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The Long Road, Ch. 47

A sense of foreboding washed over Nick as she stepped into the dark, unlit building. An open security airlock during an attack was seldom a good sign, and since all Cerberus troops they had encountered so far were wearing helmets they most likely weren’t affected by it. After only a few steps she found confirmation for her line of thought - an unarmored figure lying on the floor in the beam of her flashlight. Her throat constricted at the sight of blackened, distorted features. Nick swallowed. She remembered the sound of air escaping her hardsuit, knowing there was no way for her to stop it, and the blackness that had followed. These people had barely had any time to realize what had happened before losing consciousness, she reminded herself.

“By the Goddess, somebody vented the air from this room while people were still here!” Liara exclaimed, horror and disgust seeping through. “This was brutal.”

“It was a fairly quick death,” Shepard replied in a level voice, focusing on what she had learned during her training. She didn’t want to admit that those last seconds had probably felt like eternity to these poor sods. “It takes about ten seconds to lose consciousness in this atmosphere as it’s a near vacuum. Am I right, Alenko?”

She turned her head to look at Kaidan, wondering if his thoughts had made the same jump hers had and had taken him to the destruction of the SR-1. Their eyes met, and for a moment neither said anything.

Kaidan swallowed. “Yes,” he finally answered, his voice sounding rough. “That’s a good estimate.”

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One does not simply be Paragon while driving…

Selene Shepard goes berserk while chasing Tela Vasir. (ME2 - Lair of the Shadow Broker) Liara and Thane does not approve..

(And yeah, I know that Shepard is on the wrong seat.. Noticed it when it was too late..)

Shepard: “One does not simply use seatbelts!!!!”
Liara: “Goddess.. THERE ARE NO SEATBELTS AT ALL!!?!”
Thane: “Siha.. I already have short lifespan.. Slow. Down!!”
Shepard: “NEVER!”