Today I’m talking about the ~art school experience~, I hope it’s helpful! ;w;


Here it is after a long wait and a ton of work Everyday Monsters, the culmination of my 4 years at Sheridan College. Hope you guys enjoy it and share it around if you do!

Follow this page if you’re interested in seeing more making of content for it!


Here’s my thesis film! It’s about a guy who goes to a restaurant.

Jill did some voice work on this one for me!


Here’s my grad film!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen of Tumblr. My name is Sheridan and I’m starting a trend. It’s called me crush Monday. It’s very similar to woman crush wednesday except for the fact that you post a selfie. On Mondays. Because you are amazing and you are beautiful and sometimes I feel like we don’t believe we’re beautiful or worthy of being anyone’s crush but that’s okay because you can be your own crush. Here’s the plan: on Mondays, post a bomb af selfie that you love and adore, whack that baby online and then you look at yourself and you go “damn baby, how you doing?” And then you don’t care how many likes it gets, it’s not for them, it’s for you. This may or may not take off, but I’m going to be doing this every Monday, so feel free to join me :)