shepard KNOWS she's not going to come out of this alive

i can’t stop thinking about newlywed garrus and sun like. trying to figure out how to be married

shepard’s only just been released from the hospital and she doesn’t need help walking so much anymore, but going out for a picnic or something isn’t quite something she has the energy for (she spent months and months laying in a hospital bed after all–she’s got a ways to go before she’s fit enough to go for a jog or anything like that)

they’ve found a little cottage on the coast somewhere. his family and her family visit regularly, but everyone agrees it’s best that shepard be out of the public eye for a while. she doesn’t need the stress.

garrus is panicky, though, because they’re spending so much time together and he just knows he’s going to get something wrong, so he starts looking up things for newlyweds to do together (or at least, things human newlyweds do together) 

strolls along the beach at sunset? he can do that (she finds it relaxing, even though they never go far, but she likes to hold his hand with their mismatched fingers intertwined and let the waves wash over her feet, let the ocean breeze comb its fingers through her hair–“it makes me feel alive,” she says once). 

set her up with a nice bath with candles and rose petals (whatever those were)? okay sure (she gives an elated little laugh when he shows her, though she complains that they’ll need to buy a house with a bigger tub to fit the both of them someday).

that’s when he comes across the ‘cook a meal together’ suggestion. it’s highly recommended–things like baking cookies being at the top of the list. and it does sound fun, but they can’t eat the same food so? how would that work? he could order out, maybe, and help her cook something? 

he asks shepard eventually because he’s desperate and worried she’s going to get bored of him and she only thinks for a few brief moments before she says, “we can still cook together–we’ll just cook separate meals.”

and that’s all it takes. they go grocery shopping together the next day, turn up the radio, crack open a bottle of neutral chirality wine (because they should still share something) and get cooking. their kitchen is tiny, so there’s a lot of almost dancing as they have to get around each other for something. by the time they’re finished, dinner is ready, and she’s got a pretty flush across her cheeks–either from the alcohol or from giggling so much, he’s not sure.

while they eat, she bumps her real foot against his under the table, smiles sweetly when he looks up at her. “we’ll be okay, garrus. this is going to work.”

and she’s right. she’s scarred and missing pieces (but so is he, in truth, even if he’d managed to keep his injured leg in the end) and her hair is shorter than he’s ever seen it but she’s smiling more than ever, with the weight of the galaxy off her shoulders, and as the sunset lands across her face just so her eyes light up the color of whiskey in the sun, he’s struck by just how beautiful she is and how lucky they are to be sitting here still, to have made it through everything.

“yeah,” he says faintly after a moment, reaching for her hand. “we’ll be fine.”

her grin widens a little more and she adds, “we always are.”

Good Little Soldier

For @hawkeykirsah because she’s been going through a rough patch and needed some cheering up! It’s not as nsfw as I’d planned; it’s just slightly spicy!

Good Little Soldier

“Why me?” Kaidan asked, his voice loud in the silence despite the softness of his tone.

Shepard froze, unsure of what to say as her stomach churned alarmingly with nerves; as though a baby Thresher Maw was inside of it trying to get out. The question was so simple, so basic, but she didn’t have a clue how to answer it as she shifted uncomfortably on the bed and picked at the sheets with idle hands.

Why him? Why Kaidan?

 "I don’t know,“ she said eventually, glad for the cover of darkness to hide her uncertain expression, even if some of it leaked out in her tone. "I just … liked you.”

Kaidan moved, the bed giving under his weight. “But why?” He was plainly puzzled. “You had lots of people who went after you, I saw it every time we stopped at the Citadel. So why me?”

Shepard sighed, thinking over the handful of pushy men, women and aliens who had come in and out of her life over the years. Some had swaggered in, full of themselves and certain that she would fall all over herself to be with them, while others had been star struck; with wide eyes and trembling hands as The Commander Shepard graced them with her presence. The outcome had always been disappointing, and after a time she just avoided relationships all together. It seemed that the people who were attracted to her were never the kind of people who she was attracted to.

Until Kaidan.

The rest is under a cut for space!

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homoryder  asked:

for the Five Times meme fShenko and /almost/ kissing


It’s late, and Shepard knows she’s going to have a hell of a headache the next morning. It’s always this way with wine. She drinks too much, thinking she’s something classy and mature, and then a bottle or so later, she’s woozy and feels the need to eat everything in sight.

“Shepard,” Kaidan says, hiccuping halfway through her name. She laughs too, and he holds a hand up. “Stop. You’re not making sense either.”

It started out innocent, just the two of them splitting cheap wine after dinner in the mess. They’d swapped stories, talking about the worst soldiers they’d shared crew quarters with. His worst was an aggressive snorer, hers was a rookie private who seemed to think the Alliance was a glorified dating service.

“I totally am,” she giggled, and hiccuped too.

He shakes his head, and wobbles forward on the bench. She catches him as he hiccups again and covers his mouth to keep from laughing. Shepard always knows she’s drunk because she feels it in her face first. It goes numb and tingly, and the world feels floaty and fuzzy. But now that her hand is on Kaidan’s body, she feels stable, coherent… in the moment. Her thumb brushes along the strong muscles under his shirt, and they both go quiet.

He swallows, and she looks at his lips. She swears he’s begging to be kissed looking so handsome and getting this close to her. She parts her lips and leans forward. Suddenly, the door to the crew quarters pops open and Kaidan jolts away and rubs the back of his neck. 

“Mmm, sorry,” Ashley mumbles, half asleep and stumbles into the bathroom.

“It’s… it’s okay,” Shepard replies under her breath.

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tim shepard headcanons
  • the shepards are latinx!
  • tim & curly both get their curly hair from their dad
  • curly is tim’s mini-me
  • takes such pride in his scars & will absolutely tell each one’s story to anyone who asks
  • not necessarily a neat freak but everything must be left in the spot where he put it
  • his pancakes are the BEST, angel & curly always wake him up before school to make them
  • “get the fuck outta my room” 
  • “but tuesday is pancake day, timmy!!” 
  • always mumbling stuff under his breath
  • If Looks Could Kill™
  • when he’s mad his voice gets so low and it is terrifying
  • so so smart, no one gives him enough credit
  • always has a cigarette between his lips

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FICLET: A Study in I Love Yous (2/2)

Part I here (and now also on Ao3)

She doesn’t admit that she loves him. Not aloud anyway.

She ignores the warnings on Omega, when her heart sings at the sight of him–when, for the briefest of moments, it seems as if everything is right in the galaxy. She almost hugs him, almost falls to pieces in the arms of her old friend. But Cerberus is watching, and she cannot let them see.

She denies it on the Normandy, when she stalks outside the med bay for hours. Miranda is incessant, but Shepard doesn’t want to give her answers, doesn’t want to explain how she did what was necessary to get him off that station in time to save his life. You lied to me about him, she accuses, with more anger than she intends, so I don’t owe you anything.

She keeps denying it through Sidonis and the Collector Base and all the stolen moments in between. She knows the line between friend and more has long since blurred, but she can’t quite figure out when she lost track of it. She can’t determine the precise moment when her harmless attempts to make him blush became intentional flirting became–whatever it is she feels the night he comes to her cabin.

She tries not to question it when she grabs his omnitool as he sleeps. She has run through every possible strategy for their attack on the Collector Base, every way she can keep him at her side. Every plan fails except the one where he leads the second fire team, but the thought–the nightmare–of them separating drives her to distraction. Their comms could be cut, he might not reach the rendezvous point, they might have to leave when he’s nowhere to be found. She cannot stop running through every horrific possibility, and so in those final twilight hours, she links his omnitool to hers. She gives him full access to her most jealously guarded possession, so that she can track his biometrics and geolocation. Mission be damned, she will not leave him behind.

She doesn’t know where that falls on the line between “just friends” and more, but it is decidedly Not Casual. She supposes she shouldn’t be surprised, though. As she nervously teased him the night before, she is nothing if not intense. She has never once managed to do anything casually. Never really wanted to try.

She hopes he understood her hints.

Menae changes everything. She hasn’t heard from him in six months. She nearly gives up hope of ever seeing him when she sees the state of Palaven. But there he is, standing tall on that besieged moon, and the sight of him, alive and in command, fills her with unexpected pride and admiration. She wants to embrace him, to tell him all of the fears she’s kept inside for the past half year. But just like Omega, there are too many eyes. So instead, she shakes his hand. It’s proper and it’s formal, and rattles her in a way that makes her start to question whether this Not Casual thing she feels is actually Love. She wonders, and she fears, whether he feels the same.

The answer, of course, is obvious–when she finally pays attention. He never actually says he loves her. Not aloud at least. But he tells her every day.

He tells her when she arrives at the war room only to discover that the petulant diplomats have resolved their unnecessary disputes. He tells her when she enters her cabin well past zero dark thirty, exhausted and frayed, only to see that her mountains of paperwork have been completed in triplicate. He tells her when she finds herself in bed, boots removed, though she’s certain she fell asleep at her desk over a pile of work. And he tells her when, despite the galaxy crumbling around them, he still finds a way to make her laugh.

He tells her in all the perfect ways only he can, and sometimes she hates it. She hates that she should find something that makes her so happy while so many others suffer. She hates that they found each other in the midst of all this chaos. She hates that she sometimes wonders if they could be happy together without all the carnage.

But then he takes her to the Citadel on the most perfect date, and she’s tired of denying herself the things she feels.

Reapers be damned, she’ll steal whatever slivers of happiness they can find. “I love you, Garrus Vakarian,” she admits, to herself and to him. She knows it’s a long time coming, and the truth floods her with relief.

But he doesn’t return the sentiment. He mentions something about Joker’s vids, and she knows he’s flustered. He stutters, like he did when she first mentioned blowing off steam, and she realizes he thinks she’s still just trying to make him blush.

She doesn’t say it again.

The words are not enough, and she’s not sure what is. She obsesses over the question, keeps a mental list of a thousand ways to tell him, but she lacks the subvocals to convince him of the depth of her feeling. He deserves perfect, and she can never give that to him. So she says nothing. She doesn’t want to screw it up again.

But of all the perfect things they have–friendship, trust, respect–time is not one of them. It never has been.

And before she knows it, he is injured and he cannot go on. His mandibles flare in desperation when he realizes she intends to leave him behind, and some quiet part of her whispers that this might be her last chance.

“I love you, Garrus Vakarian,” she says, and she knows it’s not enough. “And I always will.”

She catches the droop of his jaw, the frighteningly short moment in which he realizes she’s never been joking, and she melts at his response. She takes his armored hand in hers and, for a second, she is tempted to bask in this final captured moment. This sliver of time they stole from the chaos around them.

All too quickly, the screech of Reaper fire and the chattering of husks shatters that stolen moment. It’s not enough.

She can’t remember drawing her weapon, but the sounds of the Reaper forces fueled something selfish inside her, and it powers her forward.

They deserves more than stolen moments in a firefight.   

He deserves more than two hastily spoken I Love Yous, only one of which he believes.

There may not be a perfect way to say it, but he deserves to hear her try. A thousand times and maybe more.

She leaves a trail of carnage, a scattering of husks and Marauders in her wake, and as she reloads her heat sink, still drunk on fury and selfishness, she promises herself that this is the last moment she will allow the Reapers to take. The rest will be hers, to cherish and enjoy. She will make the time to tell him that she loves him in each of the thousand ways she imagined.

And may the galaxy have mercy on the poor soul who tries to stop her.

Five Kisses (Shakarian, T)

This is a holiday cheer gift for @ritewine​ from @acequeenking. Happy Holidays ritewine, and may the Harbinger not swallow you whole.

Summary: It takes Garrus five kisses to find his happy ending. 

- - - 

1. The first time he kisses her properly is the night before they die.

For two people facing a suicide mission, they takes things damnably slow. Garrus knows this; regrets it yet somehow treasures it. He’s never been in a relationship where there’s anything but the physical, so this – the long conversations, the stolen moments where his shoulder can just barely brush against hers in the dining area  – is new territory. Welcome territory.

He holds her hand in the gunnery – the only place on this ship where he’s guaranteed there are no bugs, no change of the Illusive Man watching them, listening to them – and it feels…amazing. There’s an undercurrent of nervousness he’s not felt in a simple touch since the old reach and flexibility days, but Shepard is so much more than a nameless scout; she’s -

“Garrus,  can I ask you a favor?” She asks. Garrus watches the scars on her face, the way they move and glow; she hasn’t quite taken a rocket to the face, but she’s lived through trauma, all the same. They both have. Their scars are nearly in the same places, and both tell the same story: We’ve walked through hell. We survived. And he’s naive enough to hope that maybe – maybe – they can do that again.

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ordinary people

It was hard to not think about what kind of people they were. Not when they laid in their own bed, giant skylight above them in the ceiling, comfortable, aside from some still healing and potentially never healing injuries. The Alliance had put them both on complete administrative duties for a while, with Shepard still regaining her strength, and Kaidan’s leg injury making it unlikely he’d return to active duty for some time. But they were alive. And they were comfortable.

Sometimes Shepard still felt like the sky was always going to be painted with the blood of millions. Every star that they were able to see must have carried plenty of lives around them, and potential planets that were little more than ash and corpses at this point. Things were coming back, but it was slow. It would be a while before Shepard didn’t stop and worry about the lives lost while she took her time trying to end the war. Maybe she never would.

Kaidan reached over and held her hand. His hands were rough, from years of handling guns, of using them with his biotics, the tingle eroding his skin to blisters sometimes. They both had blood on their hands, but she wondered if his kept him awake the way it did for her. Maybe he’d stopped worrying about it after Vyrnnus. Maybe that was the darkest it could get, and everything else was a worthwhile death. There were a lot of maybes.

“Can’t sleep?” he asked.

Shepard nodded. “Yeah.”

“Me either.”

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Chaos and Adventure (ME Fic)

I was @qbert0​‘s Holiday Harbinger gifter, and wanted to write something to go with the dice bag. You mentioned that you liked fShep/Liara and Garrus/Tali as a secondary pairing, that you enjoyed the whole gang’s adventures in the Citadel DLC, and requested no heavy emotional angst, so I tried to write a bit of fluff that captured some of those themes. It was a fun piece to write and I hope you enjoy it!

Post-game, ambiguous as to ending but Shepard is alive, pretty much pure fluff.

Judging from the length of the line outside, the rebuilt Ryuusei’s Sushi Bar was even popular than the old one. Even in civvies, Shepard was quickly recognized and waved to the front of the line. Liara had wondered if she would prove to be on some sort of restaurant blacklist, but if the maître d’ was aware of Shepard’s role in the demise of the sushi bar’s previous incarnation, she gave no sign. “Welcome, ma’am, Ryuusei’s is honored to have you,” she said smoothly. “This way, please, the rest of your party is waiting for you.”

Liara took a moment to look over the place. The renovation had been extensive (and doubtless expensive). Fish swam contentedly below her feet, unaware of the tragic fate of their predecessors. The wood paneling was carefully aged as if to suggest that the restaurant had been in continuous operation for decades, and certainly had not been invaded by mercenaries or swarming with Reapers at any point.

The maître d’s brow was furrowed in a look Liara had learned to interpret as impatience. She fell in beside Shepard as they made their way across the restaurant. Garrus Vakarian gave a quick wave from across the way – of course, he had spotted them first. Tali’Zorah’s attention appeared to be completely absorbed by the “NEW Dextro Menu!” in her hands, but she quickly glanced up as the maître d’ pulled out Shepard and Liara’s chairs.

“Shepard! Liara!” she said. “It’s so good to see you!” Liara didn’t need to be able to see Tali’s face to know that she was smiling. “It’s been too long.”

“Well, if some people could tear themselves away from their homeworlds more often…” Shepard said teasingly.

Garrus spread his hands. “You know how it is, Shepard,” he said ruefully. “One meeting after another, datapad after datapad filled with decisions to be made… It’s enough to make a turian think about resuming his vigilante career. I’d have thought the Reaper advisor would be, eh, off the hook with the Reapers gone…”

“Ah, ah!” Tali waved a finger in mock indignation. “No Reaper talk.”

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A little Shore Leave

Shepard and her crew had spent about three days on Feros in total and after that mission ended it was time for some shore leave. Shepard didn’t think this was the time for such a thing- but Adam’s down in the drive core insisted. After she thought about it, a checkup wouldn’t hurt anyone. Plus, it was Jokers birthday that weekend.

She really could use a few days break after the non-stop missions they’d had. The stress of it all weighing down on her a bit. She always had insomnia, but this was something else. Shepard found herself laying in bed every night staring at her ceiling. The minutes blurred into hours and night after night she grew more restless. After every mission she had new bruises and scars. Each one telling it’s own story. And the difficulty to find peace in her bed crept further away. She really did need a break, her body needed the break.

When the Normandy arrived at the Citadel a few days later the crew started to disperse and Shepard had no idea what to do with herself. How could she relax knowing what was coming? After all that she had seen so far? All of her thoughts had been on the mission. Reapers, Saren and the geth… sometimes during those sleepless nights she even found herself thinking about Garrus…

Shepard stood on the docking bay outside of the Normandy saluting, waving and hugging off her crew members for the weekend. Garrus waited by the elevator watching her. He could see how each crew member had a different relationship with Shepard, and they were all personalized and unique. Shepard knew everyone on that ship. She knew their service history, details about their families… their hopes, dreams and fears. But it wasn’t just that she felt obligated to know them, Shepard was genuinely interested in them all. Garrus remembered her saying that knowing her crew made her stronger. It gave her something to fight for.

She really is incredible. Beautiful.

Wait a minute. Incredible? Beautiful? He couldn’t remember the last time he had referred to anyone with such high regard. Garrus never really had time for relationships and it’s not like he had a thing for humans… He had heard about the fetishes but he never found one attractive. Well, not until Shepard.

Garrus thought about how protective he was of her, all those long nights learning each other. The way she smiled at him. That smile that was only his…It didn’t matter what sleep deprived thoughts he was having in that moment only one thing really mattered: she was human, and he was turian.

Even if it wasn’t weird for the obvious reasons he could think of multiple other reasons it couldn’t happen. She was his superior. His boss. His Commander. Maybe that should have been higher up the list of problems in his fantasy… Whatever he was feeling was nothing, a momentary lapse. Shepard was his best friend. He cared for her deeply and in those couple months she had been a better friend to him than anyone he had ever known.

He thought about how Shepard had kept her word and helped him track down Dr. Saleon. Once he saw the doctor he’d been tracking all reason went out the window: he wanted blood. She had seen the look in his eyes, ordering him to stand down. Garrus respected her too much to disobey a direct order, so reluctantly he complied. As much as he hated to admit it, he knew she was right.

Killing Dr. Saleon would solve nothing. It wouldn’t bring those people back. I wouldn’t undo all the time Garrus spent tracking him. But if they took him in they could get some information; about the hostages, what he had been up to… anything. They didn’t know what the doctor had been doing, or if he had been harvesting organs again somewhere else. Had he got himself into a bigger mess they didn’t know about under his new allies Dr. Heart? Garrus knew he would be more useful to them alive. It didn’t end up mattering in the end though, Dr. Saleon refused to go into custody and ended up dying anyway.

What was the point of this… he had ended up dead like he had wanted. Why couldn’t he have just killed him at the start before he had a chance to try and run again? He would never forget what Shepard said in response,

Garrus… You can’t predict how people will act. But you can control how you’ll respond. In the end… that’s all that really matters.’  Shepard had been right. Again.

Working with her really had been eye opening for Garrus. Shepard had seen the path he was headed down before he even did… A path not that different from Saren’s actually. In that moments Garrus watched her, he realized what this had all been about. It had been about saving him. Shepard didn’t care about Dr. Saleon. She cared about him. She had been trying to stop him from turning into someone he would hate.

‘I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone like you, Shepard.’ Garrus had told her that day. He didn’t realize how true that was until now. Until he noticed the way the lights above her illuminated her hair and emerald eyes. Until he noticed how beautiful every little dot was on her nose and cheeks. How beautiful she really was.  

On the docking bay Shepard noticed him watching her. She glanced over and held up one delicate finger, that smile trickled her lips and she mouthed ‘One minute.’  He nodded back at her, mandibles lose against his face. That’s when he noticed Joker standing next to him. How long had he been there…

Joker stood fairly straight but you could see caution in his eyes. You sorta had to live your life cautiously with a disease like the one Joker had. Garrus didn’t know much about the pilot, but he respected him and enjoyed exchanging a good joke or two from time to time. Joker looked from Shepard and then back to Garrus. He had a certain look in his eyes, one that made Garrus feel strange. In the awkwardness of the moment Garrus shifted his wait uncomfortably. The smallest smile slipped the corner of Jokers mouth, but he quickly cleared his throat and coughed into his fist.

“Garrus.” Joker let out still holding back his smile, that look still behind his eyes. He turned and walked away joining Liara, Tali and Presley in the elevator down.

Shepard had finally finished her temporary goodbyes and walked straight up to Garrus.

“So, a turian on shore leave… You come here often?” Shepard smiled and nudged him as they waited for their ride down to C-Sec having just missed the last one.

“Oh yeah… I come here often. Good place to blow off steam. Scenery’s not bad either…” Garrus looked at her for a second then nudged over his shoulder to the Normandy slyly. His voice cooed his usual soft hum mandibles flaring playfully.

Why was everything so much easier when she was with Garrus? She felt like she could handle anything if he was with her. No matter how big or small the mission she could do it if he were by her side. Shepard felt the guilt of taking a break in the middle of all this lift, like a weight off her shoulders. Garrus and Shepard spent the afternoon finding new models, talking about guns and trying different foods on the Citadel. They couldn’t share anything but it was nice to just pretend to be normal for a few hours. They deserved this, didn’t they?

The three day weekend came and went faster than they hoped, and before they knew it they only had one more night before it was back to hunting rogue Spectres and saving the galaxy. So naturally, it was time to party, it was a great excuse to celebrate Joker’s birthday.

The crew met at Flux Night club in the Wards for drinks and one last hurrah before they had to see this mission through. Garrus found himself recalling a conversation he’d had with Shepard when they first met-

This mission won’t be easy. There will be casualties. I won’t insult you by pretending you don’t understand what that means.’ He knew what she had meant then, but it had a new meaning for him now. Was this really it… would this be the last break they’d get. Would they all make it after they found Saren? Would Shepard make it?

Of course she would. She’s Shepard.

Garrus stood at the bar with Joker who wore some kind of paper cone on his head, Tali and one of the Alliance crew members he didn’t know… Alan maybe? He found himself glancing at the door every few minutes. Shepard wasn’t there yet, and he wondered what she had been up to. Garrus hadn’t seen her since the night before and found the anticipation of waiting building. He took a drink of his Dextro Heat Sink, a drink he enjoyed for the obvious play on words. Honestly, it didn’t taste that great.

Scanning the room again for her red hair, for her scent. When he felt a touch on the shoulder he smiled. When he turned however, he wasn’t greeted by Shepard but a female turian. He should have known, he couldn’t smell Shepard anywhere. The female in front of him had softer features than his own and she had deep purple markings down her nose and mouth with two small dashes under either eye on her cheekbones. She was very pretty by turian standards.

“Can I buy you another one of those?” The turian asked sweetly pointing to his drink. Her flanging was soft and smooth. Garrus looked at his almost empty glass and back at the turian.

“Sure, but only if I can buy you one first.” Garrus said back. He had always been charming and good with words, he knew this. If this was his last night on the Citadel he may as well have a little fun right? When she smiled he took this as a yes and asked what she was drinking.

Shepard finally had made her way into Flux. She was running late of course after picking up a brand new Spectre requisition sniper riffle for Garrus. She was nervous for some reason; she didn’t usually give gifts, and this was REALLY expensive. But she had more credits than she knew what to do with, and he really needed a new gun. She felt the pounding of the techno echo through her chest and her palms started to sweat.

What the fuck, you’re Commander Shepard. Keep it together

She scanned the room for her crew, but mostly she as looking for Garrus. When she saw him though, she wished she hadn’t.

Several minutes passed and Garrus took another look around the room. He saw Shepard standing near the entrance of the club looking at them. She had no expression. No indication of what she was thinking or feeling. She just stood there, watching the two of them. Shepard hadn’t moved an inch since she entered Flux a few minutes before. She was too far away and there were far too many people in the club to get a proper read from his visor.

In the minutes before he noticed her though, she had been watching them. The way they interacted. They stood close, and she could tell by the lightness of the turians face that she meant business. She couldn’t tell how Garrus was reacting, but a smile from the female let her know he probably meant business too…

He did mention blowing off steam didn’t he…

Lost in thought she hadn’t realize he had seen her gaze. Shepard felt her stomach drop and she immediately felt sick. She threw him a quick smile, not the real one he was used to… Then turned to joined Liara at a table where she sat with Kaidan.

Garrus noticed the smile Shepard had given him as he watched her walk away. He didn’t know where she had gone, but he instantly felt strange. This wasn’t normal. Why would she give him that look? He found himself staring at the spot his Commander stood moments before. That’s when he noticed the female looking up at him expectantly feeling her arm on his elbow.

“So… I’m Nayla… How about that drink?” She asked again sweetly.

How long had been been off in his own mind? How long had be been standing there silently with this stranger… staring at the empty spot Shepard had been. Garrus forced a smile, trying to relax his mandibles he nodded. In a slow turn, he ordered them both another round. Even with a pretty distraction he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong.

Shepard did her best to push the feeling she had in her stomach to the side. She sat with her back to the bar as not to be tempted to watch Garrus and his date. What did she care if he was finding himself a nice lady to shack up with anyway… She didn’t know why, but all of a sudden she really needed to get drunk. Really drunk. Like, ‘I just stopped 10,000 batarian’s from taking over Elysium’ drunk or maybe ‘I have feelings for my uninterested turian squamate’ drunk…

Of course, Kaidan was eager to cater to Shepard and took the absence of Garrus as a sign that he could. Finally Garrus wasn’t with her, so he could have some alone time. Well… Sorta, Liara was with them. Kaidan didn’t mind Liara though, but it was hard not to notice how awkward she was. Having spent most her time alone working on dig sites really did a number on Liara’s social skills. Surprisingly, despite Shepard having indirectly killed her mother, Liara seemed to be just as infatuated with the Commander as everyone else was.

“Can I get you anything to drink, Shepard?” Kaidan asked a little louder, having realized she couldn’t hear his soft voice over the booming of the music and patrons.

“Yes. Whiskey. Double.” She said. “Can you order me a couple?”

“You sure you want to be getting drunk the day before we head back out, Commander?” Kaidan joked standing.

“That’s exactly why I want to be getting drunk. Plus it’s Joker’s birthday… that’s why we’re even here remember? Buy him one while you’re at it.” Shepard smiled as he walked to the bar. “So, Liara. How are you enjoying yourself?” She tried desperately to distract herself from what she had seen. But no matter what she couldn’t stop thinking about it…What had she even seen though? Nothing. Not really.

Garrus was just standing there talking to a girl. As he should be. He is allowed to talk to females of his OWN species. Why do you even care? He deserves a break… to have fun, or be able to ‘blow off steam’ like everyone else. What is it to you?

When she couldn’t think of anything satisfying to tell herself, she decided it was time to suck it up. Shepard was just being protective because they were such good friends. Yeah, that was it…

When Kaidan returned with an armful of drinks for the 3 of them, she saw Joker lift his new drink in a distant cheer. Shepard returned the gesture downing her whiskey. Biting back the alcohol taste that stung her throat and burned her nose, she reached for the second one and knocked it back. Licking her lips she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, setting the empty glass in front of her. Shepard had seen Kaidan and Liara notice her but didn’t react. The two of them exchanged a look and then began drinking as well.

“Do… you want me to get you another one, Shepard?” Kaidan asked when he saw her staring into the empty glasses she had just lined up evenly.

“I got this one. Are you guys ready? I’m buying. I plan on getting Joker very wasted tonight.” The look they sent her indicated they weren’t ready. How could they be? She was the one trying to drink her feelings away, not them.

“Hopefully not too wasted, we do need him functional.” Kaidan laughed taking a sip trying to catch up.

Kaidan just returned no more than 3 minutes before with their drinks. They nodded anyway, what are they gonna deny the Commander the right to buy them all a round? Plus they at least had 10 minutes with the lines that were at the bar. After another minute Shepard turned and walked up to order them another round of drinks. She could already feel the warmth swimming through her belly and tickling her mind. Shepard walked to the opposite end from Garrus when she approached. He hadn’t noticed her yet, thankfully. She ordered another two whiskey doubles, a beer for Kaidan and a honey mead for Liara. She tried buying Joker another but was told to get in line- everyone’s goal was to get the birthday boy wasted. While she waited for their drinks she couldn’t stop herself from watching Garrus interact with the female turian.

She watched him shift his weight effortlessly, running his taloned hand down his fringe and neck in a elegant stretch. He had a confidence about him; one she always admired. Shepard had noticed in the past the looks he’d gotten- she was aware just how attractive he was to most women, no matter the species. She noticed he way the turian leaned into him and the lightness of her mandibles when she spoke. Shepard wondered what Garrus’ face had looked like… Did he look as happy as that female did?

What do you care?

Realizing the bartender has been speaking to her. When she came back to reality she paid the Volus, grabbed their drinks and began retreating.

Garrus could smell her though and turned just as she did- narrowly missing her eyes. He watched her crimson hair bounce away from the bar as she disappear into the bodies of the club goers.

As the night went on, Shepard drank more. It was safe to say that she was very drunk. She was really drunk. Actually, they had lost count of how many drinks she had over the course of the night. That many double whiskeys could even take the great Commander Shepard down. She sat at the table with Liara and Kaidan, the two of them also fairly drunk at this point in attempts to keep up. Kaidan had been non stop flirting with Shepard and given the circumstances she even flirted back. Hell, Liara even tried in her awkward way.

“I would LOVE to have you in a lab to study, Shepard… You are just so incredible… No.. wait… tha-that’s not what I meant to say… I just meant, with all of your Prothean knowledge due to your contact with the beacon, and the cipher- Oh! Just imagine everything we could learn from each other! Oh… oh no… I am just making this worse aren’t I… I must to apologize…” Liara was rambling taking anxious swigs of her mead.

Shepard didn’t mind though, the rambling was rather adorable honestly and proved a great distraction. They talked and laughed about anything they could that didn’t have to do with Saren, the geth or the Reapers. As the night progressed Shepard even considered taking one of them back to her room with her…

But like all night’s this one was coming to an end. Shepard watched as her crew trickled out one by one making their way back to the Normandy. Both Liara and Kaidan still sat drinking with her. She wondered if they both secretly hoped they’d be the one to go home with her that night… Who would she chose?

Tough choice really. One is obsessed with you because of your connection to the Prothean beacon and the other is obsessed with you because you saved them from the Prothean beacon…

Probably best not to go home with either of them now that she thought about it.

It was getting close to 0200 hours when Garrus finally walked up to their table. Shepard noticed him approaching in her peripheral — he was alone. She swallowed down the rest of her drink, biting her lip shifting in her seat. In that moment she realized she really had been drinking a lot.

Garrus placed a warm taloned hand on her shoulder leaning down besides her. She looked sideways at him still holding her empty glass, her leg shaking restlessly. He didn’t say anything, but held his mandibles close to his face staring into her eyes. With her free hand she pulled it to her mouth and began lightly biting her nail; a nervous habit she hadn’t done in years. Shepard felt his sharp blue gaze still looking at her. She felt a warmth from him run through her. Was this the alcohol or Garrus? No one at the table spoke and Garrus noticed her breath quicken and her heartbeat rising on his visor.

“How nice of you to join us, Garrus.” Shepard smiled, it was almost right…

“Shepard…” He purred so softly that the others at the table couldn’t hear him.

Garrus reached his free hand out placing it over hers and the empty glass, holding them both in place. Kaidan and Liara had been watching them, but neither of them said anything. Desperately trying to eavesdrop. With the hand that rest on her shoulder he slid it closer to her face, brushing the side of her pink cheek with his thumb then tucking her hair behind an ear. It was ever so slight, Kaidan or Liara would for sure have missed it if they hadn’t been searching for it. Shepard swallowed and continued looking at the hand still holding hers around the empty glass.

“Come on. Lets get you out of this dump.” Garrus stood, sliding the empty glass from her delicate fingers; setting it on the table amongst the others.

She still sat looking at it. Everything felt light and somehow in slow motion. He reached a hand out in front of her and after a second she took it. Kaidan and Liara watched not saying a word as they turned and walked out of club. Once out of Flux Shepard remembered the female and spoke before she could stop herself.

“So… Mr. Vakarian…You seemed to be enjoying the ‘scenery’ inside. What happened to your new friend?”

“Spirits. Is that jealousy I hear, Commander Shepard?” Garrus joked looking at her.

“In your dreams, big guy.” She said back giggling and swaying with each step.

With each drunken step she felt herself forgetting about the girl he had been talking to. She was forgetting that this may be her last time on the Citadel. Oddly, all she could think about was how damn bright the Citadel was. Garrus had always rambled on about how it was never dark in there… But there was something about being in fluorescents that late when you were this hammered that made every task just so much harder.

Shepard tried walking upright, she really did. But every so often she would lose her balance and trip. They couldn’t help but laugh. Garrus had been drinking pretty heavily as well that night, but no where near the amount she had been. When her ‘feet stopped working’ Shepard fell down a small flight of stairs. How someone could be so graceful on the battlefield but so clumsy in the real world was beyond Garrus. She sat there at the bottom in a hysterical fit of laugher. Garrus was reminded again of just how beautiful she was, and seeing her there sobered him up just a bit. If she hadn’t been hurt Garrus would have been laughing with her honestly. It was pretty funny how she acted when she had been drinking. He had seen it a few times before on the Normandy, but she had never been THIS drunk.

He knelt down slipping a long arm under her, pulling her close to him. She stood with one arm around his neck, his right arm holding her tightly around the chest at her ribcage. The way his hand felt there… She couldn’t think about that now. They walked slowly side by side, as she limped in unison with his strides; making sure not to put pressure on her hurt ankle. It honestly didn’t even hurt her hardly- a mild sprain at best, but she was having fun pretending that it did.

Their walk was long and peaceful and Garrus could smell her skin. By the time they stood outside the Normandy on the docking bay he had been engulfed in her. It was more intoxicating than anything he drank that night. Her scent was better than anything he had ever smelled. Shepard’s skin was softer than anything he had touched. Before he knew what he was doing, he found himself close to her neck, taking a deep breath of lavender into his lungs. His mouth and nose lowered closer to her neck almost touching her with them. Garrus released his breath besides her ear, running his nose through her hair, tracing her hairline; she felt a wave run through her.

Shepard pushed into him more, turning to face him. She had an urgency about the way she leaned her head into his his cowl, closer to his face. Garrus could feel her shudder in his arms. Taking her free hand she placed it on his neck holding herself close to his mouth letting out a soft sigh. He reached down sliding his hand up her back, pulling her into him. His fingers braided through her hair. She let out a quiet gasp at his touch and he leaned into her neck pulling her even closer. Their faces were almost touching, breath hot and fast.

“Garrus…” Shepard said breathlessly as he felt something primal shift in him.

The way she had said his name made him burn for her, letting a small growl escape his lips. He had lost his composure. As if a switch was flipped they both were sent into a frenzy. She lifted a leg and was met with his hand pulling it onto his hip- pulling her onto him.

Simultaneously he lightly pulled her hair revealing her neck to him as he turned pushing her into the wall. Sliding his taloned hand from her knee to her thigh he helped her other leg wrap around him. Leaning his face into her neck, kissing it, running a blue tongue across it tasting her. Shepard let out a airy moan at his touch. The way he touched her with determination and strength was different than anything she had experienced. His lips were harder than a humans, but they felt amazing trailing her collarbone and shoulders. Garrus didn’t know where his behavior came from, he was just reacting to her. It was instinctual. He somehow just knew how to touch her.

Garrus grabbed her hand sliding it up the wall holding it in place as he moved his face to hers again. They looked at each other for a moment and then she kissed him hard. She never imagined that feeling him like this would feel so right, but it did. With each embrace she could feel the growling in his chest growing, his desire and control slipping. She ached for him.

Shepard lightly caressed his tongue with her own, tasting him. Garrus slid a hand down her arm, down the side of her body ending at her hips. He pulled her into him more as they continued frantically kissing and pushing into each other as if they could never be close enough.

As fast as it started it was over. They heard the elevator arriving and quickly realized where they were. They had been on the docking bay outside of the Normandy almost… almost… could they even? This can’t be normal… He lightly slid her down to the ground careful not to release her completely. Garrus couldn’t bare not feeling her after that. Everything was going to be different now… He felt it.  

“Well, look at you two being creepy and stuff in a dark corner.” Joker let out walking past them with Tali towards the airlock. Tali had been mumbling at a volume they couldn’t understand, clearly she also had a bit too much to drink. Joker looked back at the two standing there in silence. “You guys coming or what?”

Helping Shepard over to the Normandy and when Joker noticed her foot he signed. “Really, Commander? You can’t go a few days without getting yourself hurt?”

“You sure you wanna mess with me? You’re basically made of glass, Joker. I could probably break your bones just by looking at you.” Shepard laughed as the decontamination process started.

Shepard was trying hard not to think about what had just happened. She looked up at Garrus shyly, her eyes were soft and heavy. He smiled down at her holding her tightly enjoying her warmth.

“Wow, you really are drunk aren’t you, Commander?” Joker asked when he saw how hard it was for her to walk straight even with Garrus leading her. “Here I was thinking the mighty Commander Shepard was unstoppable, a god among men— and women… Only to be taken out by a few drinks and a flight of stairs.”

The look she gave him let him know he was done and he put his arms up defensively.

“Alright, alright, I’m going. Sleep tight you two.” Joker said giving Garrus that same look from a few days ago. With a lazy salute he retreated to the cockpit.

Upon entering the doctor took one look at the Commander and Garrus and crossed her arms. The look she gave them was like they were a couple of kids that had just been caught sneaking out. Shepard covered her mouth and attempted to stand up straight. She was holding back a laugh. Shepard knew how obvious it had been that they were wasted but she didn’t want to show it if possible. Somehow though she only seemed to make herself look more guilty.

Shepard let out a long sigh shaking her head. “Doesn’t anyone sleep on this damn ship?”

“You. Med bay. Now, Commander.” Chakwas said with a small smile pointing to the stairs. “Garrus, I’ll need you to accompany us if you would.” Chakwas lead them down the stairs into the Normandy’s Med Bay.

He carefully sat her down on one of the beds. Shepard tucked a hair behind her ear, flinching when the doctor rotated her ankle checking the damage. A minor sprain like they suspected, nothing serious but she’d need to be careful on it for a couple days. FTL was fast, but she should have the time she needed.

“See? I told you. Not that bad. I just missed a few stairs, honestly I’ve had much worse. Remember that time I fell off a 2 story building?” Shepard reached an arm out placing it on Chakwas’ shoulder giving it a light shake.

She had her ankle wrapped for some extra support and Chakwas left Garrus in charge of escorting the Commander back to her quarters. As they approached the door it slid open allowing them to walk in. He walked her over to the bed where she laid down. Seeing her laying reminded him of that time back on Therum. Her hair spread around her like wildfire. She gave him a big pure smile reaching her arm out for him to take. Garrus stood there a moment looking down at his Commanding officer wondering if this was a good idea… Should he be there? They both had been drinking and Shepard seemed really vulnerable.

“Shepard… I…” He stated as he ran a hand over his fringe and down her neck the way she loved.

Shepard sat up at looked up at him. She grabbed a taloned hand in hers pulling him down to her level. Garrus kneeled in front of her looking at his feet. She moved her arm up slowly resting it on the side of his face softly.

“Hey. It’s okay. We don’t…” She stopped, biting her lip. The room was spinning slightly around him.

“I…  don’t want you to think you have to do this. I may be your Commanding Officer but I’m not gonna make you sleep with me.” Shepard let out a laugh removing her hand anxiously. “I’ve been drinking, you’ve been drinking… it’s been a long couple months…” She set her hands in her lap.

“It’s not that, Shepard. I just don’t know if this is the time for… whatever this is.” His voice was soft but his words still stung her and she felt an ache in her chest.

She looked down at her hands laying there limply in her lap. She began to wonder if she had gone too far. In a drunken stupor did she ruin her only true friendship? She never should have drank so much… She never should have kissed him. He probably didn’t even feel the same way about her… And was only reacting the way any man would in that situation. Shepard knew this was a bad idea, knew the possibilities… but that didn’t stop the way she was feeling about him. The way she had been feeling about him.

“I understand. You’re right.” Shepard said clearing her throat. “I don’t know what I was thinking… I’m sorry, Garrus.” She began to feel a little embarrassed and for a moment she wished none of this had happened.

“Jane… That’s not what I meant.” Reaching out a long taloned hand he pulled her chin to face him again.

Leaning closer to her, there was only a few inches between them now. He could see how fast her heart had been beating on his visor, how her body heat was rising. This had been one of the only times he had called her by her first name. She was surprised and in that moment she sobered up a bit. There was something jarring about hearing him purr her name like that. It scared her. It excited her.

He leaned forward resting his forehead against hers.

“Shepard. I… we can’t do this.” Garrus’ voice was soft.

“Why not?” Shep asked lightly closing her eyes.

“It’s just not the time, Shepard…”

She knew he was right. Getting involved further would complicate things. She could hardly believe she wanted him so badly. Being the person to always put duty first, and feelings second. But now, she wanted to say to hell with the rules. They had acted on their impulses and she couldn’t help but think that they already had taken things too far. She knew he was right though. If they did this they couldn’t go back. They already were dangerously close to the point of no return.

She nodded and leaning into him. They sat on the floor of her cabin propped against her bed. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close. The silence surrounded them and for the first time in months she fell asleep with ease. For the first time in months she didn’t dream of the beacon.

Ps IM A NOOB SORRY IF AM BAD I TRY ;.; I’m used to writing editorial stuff so this was a fun challenge.

ARMS headcanons because why not

Spring Man actually loves pineapple on pizza. His fans go crazy online and a war breaks lose. Many memes are made. Half of the fighters feel betrayed, and the other half love him for it. He doesn’t get what the big deal is. Being the everyman he is, he’s extremely approachable, always does his best, and is determined beyond measure. He has an extremely doting mother and a young german shepard who cheer him on at home. He gets anxious about competitions easily when he feels doubtful or malnourished. He’s also extremely strong due to all his weight lifting and physical training. Many find themselves staring at his leg muscles in awe. They also find themselves playing with his springy hair. It can get a bit annoying since it takes so long to style.

Mechanica is a prodigy as she began engineering at the young age of 8. Her love for ARMS fighting inspired her mech. She loves all of the fighters, though obviously Ribbon Girl is her favorite. She’s always gushing and fangirling over everything they do, even while she’s facing them in battle. She’s also extremely afraid of loud noises like fireworks and thunder. Whenever she hears something startling, her first instinct is to hide in her mech, or when she’s not near it, behind Ribbon Girl. When neither options are available, she heads for Master Mummy, who is surely big enough to protect her.

Continuation of the last headcanon, Master Mummy pretends he’s extremely annoyed by this, when in reality he finds it very sweet as Mechanica reminds him a bit of his daughter. He grew up in ancient Egypt around 2700 B.C. and lived with his beloved family; his wife, two sons, and daughter. He acts aggressive and frightening, but he simply prefers solitude. He has a soft spot for children, and doesn’t refuse his young fans his attention. At times, he’s seen staring at an old dusty locket. No one has the heart to tell him that it’s been centuries since his family’s been alive.

Helix loves giving hugs. The reaction depends on who he’s hugging, but his gooeyness makes it pretty unpleasant. Most of the fighters don’t reject him though; they know he’s coming from a good place. He’s extremely curious, and often ends up breaking things because of his gelatinous body. He’s completely innocent, silly and clueless, making him a fan favorite among the audience. Nobody understands how exactly he was made except Biff, and even he doesn’t have a clear idea.

Twintelle makes the BEST tea anyone has ever tasted. Whenever anyone has trouble sleeping, staying up, or with anxiety, she always knows the perfect ingredients to brew just the right tea for any situation. Not even she has ANY idea why the power of ARMS ended up in her hair instead. She doesn’t mind, as she believes the curly look makes it very lovely. Though it can be a hassle during battle since her hair can get so unkempt from all the fighting.

Min Min also, unsurprisingly, makes the best ramen anyone’s ever tasted. She tries her best to make it as good as her mother’s, but feels she can never get it quite right, despite everyone telling her her dish is delicious already. She’s extremely fierce and competitive on the battlefield, despite her cute appearance and tone out of battle. Her dragon fist has an autonomous mode in which it’ll have a mind of its own, and it loves its owner dearly and is extremely powerful for her sake.

Cobra Kid not only does livestreams on skateboarding, but on gaming as well. His idol is Tony Hawk and he has his own pet snake. Since cobras are illegal to own as pets, he has a cute little corn snake instead. He’d never tell anyone, but he adores that snake to death.

Ribbon Girl seems like she’s good at everything; sports, dancing, singing, acrobatics. The truth is, she’s terrible at art. She can’t draw for the life of her. She also started her career when a video of her singing her favorite song while ribbon dancing went viral and received a lot of positive recognition. She treats Mechanica like a little sister. Sometimes she feels pressured to do well as to not disappoint her fans, and that with her young age can cause severe stress problems.

Byte and Barq were invented for the sole purpose of protecting the city, but a fault in Byte’s programming made him develop a passion for ARMS fighting. His creators, rather than fixing the program, found this as beneficial and equipped Byte with specialized ARMS. Barq was built right by his master’s side and remained loyal to him since. The two have an incredibly strong bond, as when they were first created, Barq was finished first due to his smaller size and simpler programming. He sat and waited for his owner to be completed for the next several weeks. Mechanica is extremely fascinated with both of the bots, while Spring Man adores Barq, as he reminds him of his own dog.

Ninjara’s favorite types of books to read are cheesy romance novels, though anyone who found out wouldn’t live to tell. He’s very quiet and antisocial, much preferring to keep to himself like a ninja would. The school he’s going to for training lies deep in the mountains of Japan. He wishes to become a ninja after his father, and his ARMS didn’t hinder that goal in the slightest, rather they made it stronger. He’s the absolute master of hide-and-seek. He enjoys observing the battles and training sessions of his fellow fighters while hiding in the shadows. Though it sounds malicious and seems like a way to learn his opponents’ weaknesses and gain the upper hand, he actually finds their fighting styles as a demonstration of their personalities. His observing is his own way of getting to know them better. Another large reason he became a ninja was because of his severe social anxiety. He’s extremely shy during conversation, and so chose a career path that would honor his father and require the least amount of human interaction.

Biff may be the announcer, but he acts like an enthusiastic coach toward all the ARMS fighters. He actually has a fan base of his own due to his enthusiasm and smooth voice. No one knows what exactly he is; whether he’s a short man in a costume or some kind of creature with a giant hand sticking out of his head. No one can bring it in themselves to ask him.

Coming to Terms

Ugh. I’ve been battling with this one for too long. I’ve rewritten it more times than a really care to admit. I’m just going to put it here and hope it isn’t terrible. Hehe.

(On AO3, if you prefer!)

The Normandy was oddly calm for the moment. A majority of Kaidan’s most vivid memories of this ship, including its predecessor, involved almost unfathomable levels of activity. It was typically organized chaos in response to enemy activity, stealthy strike missions, or straight up fleeing danger. Everyone had a place, everybody knew their job, and they executed those activities with practiced accuracy. Now, all was quiet. They were mid-flight to the next destination and he couldn’t help but remember the more peaceful side of being here that he’d nearly forgotten… of being home.

The door to the med bay slid open to allow him access and he was surprised to see a familiar figure leaning against one of the examination tables, arms crossed, engaged in a conversation with the doctor.

“I don’t know why you insisted on wearing that battered armor all the time, either. Thank goodness you’ve found something new,” Dr. Chakwas commented with a chuckle.

“That was good armor,” Garrus replied, his mandibles flaring playfully. “I kind of wish I had it with me now. Sort of a good luck charm, you know? I survived multiple assassination attempts, a rocket to the face, fights with thresher maws and reapers, and even a trip through the Omega 4 Relay. I’d say it did pretty well.”

Dr. Chakwas sighed heavily, shaking her head and waving Kaidan to come in. “I suppose. I wish you’d at least gotten it repaired, then. I’m sure Cerberus would have coughed up a few credits so you could look presentable. Besides, is it wise to travel alongside Commander Shepard with broken gear?”

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In depth analysis of Coda scene & Beth’s bullet theory

This may not be an original theory (TD is very thorough so I’m sure someone has discussed this before but I haven’t seen one post in particular that encapsulates all my thoughts/ideas) but these are my particular thoughts on the scene where Beth is shot in Coda. I may elaborate on this when I do a full rewatch in a few weeks, but I just wanted to go back to this particular scene. 

So today I rewatched the scene in Coda where Beth was shot, and as always when I watch it, there’s just something off about it. I focused my attention around the theories saying that Dawn was not the one who shot Beth. 

Obviously when watching this scene the first thing you notice are the angles. Plenty of people have discussed them in depth (and I won’t try to because I don’t know much about film, but I believe there is a use of dutch angles). I think the angles are important for two reasons: 1. because it distorts the view of the audience, especially since it takes play in a narrow hallway already, and 2. because it brings up the concept of angles in general, which I will get to in a little bit. When Beth approaches Dawn after she hugs Noah, you can see the Grady folks in the background behind Dawn, as well as Dawn’s gun IN her holster.  As Beth is about to talk it zooms in on her, she says “I get it now”, and it goes back to a view of Dawn and the Grady people in the background (where you can see some shoulder and arm movements in Dr.Edwards), then it goes back to Beth’s face where she then stabs Dawn, and then it goes to the view of Dawn, not being able to see any of the face or much at all of the Grady people, where her shoulder/arm moves (I would say disproportionately to the shot) and we only see her gun AFTER Beth has been shot. It’s made VERY clear where the wound on Beth’s head is, entrance and exit. Dawn’s face is in pure shock, she even blinks when Beth is shot as if she wasn’t expecting it, which would be odd if she was the one firing the bullet you think she would be prepared for it. After the camera focuses in on Rick, Noah, Sasha, and then Shepard (interesting?) Dawn shakes her head at Rick/Daryl and mouths “I didn’t mean -” and she is then shot by Daryl. After everyone grabs their guns Officer Shepard says “No, hold your fire. It’s over. It was just about her. Stand down”. I would like to note you can see a clearly effected Dr.Edwards enter in the background. 

My theory is that Dawn is not the one who shot Beth, and that the bullet was not intended for Beth at all. First let’s start with Beth’s wound. It just does not make sense that Dawn was the one who shot her because it enters near the top of her forehead and out the back of her head. There are TONS of theories on this so I won’t go into it much further, but I think this is where the angles comes into play. Because the scene is filmed at a distorted angle, not only are we confused as to what happens, but I think, as I mentioned earlier, it brings a focus on angles in general and how important they are. It’s not coincidence that this scene is heavily focused on angles. As the scene progresses, as I described above, in a short amount of time you see less and less of the Grady folks in the background in every shot we get of Dawn. If someone on the Grady side shot Beth, with the camera angles, there would have been no way we would have seen it. It also makes more sense that someone from the Grady side shot her, opposed to Dawn doing it, because of the gunshot wound entrance (it seems the angle of Dawn’s gone would have entered through her chin or at least not nearly as high as her forehead. GN KNOWS his stuff and I believe has too much talent to look over something like that. As for Dawn saying “I didn’t mean -”, many people probably assume she as going to say “I didn’t mean to/it” which would be her placing guilt on herself, but she didn’t finish what she said because she was shot so it truly could have been a plethora of things she was going to say, adding on to the fact that she seemed completely in shock, who knows what she meant. 

That leaves us with the question of WHO fired the shot. I’m going to do with the two people I personally think to be the most likely by what I saw. First, I think it could have been Officer Shepard. After Beth is shot there is a focus on three faces: Rick, Noah, Sasha, and Shepard. I think she was in interesting choice to focus on because if anyone you’d think they’d show Dr. Edwards because of his interactions with Beth. But they chose Shepard and the (in my opinion: guilty) expression she had. After Dawn has been shot and everyone’s guns are up she’s the one who speaks first, and I think it’s interesting that she said “It’s over. It was just about her”. I think many people would assume this means it was only about Dawn for Beth. I’m not so sure though. I think this could be a more personal statement. Maybe she meant, this was only about Dawn for her, and it’s sad that Beth was the one who got shot but ultimately Dawn is dead and that’s what she (and perhaps others in Grady) wanted, thus meaning she was the one who shot the first bullet. 

Another person I think it could have been was Dr.Edwards. Although he seems to be a relatively weak man in my opinion, his action and the random focuses on him in this scene are what makes me think it could have been him. During one of the times the shot was on Dawn right before she was stabbed, you can see his right arm moving - almost reaching back. It’s a movement that to me seems he could be reaching in his pocket for a gun (at approx 36:23). If he thought this moment was going to get dangerous, or if he simply wanted Dawn dead, this would make a lot of sense.

This is my take on the scene and me analyzing it from my eyes. Although there are other theories like this, I wanted to make one that encompassed my views on the it. What do you guys think about this? Please tell me your theories, ideas, and questions! @twdmusicboxmystery @bethgreenewarriorprincess @bethgreeneishopeunseen @bethgreeneprevails

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57 Dally and Sylvia

57. “I thought you were dead.”

“I saw your name in the paper, had to come see for myself.” Tim stood in the doorway of the small hospital room. The bandage on Dallas’s arm put to rest any doubts he had.

Dallas would be lying if he said that he wasn’t glad to see Tim, to see anyone from the outside for that matter. Despite their last interaction being a fist fight on the porch of Buck’s, Tim was just as pleased to see Dallas alive and well. If for no other reason than for them to continue their rivalry. 

“Can’t believe it didn’t say ‘wanted dead or alive’. I would have let those kids-”

“I didn’t save any goddamn kids. Do you think I’d fuck up my arm right before the rumble for some kids? I saved Johnny, I…” his words trailed off. Sure he pulled Johnny out of the church, but he didn’t save him. He’d never walk again, and he couldn’t help but blame himself for sending them out there. Blame himself for not taking them back.

“I’m going to give it my all for Johnny tonight, we all are. He was a hell of a fighter.”

“He still is!” Dallas threw the covers off of him. Tim would have been prepared for a fight, but he liked a fair fight. And he wouldn’t even think of taking a swing at Dallas with his arm messed up, not with how he was feeling. They were friends before they were enemies, whatever that was worth.

“I know,” Tim headed towards the door. He didn’t want to see Dallas like this. He took great pride in seeing Dallas beat up, locked up, or fucked up from a night of too many shots and too many cigarettes, but not like this. Not broken.

“Tim?” He turned. “I’ll see you at the rumble tonight.” Dallas grinned, he was back to himself. He covered up whatever he was feeling, something he learned far too many years ago.

“Don’t get caught.” Tim smiled, and it was a real smile. A rare exchange between the two, but if anyone understood those two hoods it was the other. Two kids hardened by the streets that claimed so much of them from such a young age. 

Tim made his way out to the waiting room. “Well, he’s alive. Same old cocky son of a bitch.”

“He doesn’t want to see me,” she shook her head. She could still hear the way he yelled at her, the way she yelled right back. It was always the same fight they had, someone getting jealous over what the other did. This time it was her mistake, but last time it was his and she was just getting so tired of keeping score. She was only seventeen, but she was so tired.

“Get in there, Sylvia. You think he wanted to see me?” Tim laughed. She spent the night at his place, drowning in the guilt she felt for not waiting for him. But he was always in and out of jail, she’d spend her whole life waiting. So she drained a bottle of wine and contemplated what she would say at this moment.

“I thought you were dead.” She stood in the doorway, afraid to step any further. Afraid that she’d push him to a point of no return.

“Well I’m not.”

“You don’t understand. Every time I hear sirens in the middle of the night I worry about you. I worry about you so much it makes me sick, because I know you’ll never care for me the way I care for you. So yes, I thought you were dead today when I saw your picture in the paper. I thought you were gone.”

He was quiet. And she knew that meant one of two things, he was either seconds from blowing up or trying to find a way to make it a joke, to brush it off and pretend none of it was ever spoken of.

“Johnny’s in bad shape.” He never looked at her, but he didn’t flinch when she came to his side. 

She didn’t say anything, mostly because she didn’t know what to say. Johnny was the only thing Dallas loved, and she knew that he would never feel that way for anyone else.

“Think you could hold onto this for me?” He took something from his bedside table and placed it in her hand. His ring. A few days prior he practically ripped it off the chain that hung from her neck. But that was their relationship, they’d fight constantly and over things that neither of them even cared about.


“You’re still my girl, right?” And she was, she would always be Dally’s girl.

“Be careful tonight, okay?” She knew he wouldn’t miss the rumble. And she knew that regardless of what she said, he’d still do whatever he wanted, but she felt better saying it.

“I’m not going anywhere,” he grinned.

That night she heard the sirens scream past her house, she heard the shots fire into the quiet streets. She knew it was true even before she saw his picture in the paper. Because he was Dallas, and he always got what he wanted.

Do Not Go Quietly ch. 23

A/N: An early update this week, since I’ve got graduation and family in town this weekend. Hope you guys enjoy! (also writing the John/Kaidan part of this chapter is the hardest I’ve cried writing anything in this fic thus far so have fun!)


They send Jenkins on his merry way. Jane’s not sure how far he’ll make it, but he’s certain he knows where to go to find the rest of his unit. She’s not sure how to break it to him that they could all be dead, but they saved him and gave him a second chance. In a way, they don’t owe him anything more. She gives him the location of Rahna’s base, and tells him to keep quiet about what happened to him.

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coppermarigolds  asked:

15 for Shepard and Garrus, if you're still taking prompts?

15: Hope We Don’t Get Caught kiss


“Hey,” Garrus said, coming into the conference room that had been hastily set up in Mordin’s old lab space. “You’re looking sharp, Shepard.”

Shepard looked up from the datapads she’d been frantically scanning through (personnel profiles, estimated troops and resources, talking points she was supposed to bring up in these negotiations) and grinned. “Hey, yourself. I suppose you haven’t seen me much in dress blues.”

“Not much,” he said, giving her an appreciative scan up and down. “Sure beats Cerberus black and white.”

Shepard’s cheeks grew warm, and something tightened low in her belly. She hadn’t gotten over the wonder of finding Garrus alive and well on Menae, much less having him here, back aboard her ship. He’d been spending the night shifts in her quarters, more often than not, and keeping their hands off each other was something of a struggle.

“You said it,” she agreed, watching him saunter around the edge of the table. Garrus looked damn good himself in his new armor; the deep blue and silver suited him.

“Of course, I do like the sight of you out of dress blues,” he drawled.

Shepard flushed, even though she smiled back; and watched his eyes track her movement as she straightened up before leaning one hip against the table. “That’s a nice thought, but I’m supposed to be meeting with the dalatrass, your Primarch, and Wrex within half an hour.”

“Mmm, pressure,” Garrus said. “Guess we’d have to be quick, then.”

Despite the invitation, he stopped an arm’s length from her, looking at her with his head cocked, waiting for her to close the gap. But there was, frankly, no way Shepard was going to resist. She stepped forward, reaching for his hands and tilting her face up, and Garrus was quick to lean down and meet her.

Kissing him still felt luxurious, after Shepard’s frustrated six months alone in Vancouver. She savored the particular taste and scent and feel of him, bringing her hands up to stroke his mandibles (the one smooth, the other rough), while Garrus’ long arms wrapped around her. It was a long kiss, and when she pulled away, she did it reluctantly, her whole body tingling. “They could be here any minute,” she murmured.

“One more for luck?” Garrus suggested.

She laughed. “One more.” They could use a little luck, that was for sure. She leaned in and traced her tongue along the edges of his mouth plates.

“Ha! I knew it!”

Shepard and Garrus broke apart so quickly that she bumped into the table. Her face felt like it was on fire, but at least it was only Wrex grinning at them from the doorway, broad and hulking in his red armor.

“You knew, huh?” Garrus said, crossing his arms.

“Since you two showed up on Tuchanka with the whelp,” Wrex replied, still grinning. He leveled a thick finger at Shepard. “No favoring the turians in the negotiations now, Shepard.”

“Laugh it up, smart guy,” Shepard returned.

“I think I’ll just be going now,” Garrus said, edging toward the door. “I know you’ve got all these important diplomatic things to handle.”

“I’ll catch you later,” Shepard told him.

Wrex guffawed. “I bet you will, Shepard.” He gave Garrus a hearty slap on the shoulder as he passed. “Good to see you’ve got a quad on you, Garrus!”

Shepard shook her head, hoping she could stop blushing before either the dalatrass or the Primarch showed up. “Wrex.”


“Could you not say anything to our, um, other honored guests about what you just saw?”

“My lips are sealed,” Wrex promised, but he was still chortling at her when Primarch Victus walked into the room a few minutes later.

Santa’s Little Helper

Request: no

Summary: You really didn’t want to babysit your goddaughter but a trip to the mall changes things. 

Warnings: fluff, smut, touch of angst, unprotected sex (wrap it up), chubby! Dean, bi!dean

Tags:@xxkaagexx @training-wolves @biggestelfever @phoenix-dec3ndant @agentkenziecaptainamerica 

Originally posted by queenofhelldarlin

If there was a day you hated more than Thanksgiving or your Birthday, it was Christmas. The whole Christmas season was miserable, especially when you were with your family. Your family life wasn’t the best(but certainly not the worst) and once you left, you left. It had been years since you had seen them and intended to keep it that way, dropping a line on the important days. 

Your family now consisted of your best friend Emily, her boyfriend Jason, and their daughter Isabelle. Most days were great except for when they were both stumbling drunk and horny, those were the days when you scooped up Isabelle and found anywhere to be but the house. Today was one of those days. 

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Without You (A Shakarian Fanfic)

Author’s note: This story is about Shakarian after a Destroyer ending. Happy reading!

The Normandy landed at the nearest Alliance port and Garrus didn’t even bother with the check-in. He strode right by, startling the guards, but Jeff hobbled off the ship as fast as he could behind him, talking the jumpy soldiers down, Liara helping.

It had been 12 days since the Reapers had been brought down and the Earth was in chaos. Garrus, already in hell, didn’t notice. The days of repairing the Normandy on that jungle planet had been a blur of desperate motion and planning. He was going to go out there are find out what happened to Shepard even if he had walk there himself. His visor was plotting a course to the epicenter, when someone grabbed his arm.

It was a human soldier and he was about to jerk his arm out of their grasp when she let go of his arm and held up a hand, the other pressed to her ear.

“Roger that, I’ll do that Sir,” she said into her ear piece, her assault rifle held casually in her other hand. “Admiral Hackett has asked that I show you to Commander Shepard, sir.”

His mandibles went slack and blood rushed in his ears. He stared at her.

“She’s alive, Sir. She survived.”

“Where is she?” he demanded.

“The Hospital, it’s bad but-“

But Garrus wasn’t listening, he took off, barreling through the crowds as if they weren’t there.

Garrus ran down the airplane hangar full of some of the wars’ worst casualties and barely registered them. It was like he was drifting on another plane, through a world of ghosts, and the only thing that could make the world real again was Shepard, alive and well.

Once, he had asked the universe for just one thing to go right, now, he was begging – pleading – for just one more thing. Just one more.

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Everything Dallas Winston says in the book.

“The kid’s okay?”

“Good behavior. Got off early.”

“Speakin’ of movies, I’m walkin’ over to the Nightly Double tomorrow night. Anybody want to come and hunt some action?”

“How about y’all? Two-Bit? Johnnycake, you and Pony wanta come?”

“Yeah, and this time it’s for good. That little broad was two-timin’ me again while I was in jail.”

“Who’s gonna make me?”

“I know you too. I’ve seen you around rodeos.”

“You two barrel race, huh?”

“Oh, my, my. You’ve got me scared to death. You ought to see my record sometime, baby. Guess what I’ve been in for?”

“I’m never nice. Want a Coke?”

“This might cool you off.”

“Fiery, huh? Well, that’s the way I like ‘em.”


“Okay, kids, whatta ya need me for?”

“Good for you.”

“Oh, shoot, kid. I was in the bedroom.”

“Glory, but your ears can get red, Ponyboy.”

“It wasn’t anything like that, kid. I was asleep, or tryin’ to be, with all this racket. Hank Williams…Me and Shepard had a run-in and I cracked some ribs. I just needed a place to lay over. Ol’ Tim sure can pack a punch. He won’t be able to see outa one eye for a week. Well, wait a sec and I’ll see what I can do about this mess. Ponyboy, are you wet?”

“Glory, hallelujah! You’ll die of pneumonia ‘fore the cops ever get you.”

“Get that sweatshirt off. Dry off and wait here. At least Johnny’s got his jeans jacket. You ought to know better than to run away in just a sweat shirt, and a wet one at that. Don’t you ever use your head?”

“Here. The gun’s loaded. For Pete’s sake, Johnny, don’t point the thing at me. Here’s fifty bucks. That’s all I could get out of Merril tonight. He’s blowin’ his loot from that last race.”

“Pony, do Darry and Sodapop know about this?”

“Boy howdy, I ain’t itchin’ to be the one to tell Darry and get my head busted.”

“Here! It’s Bucks—you an’ him ain’t exactly the same size, but it’s dry. It’ll get cold where you’re going, but you can’t risk being loaded down with blankets.”

“Hop the three-fifteen freight to Windrixville. There’s an old abandoned church on top of Jay Mountain. There’s a pump in back so don’t worry about water. Buy a week’s supply of food as soon as you get there—this morning, before the story gets out, and then don’t so much as stick your noses out the door. I’ll be up there as soon as I think it’s clear. Man, I thought New York was the only place I could get mixed up in a murder rap.”

“Git goin’! Take care kid.”

“Glory. He looks different with his hair like that.”

“Hey, Ponyboy! Or should I say Sleeping Beauty?”

“Hold on, kid. I can’t answer everything at once. You two want to go get something to eat first? I skipped breakfast and I’m about starved.”

“Yep. Gotta cancer stick, Johnnycake?”

“The fuzz won’t be lookin’ for you around here. They think you’ve lit out for Texas. I’ve got Buck’s T-bird parked down the road a little way. Goshamighty, boys, ain’t you been eatin’ anything?”

“You’re both pale and you’ve lost weight. After this, get out in the sun more. You look like you’ve been through the mill.”

“Hey, Ponyboy. I gotta letter for you.”

“The President, of course, stupid. It’s from Soda.”

“He came over to Buck’s a couple of days ago for something and found that sweat shirt. I told him I didn’t know where you were, but he didn’t believe me. He gave me this letter and half his pay check to give you. Kid, you ought to see Darry. He’s takin’ this mighty hard…”

“Shoot, kid, them boys at the station know me by now. I get hauled in for everything that happens in our turf. While I was there I kinda let it slip that y’all were headin’ for Texas. So that’s where they’re lookin’.”

“Sure can. But don’t you kids get to pickin’ up my bad vocabulary.”

“Kid, I swear it don’t look like you with your hair all cut off. It used to look tuff. You and Soda had the coolest-lookin’ hair in town.”

“Do y’all want somethin’ to eat or not?”

“Well, I’ll give you a ride for your money.”

“Glory. You don’t need to make like every mouthful’s your last. I got plenty of money. Take it easy, I don’t want you gettin’ sick on me. And I thought I was hungry!”

“I didn’t tell y’all something. The Socs and us are having all-out warfare all over the city. That kid you killed had plenty of friends and all over town it’s Soc against grease. We can’t walk alone at all. I started carryin’ a heater.”

“Ya kill ‘em with switchblades, too, don’t ya, kid? Don’t worry, it ain’t loaded. I ain’t aimin’ to get picked up for murder. But it sure does help a bluff. Tim Shepard’s gang and our outfit are havin’ it out with the Socs tomorrow night at the vacant lot. We got hold of the president of one of their social clubs and had a war council. Yeah, just like the good old days. If they win, things go on as usual. If we do, they stay outa our territory but good. Two-Bit got jumped a few days ago. Darry and me came along in time, but he wasn’t havin’ too much trouble. Two-Bit’s a good fighter. Hey, I didn’t tell you we got us a spy.”

“That good-lookin’ broad I tried to pick up that night you killed the Soc. The redhead, Cherry what’s-her-name.”

“Yeah. She came over to the vacant lot the night Two-Bit was jumped. Shepard and some of his outfit and us were hanging around there when she drives up in her little ol’ Sting Ray. That took a lot of nerve. Some of us was for jumping her then and there, her bein’ the dead kid’s girl and all, but Two-Bit stopped us. Man, next time I want a broad I’ll pick up my own kind.”

“She said she felt that the whole mess was her fault, which it is, and that she’d keep up with what was comin’ off with the Socs in the rumble and would testify that the Socs were drunk and looking for a fight and that you fought back in self-defense. That little gal sure does hate me. I offered to take her over to The Dingo for a Coke and she said ‘No thank you’ and told me where I could go in very polite terms.”

“Man, this place is out of it. What do they do for kicks around here, play checkers? I ain’t never been in the country before. Have you two?”

“I got a cousin that lives around here somewheres. Tipped me off that it’d make a tuff hide-out in case of something. Hey, Ponyboy, I heard you was the best shot in the family.”

“That was a good idea, I mean cuttin’ your hair and bleachin’ it. They printed your descriptions in the paper but you sure wouldn’t fit ‘em now.”


“You sure you want to go back? Us greasers get it worse than anyone else.”

“The boys are worried. Two-Bit was going to Texas to hunt for you.”

“No, they didn’t. Blast it, Johnny, what do they matter? Shoot, my old man don’t give a hang whether I’m in jail or dead in a car or drunk in the gutter. That’d don’t bother me none.”

“Blast it, Johnny. Why didn’t you think of turning yourself in five days ago? It would have saved a lot of trouble.”

“Johnny. Johnny, I ain’t mad at you. I just don’t want you to get hurt. You don’t know what a few months in jail can do to you. Oh, blast it, Johnny. You get hardened in jail. I don’t want that to happen to you. Like it happened to me…”

“Oh, glory!”

“What for? Get back in here before I beat your head in.”

“For Pete’s sake, get outa there! The roof’s gonna cave in any minute. Forget those blasted kids!”

“Man, am I glad to see you! Those —— hospital people won’t let me smoke, and I want out!”

“Shepard came by to see me awhile ago.”

“Said he saw my picture in the paper and couldn’t believe it didn’t have ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ under it. He mostly came to rub it in about the rumble. Man, I hate not bein’ in that.”

“Kid, you scared the devil outa me the other day. I thought I’d killed you.”

“When you jumped out of the church. I meant to hit you just hard enough to knock you down and put out the fire, but when you dropped like a ton of lead I thought I’d aimed too high and broke your neck. I’m glad I didn’t, though.”

“Uh…how’s the kid?”

“Two-Bit, you still got that fancy black-handled switch?”

“Give it here.”

“We gotta win that fight tonight. We gotta get even with the Socs. For Johnny.”

“Hold up! Hold it!”

“I was. I ain’t now.”

“Talked the nurse into it with Two-Bit’s switch. Don’t you know a rumble ain’t a rumble unless I’m in it?”

“Come on! We’re goin’ to see Johnny.”

“Hurry! He was gettin’ worse when I left. He wants to see you.”

“Look sick. I’ll say I’m taking you to the hospital, which’ll be truth enough.”

“The kid—he fell over on his motorcycle and I’m takin’ him to the hospital.”

“How would I know if he’s bad or not? I ain’t no doc. Yeah, we could use an escort.”


“I was crazy, you know that, kid? Crazy for wantin’ Johnny to stay outa trouble, for not wantin’ him to get hard. If he’d been like me he’d never have been in this mess. If he’d got smart like me he’d never have run into that church. That’s what you get for helpin’ people. Editorials in the paper and a lot of trouble…You’d better wise up, Pony…you get tough like me and you don’t get hurt. You look out for yourself and nothin’ can touch you…”


“We gotta see him. We’re gonna see him and if you give me any static you’ll end up on your own operatin’ table.”

“Johnnycake? Johnny?”

“We won. We beat the Socs. We stomped them—chased them outa our territory.”

“They’re still writing editorials about you in the paper. For being a hero an all. Yeah, they’re calling you a hero now and heroizin’ all the greasers. We’re all proud of you, buddy.”

“Never could keep that hair back…that’s what you get for tryin’ to help people, you little punk, that’s what you get…”

“Damnit, Johnny…Oh, damnit, Johnny, don’t die, please don’t die.”

Small Mercies (Mass Effect, Shakarian)

How about an itty bitty Shakarian ficlet to celebrate Shepard’s birthday? 

The Shepard in question is my beloved Eliza Shepard, who most definitely deserves good things on her birthday. Especially when they come from her favorite person in the galaxy. 

Ghost Masterpost


Shepard’s stomach rumbled plaintively as she stepped into the elevator, though the noise was nicely covered by the ongoing debate between the assembled dignitaries. Small mercy — the only kind she could count on these days, it seemed. Sometimes, she couldn’t even count on that.

The door slid shut on the blurred voices in the conference room. She propped her shoulders against the wall, groaning as Wrex shouted. She couldn’t make out his exact words, but judging by the way the dalatrass’s voice rose, sharp and imperative, it could only have been about one thing: the genophage, and its cure.

Well, she can argue all she wants, Shepard thought, tugging the pins out of her hair one by one and stuffing them in the pocket of her dress trousers. The genophage is non-negotiable. At least Victus is on board.

The voices faded as the elevator rose, still slow as hell — and she let her eyes slide shut and her hair fall in a heavy curtain around her face. A few moments of quiet, to herself, and maybe a shower, and then she’d be ready to read through her overflowing inbox.

As ready as she could be, with millions crying out for help, and millions more who would never get the chance.

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