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Thank you @jenniferstano for the #snuza! We will definitely sleep better because of this! For new moms and expecting moms… As parents of newborns, our worst fear is that baby stops breathing while we are sleeping. The Snuza eases this worry! I highly recommend this! Here’s what it is…💙👶💙👍. “Snuza Hero is a mobile and easy-to-use movement monitor which clips onto baby’s diaper to ensure that normal movement is maintained. Hero detects even the slightest movement and will alert you if your baby’s movements are very weak or fall to less than 8 movements per minute. If no movement at all is detected for a period of 15 seconds, Hero will vibrate gently. Often this vibration is enough to rouse the baby, and Hero will revert to monitoring mode. After three vibration/rouse incidents, the Rouse Warning will alert you to the fact that your baby’s movements have stopped for 15 seconds on three occasions. If no further movement is detected for another 5 seconds, an alarm will sound to alert you.” #jenniferstano #kellynishimoto #sheppardfox #baby #babymonitor #newborn #babylove

@tlc I’ve been on maternity leave since I gave birth to my little nugget #sheppardfox. But decided to get some things done at the store today…and to my surprise, this was sitting on my desk! Thank you soooooo much TLC❤! I feel so overwhelmed with love and support! What a beautiful and thoughtful gift…I L💗VE it! #sbsn #tlc #elephant #surprise #kellynishimoto #babyboy #pregnanthost

“Sheppard Fox Medrano” 💙 was born on Saturday September 7th at 2:19 pm. He weighed in at 7 lbs 12 oz and was 21 inches long! I had to have a prenatal stress test on Friday to confirm baby was ok after my fender bender 2 days before hand. His heart rate dropped twice during the test so I was sent directly to Labor & Delivery. I was only dilated 2 cm and had to be induced because of his heart rate. Labor pains are NO joke! I thought I had a high tolerance to pain…I THOUGHT WRONG! So I immediately screamed for an epidural which made my entire left side numb 😩 it felt like I had a dead cow attached to my body. it was totally weird and uncomfortable! After 18 painful hours of labor I wouldn’t dilate past 6 cm, got a fever, and baby’s heart rate continued to increase. So I ended up having to have a c-section. Although I was initially against it…it ended up being a great experience! My little nugget immediately cried and it was a joy I’ve never felt! My hubby was running around like a crazy person taking pictures and showing me. They cleaned him up and put him on my chest… My life is forever changed and I feel so blessed and honored to have created life. He is perfect in every way. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing my experience with all of my pregnant Instagram friends and if course the ones who aren’t! Thank you for going on this journey with me @thepaulmedrano @meikomusic @gmg2179 @tanyajessica @jenniferstano @the_daily_outfit_club @ladiboomyogini @kristymariedavis @michellebranch @jillienepaige @o_n_los_momma @dorothyperez @aassett @tiffanydessa #labor #baby #mommy #39weeks #40weeks #sheppardfox #birth #hospital #cedarssanai #epidural #babylove

Ok MOMS! I just discovered this amazing company @iplaybaby on one of my shopping trips to #WholeFoods. It was started in 1982 by a fellow MOM who wanted more natural products for her little ones… I’m especially OBSESSED with the organic car blanket and glass sippy cup surrounded by plastic so it doesn’t break. But liquids only touch the silicone and glass! Yay! It also comes with 2 interchangeable tops 💙👍 Thank you Sarah for the box of goodies! I look forward to exploring all of your natural and organic products on #sheppardfox @tanyajessica @jenniferstano @stylesbyrax @o_n_los_momma @girlonsycamore @littlemissdessa @c27garcia @silvymich

Family Selfie. Driving 30 miles to the nearest town into actual civilization. Our town only has 800 people, 2 traffic lights, and NO recognizable businesses except for a Subway…just a few short years ago, we had to drive 15 miles just to get cell phone service. What? Lol! Welcome to how we grew up! @meikomusic @meiko @thepaulmedrano #sheppardfox #countrylife #roberta

This picture is from the other day. I’m so in love! God has blessed us with a perfect little soul…He makes me smile every day. I’m honored to be his mother and I look forward to every new adventure with him, beside him. 💙👶💙 #sheppardfox #babyboy #littlemonkey #nugget.