kissed you goodnight: a sheprom fanmix

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“all about us” | he is we
“tonight’s the kind of night” | noah and the whale
“collect call (cosmonaut gretchko remix)” | metric
“polite dance song” | the bird and the bee
“the only moment we were alone” | explosions in the sky
“the dress looks nice on you” | sufjan stevens
“make you mine” | best coast
“kissed you (goodnight)” | gloriana
Kiss me goodnight, another Sheprom fanfiction

//I know I don’t have a Shezow account but some of you guys said it’d be cool if I posted this here. It’s another Sheprom fanfiction  set four years in the future (original concept not mine) but…um, here!

Summary: Maz can’t get a date for prom, so the only logical explanation is to go with Guy as Shezow right? And if everyone assumes him and Shezow are dating well, they have to keep it up. Just bros helping bros. But what happens when both of them begin to feel a little too happy to ‘kiss for the camera’?

anonymous asked:

Are you going to write a sequel to sheprom? Please? It's amazing and there's not a lot of guy/maz fanfiction out there

I’m not sure! It’s very difficult for me to buckle down and write a fanfiction if the right mood doesn’t strike me, but I have considered writing a SheZow fic where Guy and Maz are aged up a bit, so it’s not out of the question.

I’m glad you enjoyed SheProm. uvu