sherbrook street


Cafe Castel

Location:  1015 Sherbrooke Street West

Metro Station: Peel

Attention all McGill students. This next one’s for you.

It was a cold fall’s day… a Friday… during my 4 hour break from school. I decided to go on an excursion to a new cafe… but things started going awry… Okay, I sound way too dramatic.

But really, I was never suppose to come here in the first place. I had decided to go to Humble Lion that day. I heard its a McGill student central since it’s right next to McGill… that shouldv’e been my first warning. What was I thinking? Going to Humble Lion on a Friday afternoon in the middle of midterms (sorry for mentioning the ‘m’ word in the during the holidays, won’t happen again, I promise). It was obviously full when I got there. I walked around, pretty disappointed. It was cold. And I had a heavy bag. And was desperate for some coffee. 

On my way back to Concordia, I saw a shop with beautiful windows that drew me in: Cafe Castel. I decided to give it a try even though it wasn’t on my list at the time. It’s good to do things beyond lists sometimes.

Going in, I was surprised to see that the place offered a lot off seating.. with not many people inside. Compared to Humble Lion, it was pretty deserted. But this did not reflect the quality of the cafe. 

I obviously sat next to the huge window, below the gorgeous skylight. The lighting in this cafe is definitely the highlight, haha, get it? Anyways, bad jokes set aside, this place is seriously beautiful. And their pretty latte art just made it even better! The barista caught me taking lots of pictures of their decor and really loved my photography: friendly staff! It’s always lovely to meet great baristas.

Another great aspect of this cafe is (probably) the food. It looked pretty good and whoever came in tended to get food instead of a drink. This said, it’s not your typical basic cafe, it’s more of an eating cafe… if that makes sense? Coffee’s good though, don’t worry. And it was a great place to study. 

It’s also connected to a hotel, which is cool.

After visiting this cafe, I checked their location on Instagram and found out that it is in fact a well known cafe. Some of the pictures I saw had really cool latte art. Like bears and stuff. On your coffee. I hope I get a bear on my latte next time… Hope you get one too when you visit! ;)

April snow in the city - rue Sherbrooke