sheree zampino

A random facebook friend just liked this picture of Jada Pinket Smith and Sheree Zampino, so it came up in my news feed. I know nothing about the Smith family, but this is so incredibly cool:

“When Trey’s mother, Sheree, and I took this photo, we were not the women we eventually became. This was a moment when we BOTH made a decision to be BIGGER, to be BETTER, not just for our family but for ourselves as well. Do something today you thought you could NEVER do that makes you bigger and better. Sometimes we simply have to start with ACTING like it, even if we ain’t actually feel'n it.”

Coming from a family where my step-mom can’t even be in the same room as my mom (for literally no reason other than jealousy), I just can’t stop imagining my mom and step-mom getting along like this. I wish more blended families would put aside the gross feelings and realize the point of being together.