sherane a.k.a. master splinter's daughter

Hello, my name is Kendrick; she said: No, you’re handsome.

And she wasn’t lying! Daily K.Dot Pick, proudly presented by yours truly (images are never my property), featuring the oh-so-awesome Kendrick Lamar. Go on, eye a nigga like he don’t exist… cause WE ALL LOVE KENDRICK (no homo for the gentlemen ;P)

Ladies and gentlemen, the Daily K.Dot Pick! Enjoy!

Hit shuffle on your music player and write down the first 10 (or 25) songs, then tag 10 people. I was tagged by defjux

1. J Dilla - Don’t Cry

2. A Tribe Called Quest - Show Business

3. The Notorious B.I.G - Everyday Struggle

4. 2Pac - Trapped

5. Chance The Rapper - Acid Rain

6. Kendrick Lamar - Sherane A.K.A. Master Splinters Daughter

7. Joey Bada$$ - Escape 120 (feat. Raury)

8. Blu & Exile - Ease Your Mind

9. Jay Prince - Polaroids

10. Nujabes - Reflection Eternal