Confession:  Tbh I really miss Shepard. And it’s really hard to wake up to the reality that ME is just fiction because it had a real impact on my life. And when I’m scared or anxious I find myself saying things like “Shepard could do it” or “what would Shepard do?” And it really helped me find courage. That’s when I realized that Shepard is real because s/he is us. Even though the ME trilogy might be over, s/he lives on in all of us. So, do the impossible, you already managed to save a galaxy, Shepard.

Confession:  My Shepard never abandons the refinery workers to let Zaeed killed Vido. However, I headcanon that Shepard took a large team down there and split them up: One team helps the workers, the other gets Vido. However, Vido gets away still. Shepard disciplines Zaeed, regaining his loyalty after the failure, but later on, in the assignment on Sanctum, they find Vido there, commandeering the Blue Suns, and Zaeed gets to finally kill him there. Better than Vido getting snatched by a random Harvester.

Happy N7 Day! 

I sketched this a couple months ago I think, but decided to finish it today since I didn’t really have any art planned for N7 day. I’m pretty happy with how it looks <3

You can get a limited edition 8x10 signed and numbered print of it here, I’ll only be doing a small run of 15 of them, though you can get unlimited 5x7 prints here as well! I still have a couple of last year’s N7 day foil prints available too! 

For the occasion I have free standard shipping on all Mass Effect prints on Etsy until November 9th, 2016! That includes the limited edition 8x10s ;)

A motivational poster for everyone who needs it!

I got this idea when I thought about what kind of motivational posters Grunt would have. Maybe I’ll end up selling this as an actual poster if there is enough interest.

I chose blue as the main color, because I love the paragon way and I hate being mean and hurt virtual characters’ feelings. (One time I killed the Rachni and cried)

Happy N7 Day!!