Rainbow Sherbert

This pretty girl was modified from the pony Sherbert from the Sundae best line of G1 ponies. She came to me with a short hair cut and rubbed symbols. I decided to brighter up her drab color scheme for the restoration and repainted her symbol to be more than one color and also repainted her eyes and put glitter in the sealant.

I don’t remember all of the colors I used for the rehair. I think, firebird, sea nymph, sour apple martini, and cherry? I’m not one hundred percent on it though. The hair is secured through the loop and knot method and no glue was used. Hair is very secure and stands up to tough play and brushing as well as any store bought pony.

I love this girl <3        


July 2017
Name: Sherbert Cake Cone
Dosage: 100mg
Description: Very summer appropriate amiright? Get a load of Blue Raspberry, Orange & Pink Lemonade, or as I prefer, SHERBERT flavored cupcakes baked inside of ice cream cones because hellooo sherbert! They’re topped with Lemon Oreos and then coated in a colorful white chocolate drizzle followed by sprinkles of Nerds candy. Tell your inner child I said you’re welcome.