sherbet spoons


when you order three scoops of orange sherbet and two spoons at the howard johnson because your wife has never had orange sherbet even though she said she wanted pie and turns out she doesn’t even like orange sherbet

Too Cuddly Tonight

Taehyung Scenario

Genre: Smut, Fluff?

Word Count: 2,068

Anon Requested: can you write a taehyung smut where it’s a storm and it’s really cute and cuddly and fluffy but also smutty?? idk if that made sense oops

A/N: I hope it’s fluffy enough too! I was kinda of struggling and because finals are coming it’s such a drag.

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“You cheater! You can’t put that card down!”

“Yes I can! You just don’t know how to play this game!”

“Yes I do! I was the one who bought it!”

You and Taehyung were playing a game and he had cheated, pulling a move you had never seen before.You two were friends and also neighbors as well. He moved in about six months ago and you weren’t going to lie, he was really good looking also. His long almost blondish hair that was teased, his brown eyes, his smile when you first saw him, he was too much of a surprise to find out you were going to be his neighbor.His first impression however was something that needed to be worked on. Playing loud music and having parties all the time next door at 2 a.m. and you had to work at the hospital early in the mornings. It was a pain at first but once you had a long talk and turned it onto him to show him how much it annoyed you, he stopped.

“Well for you information missy, I-”


You shrieked and rolled into a ball as the lights went out and a bolt of lightning struck, the cards flying out of your hands. The only light was from the window behind you and you look up to Taehyung’s surprised face, staring behind you.

“It’s raining…” You turn around now, to see it was raining, raining hard. “But it was pretty sunny not to long ago, why is it raining this hard now?”

“I don’t know…” You mummered quietly and you were bummed because you both had to stop your game. You get up and almost needed to feel your way around the darkness for your phone. Grasping the air with the limited light illuminated by the window. Finding it on the kitchen table, you turn the flashlight app and walked to the storage closet to grab a blanket for you and Taehyung. You make your way back to him to see him cleaning up the unfinished game.

“What did you want to do before the power comes back on?” You ask, placing the blanket on the couch.

“I was thinking maybe we eat ice cream and just cuddle with each other.”

The word cuddle made you embarrassed and the bunnies hopping in your stomach. You nod, and get some rainbow sherbet and two spoons. You and Taehyung were close but, you’ve never done anything beyond that friendship barrier. You did want it to be a little more but since you two were neighbors, you didn’t want to make things awkward.

You sat next to the already bundled Taehyung, and joined him under the covers, the heat from his body already making you really warm and cuddled next to him. You both start to dig in shivering a little but ready to take more.

“You cold?”

“Yes!” You say, shivering again. “I don’t know why you wanted ice cream.”

“Because it’s sweet.” Taehyung takes another bite and uses his left hand to pull you closer. “Come closer then. Is there anything we can watch though?”

“I mean we can watch some anime on my phone but it will have to be on 4G.” He nods, and you pull out your phone. “But if my phone bill is higher you’ll need to pay part of it.”

He chuckles and nods once again. “Okay okay.”


It had been three hours and the lights had never came back on and the rain had gotten harder. You and Taehyung were watching an anime called “Kaichou wa  maid-sama” and were on the last episode. Misaki and Usui were watching the fireworks in the building out the window and confessing their feelings. Taehyung was trying to make fun of the scene but you shushed him and he groaned at how focused you were. He had been making jokes for the past ten minutes and you smacked him playfully in the stomach and you just decided to ignore him. Just when Misaki and Usui were about to kiss, you felt a pair of lips softly touch your cheek. You turned in the direction of Taehyung, the surprise evident in your face.

“Pay attention to me…” Taehyung pouted like a child. You didn’t say anything in your state of shock and he then placed a peck on your lips to try to snap you out of it. “Your lips are- soft…”

He leaned once again.

“…and sweet…”

Taehyung slowly leaned in for the last time and applied a little more pressure, but was still gentle. His hand slowly moved to your cheek and you kissed back, placing your hand on his arm. With the both of you being this close, the cold air around you seemed to have thawed and almost forgotten as the echoing of the rain seemed distant, too focused on what was happening in front of you.

You moved your hand behind him to grip the blanket and tug it to pull him closer and wrap the both of you, deepening this kiss. The kiss moved to your neck, leaving little kisses that made you giggle, with Taehyung giggling also after hearing yours.

“Taehyung, that tickles!”

He smiled against you, his touch grazing the skin under your shirt, a mixture of pleasure and feeling ticklish. Taehyung stops and gives you smile, yet questioning look.

“Did you- take off your bra?”

You smile sheepishly and averted your eyes. A small, yet audible reply escapes your lips. “Maybe…”

“Well good, it would be in the way anyways.” He kisses the side of your face, moving the fabric of your shirt up. With his movements the blanket around the both of you slightly slipped off, exposing your half bare chest to the cool air. You shiver, grabbing Taehyung’s shoulders and pulling you close.

“Mmm~ Taehyung, it’s too cold.”

He pulled your shirt off really quick, as well as his, and quickly covered the both of you, the skin contact made you feel a little embarrassed, making you unconsciously cover your chest. Taehyung gently took your hands in his, making you uncover them and he smiles.

“Don’t hide it. I won’t judge your body (Y/N).” Taehyung kisses you once again, his cold fingers making you shiver and cover up again.

“Taehyung, you’re too cold…”

“Hehe. Sorry…” He smiled, whispering in your ear and it seemed to be the only thing at the moment that felt hot. “We could move to take a hot bath…”

You shook your head, again, pulling him closer and the blanket as well. You didn’t feel like moving through the cold and you just wished with the close contact that you would be able to become warm like before. You kissed his neck repeatedly and he moaned lightly at your kisses. Calling your name and wanting more himself.

His hands slowly then moved back to your chest, playing with your breasts and you moaned against his skin. You felt his fingers slightly pinch your hard nipples and you whined a little as he chuckled, teasing you and mentally thanked himself for it being cold.

“Are you hard for me now?” He giggled almost ruined the mood with his casual joking around, making you giggle nonetheless, shutting his mouth with another kiss. No matter the mood, he always seemed to joke around. His other hand trailed down to your sensitive spot, your sweatpants being a bother to him. He tugs on the hem, leaving sweet kisses against your soft skin, now starting to hover over you as leaned you back on the couch.

After a couple of minutes, the coldness seemed to now be in the back of your mind as Taehyung’s now warm hands caressed your skin. It’s been so long since he’s been holding himself back and now that you were lying in front of him, moaning at his touch made him more confident. His hand pulled your sweatpants down just below the knees. He teased you further, his hands lightly grazing your thigh, avoiding the place you wanted to be touched the most, and squeezing it gently as you moaned in annoyance.

Letting go of your thigh, his fingers lightly touched the wet opening. Still hesitant that he didn’t want to hurt you and just rubbed the outside in slow circles. You feel a little vulnerable against him, not being able to entirely see the him while he’s attacking your neck once again and how he still has some articles of clothing on.

“T- Taehyu-” You get cut off as a loud sultry moan escapes your lips as he slowly entered a finger into you and his warm tongue now comes in contact with with your ear, nibbling lightly on it. You clutched the blanket between your fingers and he slowly started to move at a slow speed. You wanted him for a while and you urged him to speed up. He obliges and looks at you in the eyes deeply. You moan loudly in pleasure and you squeeze his shoulders in response. He never goes to fast as this was a very intimate time for you both, knowing how he had just met you only six months ago.

“…You’re really beautiful (Y/N)…”

He leans in touching your cheek with his, hearing your moans more closely. He continues for a few more minutes, then he stops, you whining as the pleasure soon leaves you. He slowly takes off his pajama shorts, struggling a little as he doesn’t want the blanket to fall, leaving you both exposed to the still cold and freezing air. He grabs a condom from a drawer on the side of the coffee table and sliding it on his member. You felt his hard member press against your opening, looking at you for any sign of regret or just not wanting to continue.

With a little nod coming from you, he slowly entered and you groaned in both pain and pleasure. He stopped to kiss your forehead and the sides of your face. With one long kiss between your neck and jaw, he continued until he entered fully. With a slow rhythm, he very slowly started to move out and in. Small moans started to seep out very slowly, the rain overpowering and almost making them inaudible. Taehyung sped up just a little as he didn’t want to go to fast like before, enjoying the warm and still cuddling moment.

You gripped the blanket that wrapped around you and him, pulling him closer.

Taehyung grunted softly. You moaned softly.

And how ironic. Both you and Taehyung were making loud noises, probably annoying the neighbors next to you, but that still didn’t bother you. You were feeling really good at the moment and it seemed like Taehyung did also. He then starts to slowly slide all the way out till only his tip is inside and then back into your heat as his movements started to speed up a little, making you let out a small cry of pleasure.

Taehyung kept repeating the action as you let out most sinfully, delicious moans he’s heard all night and him knowing that he had found your special spot.

He starts thrusting in the same direction, hitting the spot dead on each time. He once again goes to suck and give you love bites on your neck, leaving marks all over the area.

You soon become a complete moaning mess as Taehyung keeps thrusting. Both of your breathing starts becoming even more erratic as you both come close to reaching each others climax.

One extra thrust and you both come at the same time, loudly moaning and groaning into each other’s mouths.

You both stay in the same position for a couple of minutes, gradually coming off your highs.

After a while, Taehyung slowly pulls out his member.

You can’t help but almost voice out a complain at the emptiness, except you are too exhausted to even form words or even a senence at this point, still trying to catch your breath.

Taehyung, who is butt naked, has the balls (because he does) to go out into the cold and dispose of the plastic washing up. You groan as you also have to get up as you had just ruined a part of your blanket. Taehyung comes back, and gently grabs your hand.

“Come on, let’s go cuddle in the hot bath water.”