From: Lt. Cmdr. Aleksander Shepard (
Sent: August 19, 2183 17:31 UT
To: Sarah Williams (
Subject: Ashley WIlliams

Dear Ms. Williams:

It is my very unfortunate duty to inform you that your sister, Gunnery Sgt. Ashley Williams, was killed in action three days ago during an incursion into a Geth-occupied stronghold. Sgt. Williams made the choice to stay behind in a holding action, allowing her crewmates aboard the SSV Normandy to ensure the facility was destroyed and then escape to safety. In her death, She-

No. I’m not doing it like this. Official guidelines and regulations be damned, Ashley deserves better.

I may not have known your sister as well as I would have liked to. We’ve only served together for a few months, since the attack on Eden Prime. We may not have agreed on everything, but in the time we knew each other, she proved herself to be one of the finest non-coms I have ever served with, and even though I was her commanding officer, I considered her a friend.

One of the things that your sister told me about in our time on this mission was about your family’s past. About your grandfather, and your family’s legacy in the service. Ashley felt that she had to work harder, be the best, to make up for that history. As much as I thought that was unnecessary, I promise you this- her service aboard this ship and her sacrifice on Virmire have done a service to the entire galaxy, and I assure you that I will do everything I can to make sure it is remembered.

The Council believes that Virmire was the end of the battle, but I know better- and Ashley would agree. We continue to carry the fight to our enemy, and we do so in Ashley’s memory. We’ll put down the son of a bitch who gave the orders that killed your sister, that’s a promise. It’s what Ashley would have wanted.

The next time we’re on your end of the galaxy, several crew members and I would like to meet with you and your family to commemorate Ashley’s life and her service. Until then,

Lt. Cmdr. Aleksander Shepard
N7 Alliance Marine and Spectre
SSV Normandy