sheriff castiel novak

Things I wanna see in Supernatural (season 12):

-Castiel to be happy and hunting with Sam and Dean. (Bring back Team Free Will.)
-Cas and Jody to meet.
-Get Sam a dog.
-Cas and Claire just hanging out.
-Get Cas a cat. (I know Dean’s allergic but oh well)
-Cas is attacked by a Djinn episode
-Somebody tell Cas that he’s a hero.
-I wanna know what kind of music Cas likes.
-Have Cas give a genuine laugh. Smiling, grinning.
-Awkward Winchesters trying to take care of a baby (again) and Cas just comes in and is fantastic at it (Singing lullabies and rocking back and forth and stuff.) Both brothers are confused.
-Ace Cas confirmed and canon.
-Haha don’t make Cas’ sole purpose comic relief.
-Gabriel/Chuck to come back