shepard tsoni

  • Shepard: How are you holding up, Liara?
  • Liara: This is it, isn't it?
  • Shepard: Yeah. This is it.
  • Liara: I don't know what to say. I just know I'll have a clever line five minutes from now. I do have one thing for you, Shepard. A gift. It'll only take a moment, if you want it.
  • Shepard: Of course I do.
  • Liara: Close your eyes.
  • Liara: Thank you... For everything. I love you. Now let's do what needs to be done.

Kara T’soni grew up hearing stories about how her father, Kara Shepard, had saved the galaxy three times. As a kid she was always getting herself into trouble for fighting with other kids - never without a good reason though. She grew up playing aliance soldier in the gardens of Thessia, showing up with a new scratch every day. She would never stop asking Liara about stories of her battles alongside Shepard, even if Liara had told them a thousand times.

Even though Kara never met her father, she’s proud of inheriting her name.

The stars always reminds her of what her father sacrificed for all life, and they always make her feel closer to Shepard.


More fanart :D

~Although the first one is really a more polished version of one I’ve posted here before. Oh and I have to explain the bottom pic; it’s a sort of moment of reconciliation kind of thing happening in a nightmare (either one of them could be having it, or both). I just thought it’d be nice to contrast the nightmares in Mass Effect 3 with some kind of silver lining.

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Liara: Let’s go to the Prothean EXPO.
Shepard: fine.
Liara: Let’s go to the Prothean ruins.
Shepard: fine.
Liara: Let’s go to the Prothean lecture.
Shepard: fine.
Liara: Let’s go to my room.
Shepard: YES! SURE, Dr Tsoni NOW?