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Wrex’s kids grow up with the best bedtime stories

and Shepard’s going to give Garrus a stress ulcer yet you just wait

(my go-to fighting method in me3 was to say “fuck it” to my guns and just biotic charge/punch anything that I could get my hands on, brutes very much included)

“Commander Shepard, Savior of the Galaxy”

My boyfriend recently bought the Mass Effect trilogy for me for my birthday and I am so addicted/ obsessed with them! This is my gorgeous and bad ass version of Commander Shepard from the games and she is standing before the SSV Normandy SR-2 and Reapers. Since November 7th is N7 Day in the Mass Effect universe, I wanted to draw something for that day!


Before Shepard, Garrus always thought human hands were odd - why so many fingers? Why the nails? Why so small?

But of course, Shepard had to go and change that when she made him fall in love with everything about her. Well, okay, she didn’t make him, but it damn well felt like it when you touch her hand for the first time in six months and realise just how much you’ve missed her, how much you’ve needed her, how you’d do almost anything to hold her hand again at any given moment.

He loves how soft her fingers are. He loves how nimble and tender they can be. He loves how there’s more of them to wrap between and around his own, how they manage to fit perfectly. He loves the way they can hold, clasp, drag and pull at his body. He loves how they can say things words can’t.

He holds her hand more than he probably should, but he doesn’t care, and neither does she.

lesmean  asked:

Okay I've been trying to figure this out for the longest time, but why is male Shepard called sheploo? Does it mean anything?

Oh gosh! I am so glad you asked. I never get tired of sharing the wonder that is Default Mshepard’s face model. Meet Mark Vanderloo, the person/face Mshep was created after.

So Shepard and Vanderloo became combined and good ole Sheploo was created to reference default Mshep! Hope that answers your questions!! 

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