First costume of 2017 is complete! Usually I bring 3 costumes to Sakura Convention in April but this year since Tali is so difficult I will be wearing Dr. Angela “Mercy” Zeigler on Friday, Tali'Zorah on Saturday and possibly casual commander Shepard on Sunday if I’m not exhausted. Tali’s costume kicked my butt this year but I am so close to being done and I know it will be worth it.

The Eve Of (for Shakarian Sunday)

Garrus and Shepard talk the night before Ilos. 

This fits into my Ghost universe, but has no spoilers for Ghost itself. 


Garrus found Shepard in the mess, her shotgun in pieces and spread across the table. She didn’t look up as he approached, didn’t even pause. He guessed she had recognized his footsteps coming out of the elevator and that, not any sort of distraction on her part, had kept her guard down. 

Outwardly, at least. The day Commander Shepard let her guard down completely would be the day after she died. Even then, Garrus had his doubts. 

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The Pond and the Stream (for Shakarian Sunday)

Summary: The hunt is beginning, and hope is kindled. 

Note: This features my Shepard and Garrus from Ghost, but takes place post-ME1, so there are no spoilers for that fic here. 

For armalis, who prompted “Eliza Shepard” and “Hope”, and has probably gotten more than ey bargained for. 


After a week in Huerta Memorial, surrounded by every doctor and nurse who wanted the chance to claim they’d helped the Savior of the Citadel, Shepard was all too happy to be released, ready to sprint out of her room before the doctor had finished giving her the all-clear. Of course, her freedom was a limited one: she moved from a hospital room to a hotel room, and instead of over-protective medical professionals, she had to face over-eager journalists. Other than the equipment, she didn’t see much of a difference between the two. They were each far too interested in internal matters

And the well-wishers. Oh, the well-wishers. 

I never thought I’d miss Conrad, she thought, peering out her window. From her vantage point on the seventh floor, she could see the crowd swirling around the entrance like eddies in a creek. Goddamn, it’s one in the morning and they’re still down there? Get some sleep, it’ll be better for you. 

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