sheridan wy


Just before Prince picked her up, Lisa’s mother told her, ‘You’ll be fine. Just be yourself and don’t do anything stupid.’ Her guy pulled up, 15 minutes late, at the wheel of a white Buick convertible with personalized license plates that read LOVE. Eschewing the gravel driveway, he vaulted over a chain-link fence and knocked on the door. “Hello,” he said, kissing her hand. “My name is Prince. Ready to have a good time?”

Prince sat with Barber in a back row. He did not buy her any Raisinets or popcorn but otherwise behaved like a perfect gentleman. “Well, there was one time during the movie when he played with my hair and he put his arm around me,” says Barber. “But that’s all he did. Honest.” And did Prince, rock’s reigning purple enigma, actually engage in conversation sometime during the evening? “Oh, yeah,” says Barber. “I asked him how he liked it here. He said it was real pretty and that I was lucky to live here. In the car he asked me what the best radio station was, and when he turned to it, the deejay was talking about him. He said, 'If I had a phone in here, I’d call him.” –PEOPLE, July 23, 1986

Prince and Lisa Barber, MTV’s contest winner, at the Centennial Twin theater for a private screening of “Under the Cherry Moon” in Sheridan, WY., July 1, 1986.

I hate ridley’s

ridley’s family market took over the safeway a couple weeks back and they fucking suck

daiya cheese costs $6 now, the actual health food store has it at 5.65. safeway had it at $4!!!!!

schar bread costs 6.50 now, safeway had it at $5

safeway had their own organic brand at a fab price, ridley’s barely has any organic stuff, especially meat. and they’ve been out of fucking organic, free range chicken breast every goddamn time I’ve been there. oh, and it usually cost me about $5. ridley’s had a supply of smart chicken ONE TIME and it cost 2 times that.

they stopped carrying kettle brand chips. okay, big deal, right? well they’re the only fucking national brand that makes jalapeno chips without fucking whey powder. I want to buy a bag and eat junk food about once a month. well, now I have to go to walmart. yes, ridley’s is literally forcing me to go to walmart.

fuck you, ridleys.

fuck you right in the ass