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The Teen Wolf cast done filming their 100th and FINAL episode!! 😭 Sobbing because this awesome series has come to an end and also because no Dylan in this celebration 😭😭

How to make everygirl fall in love with you, ask Stiles!

Teen Wolf Fandom

These are our people

We have our adorable alpha Scott McCall:

We have the awesome, sarcastic, amazing Stiles Stilinski:

We have our blunt, sexy, werewolf mentor Derek Hale:

Then there’s the psycho uncle Peter Hale:

A hot beta who likes scarves named Isaac Lahey:

Some kick ass parents such as Momma McCall:

Sheriff Stilinski

Chris Argent

We have some badass girls too like Allison Argent:

The stylish banshee Lydia Martin:

And the epic Kira Yukimura:

They make us cry… like a lot

They make us scream and swoon because they’re all unnaturally gorgeous

They make us laugh

We can easily relate to them

They say a lot of strange things

But this is our fandom.

We love it.

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Deal with it.


TEEN WOLF Season 6 Opening Sequence

All I could think of during this scene was:

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Why are people saying Stydia fans don’t care for Lydia’s health and only about some kiss we aren’t even sure will happen? That is so not true. I am sorry if you stumbled upon people who felt that way, but please do not put us all in a category saying we all don’t care about Lydia Martin because we sure as heck do.

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JR, Linden & Susan Panel [2/?] Susan&JR about Peter Hale
  • Fan: A question for Susan. So Lydias mom got Peter's phone number, do you think she would call him?
  • Susan: Uhh yes I think she would call him.
  • JR: Oh crap.
  • Susan: Why not??? There's not many available men in this town, if you know what I mean.
  • JR: Your husband's sitting right next to you dear. Peter is the last one you should be calling.
  • Susan: He'd be number Three. We got One and Two over here, but I'm not gonna tell you the order.
  • JR: Have you called Peter?
  • Susan: No...It would be so awkward to find these things out.
  • JR: Like, 'Hey come on, let's grab a beer',