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“You can sit over there, Mr. Shepard." 

Kaidan’s head snaps up. Shepard. He knew that name. Sure enough at the nurse’s desk, there stood Shepard comfortably perched against the wall nursing what looked like a broken shoulder

"C'mon, one round of pain killers won’t hurt. I’m in a lot of pain.”

The nurse sees through his lie just as easily as Kaidan does. She merely points with authority towards the waiting room seats. Shepard makes a show of rolling his eyes before walking over to Kaidan’s seat and surprises him by plopping down beside him.

Kaidan doesn’t really know Shepard, not really. They only have one class together: Calculus 3. The only thing Kaidan has ever thought about Shepard is that he didn’t look like he belonged in Calc 3. Among other things that he didn’t want to admit to himself. In fact Kaidan didn’t even know Shepard’s name. Only that it started with a J or something like that.

Shepard is a archtype. Buzzcut, bad boy leather jacket, fuck the world attitude. It’s a type that isn’t Kaidan’s. Well, not anymore. He’s gotten over that phase in his life. Or so he’d thought. He pretends not to notice his heart rate jump when Shepard looks at him, as if he likes what he sees. 

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æ ❁ ✓

you anons are always fucking adorable <3

æ: Tell 5 things about your best friend

  • My best friend has the most amazing hazel eyes. She loves noodles. Her favorite video game is Skyward Sword. Her sass makes me laugh. Her laugh makes me smile.    

❁: Share 5 favourite blogs

✓: Tell 5 facts about yourself

  • I think I have a Nutella addiction. I can swim the 100 meter butterfly in 1 minute and fifteen seconds. I need a massage right now. I have over 50 mixtapes of my own arrangement. Also I have written a novel and it turned out super gay even though I didn’t mean for it to. Oops.

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Favourite colour: blue & black
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Write something in capital letters: if you cant read it im gonna cry
Favourite band: Beats antique, Muse
Favourite number: 8
Favourite drink: too many

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also i managed to convince her to play mass effect this is one of the crowning achievements of my life it’s going on my cv

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the unholy confession thingy : P, S, T, V <3

hello dear :) 

P - What kind of music I like.

i love underground rap. like the kind that means something. i’m also into ambience, like deep electronic ambient music. acoustic is always nice- sea wolf, tom odell, the works. i’ll listen to any kind of genre of music as long as it speaks to me somehow. i’m really not picky. music is amazing.

S - 2 habits.

like bad habits? ahhhah. umm. i bite my nails when i’m nervous. which is a lot. also i daydream. a lot. about like, what it’d be like if clouds acted like trampolines. hah. *sweats* 

T- 5 things I love unconditionally.

the kind of music that i have to close my eyes to listen to. sitting by the fireplace in winter with someone i care about. singing in the shower when no one’s home. sitting by the window during thunderstorms. also, food. 

V - 3 big dreams.

being recognized for something i love. having someone tell me that they’re proud of me. being free of my parents. 

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☺ ↕

My first URL:

thepastriestpastry. Those were dark times.

How many blogs do you follow?

425… I kinda want to clean that up but I feel like I’d accidentally unfollow people I know/like (because of the constant URL changes) or some other such nonsense so instead I just sorta… Keep following more people. @u@