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We lose those battles as often as we succeed. The key though, win or lose, is to never fail. And the only way to fail is not to fight. So you fight until you can’t fight anymore. Never let go. Never give up. Never run. Never surrender. Fight the good fight, you fight even when it seems inevitable you’re about to go down swinging.
—  Amelia Shepard, Grey’s Antatomy

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My first Shepard listens to jazz and electro swing almost exclusively. My second Shepard listens to punk, rock, and alternative, and my third Shepard mostly listens to pop and R&B. They each just kinda listen to the music I like, but I tried to make it correspond with their personalities.

Sweet Words

“Oh come on,” Shepard began, swinging her arm around and nearly spilling her drink. “The Mako wasn’t that bad.”

“The Mako was fine,” Garrus answered, chuckling lightly. “Your driving might have left a little something to be desired, however.”

“Like stable, flat ground,” Tali added, her words slurring more by the minute. “Or six flat tires.”

The commander gasped in feigned offense. “No one died because of the Mako. Except, like, a thousand geth–”

She was interrupted by an arm playfully curling around her waist. Kaidan appeared, sporting a ridiculously wide grin as he pulled her close.

“Hey, Shepard. Feel my sweater,” he said, completely oblivious to the chorus of snickers around them.

“What?” She clearly didn’t understand what was happening or why he would make such an odd demand out of the blue.

“You know what it’s made of? Boyfriend material,” he responded.

The commander stared at him for a long moment, completely flabbergasted. She wasn’t sure whether she should laugh, cry, or punch him for being so corny. One sniff, however, alerted her to the root of the problem. “WREX!”

“Something wrong, Shepard?” The krogan in question appeared, clearly understanding the accusatory tone in her voice and barely containing his laughter.

“Please tell me why Kaidan smells like that swill you drink?”

“He said he could handle it. Something about a crazy biotic metabolism. Don’t worry. I’m sure he’ll be fine.” Wrex answered, lifting his cup to the Major.

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RIP Edgar D. Mitchell 

On January 31, 1971, at 4:03 PM Eastern Standard Time, the Apollo 14 Saturn V lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center. The Apollo 14 mission sent astronauts Stuart A. Roosa, Alan B. Shepard Jr. and Edgar D. Mitchell (from left to right in the center picture) to the Moon. It would be the last of the “H missions” – NASA’s code for a two day stay on the lunar surface, paired with “moonwalks”.  

On February 5th, the crew landed on the Moon. Various scientific studies were completed – Shepard even took a swing with a golf club. Mitchell and Shepard erected an United States flag.  

Four days later, the crew splashed down in the Pacific Ocean.

Edgar Mitchell was the 6th man to walk on the Moon. Twelve men have walked on the lunar surface as of February 2016 – all within 1969 and 1972. 

He is pictured in the bottom photograph, provided by NASA on the Commons, as he “moves across the lunar surface as he looks over a traverse map during extravehicular activity (EVA). Lunar dust can be seen clinging to the boots and legs of the space suit.” 

Just a shout-out to all the great modders out there. Really, they deserve so much credit for what they are doing out of passion and for how the entire community can enjoy their work. 

Modders are the reason I enjoyed spending time in Skyhold without having to stare at those ugly pajamas, why I could look at my inquisitor and not complain about those sad and horrible options for eyebrows, why I could wear armor that didn’t make me go blind because of the colors, and for so many many other details. 

Modders are the reason my Shepard looked like a real soldier instead of swinging a pair of noodle arms. Modders are the reason why she could romance the only person that made sense to her. 

Modders are making the Fallout world so much bigger and immersive. From the small things like gear, armor and attire, to changes that make such a HUGE difference like settlements, environment, and fully developed new quests and locations. 

Modders are creating things that leave you breathless and make you invest into hours and hours of new content. 

And these are just mentions of the video games that I am interested in, which don’t even cover a quarter of the mods that are out there. If I could I would credit you again and again because you are all amazing. 

Thank you for everything! 


another take off this post by trevelyas. the Cerberus HQ mission if such a situation were to go down.

Shepard knew that this might happen. Actually, she knew there was absolutely no way to avoid it. From the moment their eyes met again on the Citadel, she knew there was not a chance in hell that this could end well.

Kaidan - sweet Kaidan - who had spent many nights with her in the crew quarters when she couldn’t sleep, sharing beers and bottles of wine. Kaidan, who she may have been falling in love with. But when the moment came down to it, she knew that choosing to save him over Ash meant that she was putting her feelings before the mission, and Shepard wasn’t prepared to do that. And she lost him, quicker and harder than she’d imagined.

But the man standing in front of her was not Kaidan, not one bit. He was made into a monster, one who she’d watched commit unspeakable actions. He’d killed Thane, a sick smile spreading across his face as he made his escape. He’d been there to steal data as Reapers destroyed Thessia. He was cold, calculated, and he was not going to let them out of here alive. Unless she killed him first.

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What came after the storm.

The shuttle groaned and rocked from the turbulence outside. Lightning flashed, wind raged. The storm was in full swing. Shepard found the racket comforting. He found the noise helped focus his mind. Concentrate on the more important thoughts. Twenty four hours had passed since coming back through the Omega 4 Relay. Before he left for Earth, before he returned to his son he wanted to check in with an old friend. He appreciated Liara’s need for space, to regain her bearings. It’s not every day you became the head of a massive spy network.

The Broker’s ship came into sight amidst clouds of intense heat. Buck entered the vessel through one of the side entrances. The long corridors were silent, save for the occasional humming from masses of complex technology. He half expected another mercenary to jump from cover and open fire. It was a welcome change of pace. The Commander assumed she knew he was here.

During the firefight they hadn’t had much chance to talk. Now that he trusted she was settled he planned on having a moment to breathe with her. The doors opened with a smooth hiss. 

“You around, Liara?” Shepard call out in his thick Irish drawl. He waited for an answer. 

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Mshenko prompt: Pre-getting together, Shepard and Kaidan are having friendly drinks together. Conversations turn to the first men they both ever had crushes on that made them realize their sexualities, followed by not-so-joking flirtation and optional tipsy kissing/groping?

“… And that’s how I rejected Miranda,” he finishes with a flourish, and Kaidan’s laughing, the head-tilting, shoulder-shaking, mouth-twisting kind that makes Shepard’s heart feel like it’s signed up for the Olympics’ 100-metre dash.

“God, I can’t believe that– are you even into girls? I mean, Miranda’s just so…” Kaidan trails off, his mouth twisted and eyes squinting, the words slurred and bent the same way they are on top of their respective bar stools. “I– I didn’t mean it like that,” he tries to begin again, but Shepard merely waves it off.

“I’m into everything,” Shepard answers, then quickly realises how fucking weird that sounds and corrects himself. “I mean, men, women, mono-gendered aliens - it’s… it’s all… I mean, you know.”

“Yeah, I know,” Kaidan agrees with a laugh, and the hand that pats Shepard’s upper arm is a hot brand that leaves him itching all over, a tingle that surges through his stomach and spreads out to the rest of him. Or maybe that’s the alcohol. It’s hard to tell, a few (strong) drinks deep.

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