shepard mclaughlin

LESLI = Queen of Hearts!

Look at the necklace!!! It’s a heart with a queen crown on top!

Queen of Hearts is a major A team theme. Could she be big A?

Remember all this?:

- When Mona was still working for A, she held a queen of hearts card and sang “in the eye abides the heart”. She also played house of cards at Radley and noted how anyone (A) can do anything with the right foundation (A team). 

- Jenna had an Alice-in-Wonderland birthday with card decorations (especially queen of hearts) everywhere! She also wore a queen of hearts pin in her hat.

- In “Pretty Dirty Secrets”, Noel waits for a female companion to try on a queen of hearts costume in the dressing room.

- In “This Dark Ride”, someone in a queen of hearts costume (later revealed to be Wilden working for A) drugged Aria and attacked spencer. Aria was put in a box with Garrett’s body and almost thrown from the train. We later find out there were TWO queens of hearts on the train, the other being Melissa.