Confession:  I don’t understand why some people get so angry at the virmire survivor for what they tell Shepard on Horizon. Their suspicions are 100% justified. When your old CO is suddenly alive and working for a terrorist organization (which, depending on your actions in ME1, you actively fought against), how do you react with anything but suspicion? Did people honestly expect an Alliance officer to just drop everything and join Cerberus cuz Shepard says so? Shepard didn’t even want to join Cerberus!

Confession:  It doesn’t seem like Andromeda will take place too far away from ME3’s ending, it might even take place along side it. Whatever the case may be, I do hope we get an update on our Shepard’s at some point. I had the High EMS Destory ending so mine is still alive, I want to know how him a Kaidan are doing, if they became teachers at Grissom Academy (My Shep is an Adept), or retired, started a family etc. It’s the final bit of closure I need on my Shepard


it’s the end of the year! and since i don’t have enough pictures for an art summary here’s a quick redraw 

2015 was sort of ‘meh’ for me both in terms of art improvement and personal life, I felt like I was just..stagnating all year. Welp, i’m glad it’s finally over! Hope you guys had a more enjoyable 2015

Happy new year, everyone!!  here’s hoping 2016 will be kind to all of us  (•̀ᴗ•́)و