Yay, I got tagged by @aikastudies - thanks! I’ve done these before. They’re really fun!

Rules: answer the 20 questions and tag 20 people.

1. Name: Sherice
2. Nickname: She-rice, rice bowl
3. Zodiac sign: Leo
4. Height: 163 cm/ 5 feet 4 inches
5. Orientation: erm… too young to know
6. Nationality: chinese
7. Favorite fruit: strawberry and peaches (namjoon’s peaches and cream from blood, sweat, and tears yaya)
8. Favorite season: Autumn and Winter
9: Favorite book: probably The Odyssey, or The Mortal Instruments. 
10. Favorite flower: um… i don’t really have one. i have pollen allergies. but, as for looks…. probably a rose (’cause i’m pretty and sharp… hahah ok moving on)
11. Favorite scent: vanilla and spices
12. Favorite color: black, red, silver, gold (yes i know it asked for one color but I’m ExTRa Af
13. Favorite animal: cats and horses
14. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Hot chocolate (like me, except not as hot)
15. Average hours of sleep: 8, because ScHOol
16. Cats or dogs: Cats
17. Number of blankets you sleep with: uh… one. this is kinda weird. but ok 
18. Dream trip: I would like to travel all of Asia. like, if someone gave me a million dollars with no strings attached, you could probably find me in korea or japan
19. Blog created: i had to go into my archive for this one! Since june/july. I’ve been on since like may, but i didn’t start reblogging stuff until after school ended
20. Number of followers: 56 (thank you all of my followers hurray! thank you! 

Ok! I done this before, so i don’t want to tag the same people, but if i do, it’s ok.

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