Oh, Shepard. While I understand that in the situation you’re in considering things like nutrition and rest aren’t a priority, and while I do love you very much, I am woman enough to admit that those scrawny twigs you call arms kinda creep me out a little. I’m sure I will go to hell for this blasphemous remark.


it’s the end of the year! and since i don’t have enough pictures for an art summary here’s a quick redraw 

2015 was sort of ‘meh’ for me both in terms of art improvement and personal life, I felt like I was just..stagnating all year. Welp, i’m glad it’s finally over! Hope you guys had a more enjoyable 2015

Happy new year, everyone!!  here’s hoping 2016 will be kind to all of us  (•̀ᴗ•́)و