shepherd bunnies

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Is it just me, or can you see Coco being a giant german shepherd protecting a tiny bunny Velvet too? That's adorable in my mind. Because I was trying to think up animals for CFVY but only Coco and Velvet came to me. *and Velvet's was already obvious ;w;* I dunno, maybe Fox can be an actual fox and Yatsuhashi... Hawk? Falcon? SOME GIANT BIRD. Feel free to ignore this though, just voicing my idea.

a dog protecting a rabbit is cute <33

but I don’t know Fox and Yatsuhashi well enough so skip them first ;-; 

A new image for the Globe and Mail. This went along with an essay in which a woman writes about two experiences when she saw the dark side of a loved one. The first was when her beloved German Shepherd brutally desecrated a rabbit’s nest and the other was when an older, well-trusted family member tried to prey on her young daughter.

This was some sensitive material so it was an interesting challenge trying to find a way to handle it delicately. While working on this I realized that I often use shadows in my concepts so I think I’ll try to avoid them in the future, haha.

Thank you to Matt French for the assignment!


So I want to make a kids book called “Meet The Monsters Under Your Bed”. The general theme is making cute “monster” personas for all the bumps and in the night  and giving explanations to put kids at ease. I need ideas though! What scared you as a kid? (or still does) What are some disarming names to call monsters? My ask box is open feel free to drop some suggestions! :D