shepard dog

Idk what prompted this train of thought but just imagine if a dog somehow ended up on the Normandy.

Like the crew ends up investigating some colony that was attacked and suddenly this dog just starts kind of following them around and they can’t get it to go away and Shepard makes the mistake of mentioning it to Joker over the comms and Joker is just like “Commander please you can’t just leave it… all alone.. no one to care for it..” bc he knows they’ll give in and Shepard just sighs, looks at the dog, and says “Welcome aboard.”

And of course within no time everyone is extremely fond of the dog. Like at first some of the aliens on the crew like Thane or Tali were really confused and like “Shepard??? Why is it licking me???” But then three days later someone sees Tali slipping it scraps of food while she’s on the crew deck

Liara’s reaction is pretty much like “Is that a dog?? I’ve never had the privilege to live with one before. I have heard humans hold them in high regard.” And Shepard kind of finds that hilarious

And honestly it only takes like two weeks before the dog is somehow named Shepard’s second-in-command. Someone gets it a vest that has “Normandy” written across it. Once Shepard found Jack and Ashley arguing about who the dog was going to sleep with so now they have a schedule for who the dog is sleeping with on what night. EDI teaches it commands she can give it over the intercom.

And, of course, whenever someone on the crew has a nightmare or is having a bad night or something, the dog is a pretty trustworthy crewmate to go to for comfort.

tbh can we end the ‘canon Shepard’ crap because it’s really annoying. It’s good to share headcanons and make up hcs about YOUR Shepard, but saying YOUR headcanon is canon and applies to EVERY Shepard is bullshit.

Shepard is whoever you want them to be.

It’s YOUR canon, not EVERYONE’S.

The only canon thing is that Shepard can’t dance (that might also be wrong since some people hc their Shepards can dance a bit and there’s nothing wrong with that).

Stop invalidating other peoples’ headcanons and forcing YOUR headcanons on them.

We all played the game differently and we all view Shepard in a different light.

Every Shepard is legit, no Shepard is better than the other, every Shepard has their own personality and saying people “portray Shepard in a wrong way” is bullshit because there’s no “wrong way” and there’s no “right way”.

And just because they use the default face also doesn’t mean they all have to be the same.

Every John and Jane is unique in their own way, just because someone uses the same face as you doesn’t mean they have the same personality.

If you crap on someone’s headcanons you’re the problem, you’re spreading negativity in the fandom and make people feel bad about themselves. Stop it! Just stop it!

Just because they don’t share the same ideas and headcanons doesn’t mean they’re bad people! Just because they have different ideas doesn’t mean they’re bad people!

So stop crapping on them if they have a different idea of who Shepard is, it’s childish, immature and you’re just wasting your time because you cannot change peoples’ way of thinking by insulting them.

And no, you’re not cool or edgy or whatever if you crap on people. Being a dick isn’t cool for fuck’s sake.