My Boys Drabbles - Moving In

Hey everyone. Busy day today. Here goes another drabble. @jia911​, thank you for your help, as always you did an amazing job.

This story is from the series My Boys Drabbles but it can also be read as a independent one shot.

  • The Prompt:

@shepherdess-amelia​ asked for a story where Maggie would move in with Owen and Amelia

An anon at @omeliafics​ asked for “the attending’s going out for dinner and bowling and owen and amelia being cute & fluff”. This is not bowling but it’s similar.

  • Timeline:

This one sets 3 months after the Omelia wedding. They don’t have any kids yet.

 Moving In

“Amelia, you’re not gonna believe this!” Owen stormed into the house, closing the front door after him, “Guess who I treated in the ER today, you’re never-“ Owen stopped mid-sentence when he noticed Amelia wasn’t alone like he had originally imagined. “Hey, Maggie” He said cheerfully, dropping his car keys on the coffee table “What’s going on?” He added, noticing Amelia’s best friend definitely didn’t look well.

“Babe, Maggie is going to spend the night, ok?” Amelia looked deeply into his eyes and Owen understood that with that look that he shouldn’t ask any more questions.

“Yeah, sure.” He replied casually “I’m just going to take a shower, I’ll leave you guys to talk. I can cook dinner if you don’t want to order in.”

“Amelia cooked us chicken parm,” Maggie said with a smile, but her eyes were swollen and her red nose betrayed her “We were waiting for you to be home so we could all have dinner together.”

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Get a sheep that will load itself onto the top sheep decks! // we spent a pleasantly sunny Sunday sorting the ewes we want to keep and the ewe lambs from the rest of the flock and took them up to better grazing on the meadow. The ewes were put in the top pasture with the best grass to put on some weight before tupping in November, and the ewe lambs were kept in the paddock away from their mums, to wean them. The ewe lambs will be wintered away from the croft so they don’t get caught by the tup, we are keeping five and the rest will go to auction at the Rare Breeds Sale in Dingwall in November. The boy lambs are going to slaughter in October, so by winter we will just have 25 ewes and one tup! A nice manageable number… Last year we had over 70 sheep of a mix of ages and sexes and it was too much.

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Hey, guys!!!! Here’s my big “surprise”, I’ve met a friend online three years ago and last month we met for real!! This is only part one, there will be another video about my week travelling to the Netherlands with her, sometime soon!

I hope you enjoy! And please tell me what you think! @shepwards, @arobbins, @rosebstan, @shepherdess-amelia, @storybrookelifestyle

anonymous asked:

For commentary: Chapter 3 of seven suitors, the scene where Shirayuki meets Akaibara. I think it may be longer than 500 words but any portion of that would be awesome. Thanks!

Get prepared to learn a lot about regency conventions my friends.

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