Okay lets start with why does an M4 have a krinkov brake and an ak magazine? did you just go put together a picture of everything you don’t understand and are scared of? barrel shrouds, flash suppressors, high capacity clips, shoulder things that go up?

I’d actually be fine if you ban 50 round clips, all my clips only hold 10 rounds, just keep your hands off my MAGAZINES. 

The NRA is not using scare tactics, it is the anti-gun lobby that is. The NRA is using reality. The reason the Congress did not pass any new gun restrictions is because the 52 million households that own guns came out in mass and told them they wouldn’t stand for new laws. We tried an AWB before, it didn’t work. 

Ironically Shepard asks us to speak up if we believe in safety over intimidation. I do believe in safety, my own. I want to protect myself and other fellow law abiding citizens, the only people who win from gun grabs and further gun laws are criminals. 

What an ignorant tool of the administration. Ironically more than half the comments on his facebook are pro2a, pro-gun rights. 

I have been boycotting anything OBEY GIANT for many years, and will only continue to AVOID GIANT.