Confession:  I’ve never finished ME3. I got about halfway through the game when someone told me how awful the ending was, and after reading a few spoilers, I just wasn’t interested. I love the characters though, so I just play through long enough to recruit all my crew, play the Citadel DLC, make up an ending in my head for that particular Shep, and then start a new playthrough.

Happy N7 Day! 

I sketched this a couple months ago I think, but decided to finish it today since I didn’t really have any art planned for N7 day. I’m pretty happy with how it looks <3

You can get a limited edition 8x10 signed and numbered print of it here, I’ll only be doing a small run of 15 of them, though you can get unlimited 5x7 prints here as well! I still have a couple of last year’s N7 day foil prints available too! 

For the occasion I have free standard shipping on all Mass Effect prints on Etsy until November 9th, 2016! That includes the limited edition 8x10s ;)