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Ronda Rousey Technique of the Week (Sherdog)

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Dear Sherdog,

Would you please, for the love of God and all things holy, stop using the word “fistic”?  It isn’t necessary.  One can assume that when arriving on your home page, everything viewed thereafter will be “fistic” in nature, rather than say economic or maybe about baked goods.  People go to your site to read about fighting, not to bolster their vocabulary.  Continually referring to things as “fistic” (Fistic Medicine,  so and so’s fistic IQ) doesn’t solidify the fact we are reading about fighting.  It just makes you sound like pretentious douches.  Furthermore, if you look up the word fistic, it only refers to boxing or pugilism and has nothing at all to do with wrestling or grappling.  So when you write a column about cauliflower ear and put it under the banner of “Fistic Medicine” you come off not only as pretentious weenies, but pretentious weenies who couch their pretensions with stupidity and feeble vocabularies.  

Normally, I give Sherdog very high praise and will defend them against their many detractors who might refer to the site as “Shitdog” and claim their writers are UFC shills or don’t know what they are talking about.  But in this instance, I can’t be that guy.  

So keep up the good work, Sherdog.  Just stop using the word fistic.  And drop Tomas Rios while you’re at it.  That guy is bloody awful.  


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