it’s so cute at the end of me3 how sheppy and garrus can get married and adopt babies and sleep in til whenever because they’re retired. hahaha haha..hah :I

John Sheppard, #2 spacedad, because this actually happened

I just love that he actually calls his team members kids, it’s hilarious :D

it’s been ages since I so much as touched the tablet, and it shows…

Comission info :)

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Are there any femshep/liara fanfics that you can recommend?

There are so many out there for every taste. But here are some of my favourites and unfortunately some is looking like they will never be completed.

@wyles77​‘s Better Angels ( I guarantee if you like this one you will have enjoy all the other shiara stories wyles wrote)

N.Q Wilder - All things Pass (1 of 3 stories) 

Blackdeer - TONNES of shiara stories.  I enjoy them tremendously. The List is highly recommended (preferably you played the game).

LitNiche - Her Liara femshep one shot is a collection of the fluffiest fluff on the planet.

cassie.hack - One more story (it is not likely to finish, but the lead up is cute a fluff)

themarshal - A Good Night (READ THIS I BEG YOU - I was so sad the author appears to have stop writing the only femshep control ending continuation i am aware of…*cut*)

@sigmalied - yeah i know she is known to write Aria/Tevos, but I stumbled on her because of the shiara fics XD. (I am a fan that Liara is still too young to have kids post ending and poor Sheppy is a clucky mess.)

@raedmagdon - you might ask what was my first Rae’s fic - lol - it’s about the infamous little black dress. It’s sfw (according to my sfw gauge…)


Imagine your OTP cuddling on the couch while a massive blizzard rages on outside.

Turians hated cold. They weren’t bred for it, didn’t want it, didn’t need anything to do with it. And here they were, on Noveria. Benezia had gone out to Peak 15. Even though they were in a Mako, the cold still gripped Garrus’ skin. It felt like his plates were going to freeze and fall off.

“You okay?” Shepard asked. She glanced at him.

“Birds don’t like the cold,” Wrex muttered with a cruel grin.

“I’m fine.” Garrus’ mandibles flared, and he looked forward in earnest.

They drove through the steep pass for a long while. The sun was a pale orb in the distance, not the burning ball of fire Garrus was so used to. The whole world was washed in white and he wanted out before it smothered him.

A car was damaged up ahead. There were bodies.

“Let’s check it out,” Shepard said.

“No point. There’s no life signs. I’ll go see what I can scrounge up before the turian turns to ice.” Wrex laughed as the Mako came to a stop. He jumped out.

“Ignore him.” Shepard wrapped an arm around the turian and rubbed his arms.

Confused, he pushed her away. “What are you doing?”

She laughed. “It’s a human thing. Gets the blood flowing in the cold. My dad used to do it when I was little.”

“Turian circulation doesn’t work that way, but thanks for the thought.” He nodded. There was no way he’d look weak or inexperienced in front of Shepard. No way.

It didn’t occur to him until after the SR-1 incident that that was the first time he’d felt anything like attraction for her. And it didn’t surprise him when, two years later, he saw her through his scope again and felt that same squeeze against his heart.

Mass Effect 1 - a (not so) short summary
  • Anderson: this is a routine mission
  • Shepard: why there is a badass turian spectre with us then?
  • Anderson: dang you got me this is actually the beginning of a 3 games hell
  • ---
  • Nihlus: I work better alone
  • Nihlus: *dies*
  • Jenkins: yooo I'm all pumped up let's go kick some asses you'll be proud of me commander you'll see
  • Jenkins: *dies*
  • Shepard: this shitty game started like 20 minutes ago and 2 people died already
  • Shepard: well I'm sure there will be no more deaths afterward
  • ---
  • Ashley: look at my white and pink armor
  • Shepard: girl it's blue and black
  • Kaidan: are you 2 bitches blind it's fucking gold and white
  • Anderson: move your fat asses you fashion-tard twats
  • Anderson: it's brown and green to me tho
  • ---
  • Shepard: Kaidan what is that
  • Kaidan: it's an ugly sack of living gas
  • Shepard: no shit I'm talking about that big ass ship-shaped thing in the sky
  • Ashley: crap look at those blue mutant fuckers
  • Kaidan: are those geths?!
  • Shepard: what is this nightmare it's just half an hour gameplay and we are already in a pool full of shit
  • ---
  • Kaidan: what is this artifact
  • Ashley: it seems prothen
  • Shepard: it seems dangerous
  • Kaidan: yeah you're right better touch it
  • Kaidan: *touches it* fuCK
  • Shepard: Kaidan you fuckhead get out of-WHAT THE SHET
  • Ashley: jesus christ let's get out of here I gotta save my orange and grey armor
  • ---
  • Shepard: *wakes up on the Normandy* where am I
  • Chakwas: on the Normandy read the previous line
  • Shepard: are you drunk
  • Chakwas: yes
  • Shepard: cool where is Anderson
  • Chakwas: on the Normandy
  • Shepard: shut
  • Anderson: Sheppy we are fucked let's go to the Citadel the council will surely help us
  • ---
  • Udina: Saren is evil
  • Council: OMG Saren is that tru
  • Saren: nah
  • Council: human bitches stop wasting our time you can all go fuck an Elcor
  • Shepard: nice what now
  • ---
  • Garrus: hello yes I'm the very reason of the tears of thousands of fan girls I can help
  • Shepard: I can't romance you in this game tho
  • Garrus: yeah too bad we will recover in the next 2 games don't worry
  • Garrus: anyway Saren is evil
  • Shepard: I knew it do you got some evidence?
  • Garrus: my sexyness is the only evidence you need
  • ---
  • Wrex: shepard
  • Shepard: who are you and what do you want
  • Wrex: shepard
  • Shepard: alright join my squad
  • ---
  • Tali: Saren is evil I got evidence
  • Shepard: dang are you some kind of Assassin's Creed character from the future
  • Tali: rude
  • ---
  • Shepard: here the proof that Saren is a motherfucker
  • Council: yeah well solve it by yourself 'cause where not doing shit
  • Anderson: listen here you narcissist bugs
  • Council: Shepard we declare you first human spectre
  • Shepard: nice
  • ---
  • Anderson: so take my ship you're the boss now
  • Shepard: well thank you what are you gonna do
  • Anderson: absolutely nothing thanks for asking
  • ---
  • Joker: so we can go rescue an asari bitch if you want she has information I think
  • Shepard: why you so mean
  • Joker: I have crystal bones
  • ---
  • Liara: OMG free me I love you
  • Shepard: chill
  • Liara: thanks for saving me let's have sex
  • Shepard: you're welcome but slow down like for real
  • Liara: I'm sorry I will beg for forgiveness by having your babies
  • Shepard: girl
  • ---
  • Liara: ah here we are in Noveria seems like a nice planet isn't it
  • Benezia: I'm fundamentally good but I'll try to kill you anyway
  • Shepard: not if I'll kill you first biatch
  • Benezia: *dies*
  • Liara: mother no
  • Shepard: I'm sorry do you wanna talk about it
  • Liara: yes let's talk about this naked in your cabin
  • Rachni Queen: free me
  • Shepard: holy shit a shiny parasect
  • Garrus: Shepard that's the Rachni Queen
  • Shepard: where's my pokeball
  • ---
  • Shepard: next destination: Virmire. I'm sure everything will be just fine
  • Shepard: nope
  • Player: nope
  • Everyone: nope
  • ---
  • Shepard: fuck you know what? Enough with these shit let's go kill Saren
  • Saren: come and get it punk
  • Shepard: damn where did he go
  • Anderson: Shepshit the citadel is under attack by Saren and the Sovereign get you ass here and fight
  • Anderson: also the council is under attack do you want to save them?
  • Shepard: they're just a bunch of assholes they did nothing to help us those useless sluts
  • Shepard: yeah let's save them
  • ---
  • Shepard: Saren you son of a cockroach stop this nonsense
  • Saren: sorry bae *shoots himself*
  • Shepard: shit that worked we won
  • Saren: *turns into a powerful undead nightmare controlled by Sovereign*
  • Shepard: are you kidding me
  • ---
  • Anderson: yooo you did it child
  • Council: yeah thanks I guess now humans will have a seat in the council
  • Council: who will become the new human ambassador? Shepard you decide
  • Udina: choose me
  • Anderson: don't choose me
  • Shepard: I choose Anderson
  • Anderson: son of varren