‘Nikolai the Great’. Watercolors, pencil & ink. 

My gal salavante does some amazing fucking stuff, I tell ya hwat. She did this for me for… Christmas? Christmas 2013?

(She hates this picture, even though it’s extremely incredible and probably the best picture of Nikolai that exists currently)

I have this on my wall in my room, and have had it for like… More than a year now? We draw each other stuff often, fuck if I know when it’s from. The point is that I’m a lazy bonehead and keep forgetting to scan it in. 

I attempted to make one last year but it never seemed to work. This year tho. I’ve been blogging a lot and spending a lot of time outside, taking a lot of photos. So naturally my witchsona is hipster blogger trash. All about tree lore, plants, runes and minerals. General health, healing and spreading positivity. Using her phone to catalogue and assemble helpful things to share online. Blogger witch, all about keeping old traditions alive with modern technology. Not the most original but I’m attached to her now.


Not spoilery but still inspired by one single page of the new chapter. I need more shitty goth family in my life ok. And the only way i can get it is to draw it myself orz.

Zoro never lets a good onigiri go to waste. Even if they are pink. Perona doesn’t think zoro is very cute but he’s ok. Sorta. As long as he doesn’t talk. Best shitty siblings.