Mass Effect Thought of the Night

So I read once that Bioware considered letting Shep get reaper modifications in ME2.

BUT IMAGINE: Cerberus brings shep back with Reaper tech. Rather than scarring, Shep becomes more or less reaper-y. It’s always there though.

That’s not the interesting bit though.

All seems well until the last few minutes on the crucible, when it asks Shep if they know why everyone followed them so loyally. Why was there such a Shepard-cult on board the Normandy? Was it real loyalty - or were they just indoctrinated? The question never gets answered and the game ends the same, but with extra mindfuckery and more open debate among survivors over Shep’s character. Some people swear Shep was a saint. Some swear they were satan incarnate. No real correlation between stories seems to exist.