Confession:  A part of me is still unsatisfied that (to my knowledge) there is no resolution to Joker’s actions at the start of ME2. I don’t need much, but never being able to get an apology from him for getting my Shepard killed, causing major emotional distress to Kaidan and causing what could have been the end of that relationship all because he had to be stubborn…

I was looking for a bit more than:
Joker “Oh hi Shepard, not dead anymore I see? How ‘bout that?”
Shepard “Joker! Ol’ Buddy Ol’ Pal! Let’s go!”



it’s the end of the year! and since i don’t have enough pictures for an art summary here’s a quick redraw 

2015 was sort of ‘meh’ for me both in terms of art improvement and personal life, I felt like I was just..stagnating all year. Welp, i’m glad it’s finally over! Hope you guys had a more enjoyable 2015

Happy new year, everyone!!  here’s hoping 2016 will be kind to all of us  (•̀ᴗ•́)و