there was no other sound besides his voice when he was trying to get Lydia to wake up. Or at least do it temporarily since her scream shattered glass and she was all of six inches from his ear. Which was bleeding. Which is never a good sign.

But just imagine: whenever someone is pissing him off, he just glares at them and takes out his hearing aid while maintaining unblinking eye contact.

Swan Queen Week day 2: Fake Relationship.

“Regina! Quick! Put your arm around my waist and pretend I said something funny.” Emma yelped as she ran up to the brunette in the middle of the bar. Regina glared at her.

“What the hell are you on about, dear? Have you finally gone insane?” Regina was not amused but turned to see the determined pirate on his way over. “Hook? Trying to deter the one handed wonder, are we?” She smirked.

“Don’t make fun, just help me. Please?” The Sheriff gave her best puppy dog eyes hoping that Regina might take pity on her.

“I can do you one better.” She glanced over her shoulder as he walked towards them and pulled Emma into a deep and passionate kiss. With one eye open the pirate rubbed his ear nervously and walked away. “There. That ought to do it.”

“What the hell was that?” Regina simply raised an eyebrow. “Just give me fair warning next time." 

"You got it, sweetie.” She winked and slapped Emma’s butt for emphasis. 

“You know if I wanted to get treated like that I would have let him come near me.” The blonde replied with a smirk before going back to her drink.