Confession:  I absolutely adore Liara. When she came to me before the final battle to show me the star map she made, I was sobbing in real life. I made a promise to her that no matter what, I would come back to her. So when the ending came around, my choice was simple. Anything to reunite my (female) Shepard and Liara. She became more important than the galaxy to my Shepard, and in real life I want to find a love like that.

anonymous asked:

What I'd love to know, and I mean REALLY love to know, is where in the world all these theories about the Illusive Man and Admiral Hackett being Shepard's real father came from? I've read a few theories and by that logic, Anderson could be Shepard's father for all we know. I'm not hating on the ideas, just super curious about it.

Mass Effect being full of characters who have issues with their father, I think people are curious about Shepard’s own father, and what role he could have had in Shepard’s life. Since he’s invisible, people might be looking somewhere else for this father. People see those older men as father figures and it goes from here.
Anderson is your cool and proud dad, Hackett is the distant dad that gives you orders, and the Illusive Man is the worst dad you could have.

I’m not hating on the ideas myself, btw. I find the idea of Hackett being Shepard’s father very intriguing, but one thing I love about Mass Effect (and all stories, truthfully) is that your blood family matters but the family you make yourself matters just as well. The crew members all have families they care about and the game doesn’t tell you they should forget about them. It just shows you, game after game, that the family on the Normandy is just as important.
And Anderson is obviously a part of that for me. He’s not Shepard’s biological father, but it doesn’t matter. For all intents and purposes, he is filling a role of a father, until the very end. And that’s just amazing to me, because he doesn’t have to. He does it because he loves Shepard, deeply.
So that’s interesting. I can see someone wanting to go deeper with that idea and making him Shepard’s biological father. Either way, he was a very good influence and I’m grateful he was there for Shepard.

Another reason is that I think people like to link everything together. And I don’t think it comes out of nowhere. Stories do this all the time. You watch a tv show and a new character appears and ten episodes later you learn he’s actually someone else’s father. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense, suddenly you have a good reason for this new character to do everything he’s been doing lately. So there’s that, the need to connect everything together.
In the case of the Illusive Man, I don’t like the idea because it would imply he takes a special interest in Shepard because they’re his child, instead of being the soldier he needs and wants to shape himself. But if the Illusive Man is Shepard’s father, I can see people being sort of gleeful about the potential conflict it would bring and how different their relationship might be. There’s all that potential, at least.

Does anyone else have ideas to explain this? If you see one of them as Shepard’s father, don’t hesitate to say what you think. I might be completely wrong about the reasons!


it’s the end of the year! and since i don’t have enough pictures for an art summary here’s a quick redraw 

2015 was sort of ‘meh’ for me both in terms of art improvement and personal life, I felt like I was just..stagnating all year. Welp, i’m glad it’s finally over! Hope you guys had a more enjoyable 2015

Happy new year, everyone!!  here’s hoping 2016 will be kind to all of us  (•̀ᴗ•́)و