Behold the array of cereal boxes! I suppose cereal is another one of my reinforcers. I eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. The problem however, is that I satiate on a kind of cereal fairly quickly. Pair that with temptation in the grocery store and what our family is left with is this menu of cereal choices; all of the boxes less than half-full. By the time I’m ready to go back to them, the cereal is stale.

Satiation occurs when you’ve had enough of a particular reinforcer.  This changes the value of the reinforcer and how willing you are to behave to get some of it.  When I’ve satiated on a particular brand of cereal, I’m less likely to open its box and pour myself a bowl.  I’m more likely to seek out another kind of reinforcer.

Ideally, I should pace myself but it just tastes so good. I could try being on two different cereal reinforcement schedules and see if that staves off the effects of satiation. Or, Eric can just go on his own schedule and he’ll eat the rest!