You know, it’s very likely that Jacob was not the only person to name a kid after Shepard. Just imagine- Shepard saves the entire galaxy, and in the years after ‘Shepard’ becomes one of the most popular names in human history. It becomes expected that at least one kid in every classroom is named Shepard. It’s especially popular among families with connections to the Alliance.

What I’m getting at here is that it’s totally feasible for the protagonist of ME:A to be named Shepard Ryder.

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dang!!! dark tumblr show me the secret to make pretty shepards!!!


if you’re thinking about @mlder‘s Shep I was wondering the same thing, like… How…. I’m not even sure it has to do with mods? not just for this Shepard, but a lot of Shep I see

ME1 isn’t perfect but I like the innocence and naivety in the game. After a while, you’re kinda unfazed by some stuff - but here the crew is seeing the Citadel for the very first time and they’re all in awe of it.
That kind of awe - I think it transfers to the player as well, because the scale of the Citadel in ME1 is quite impressive.

In later games, Shepard being a Spectre isn’t a big deal. In fact, it’s put in the background. In ME1, you’re the very first human Spectre and it’s a HUGE accomplishment. Everyone comes out to see you!

How many times have we gone through a mass relay or do something crazy because Joker is so good at it? But here he takes us step by step as the Normandy goes through its first mass relay trip, and he tells us how difficult it can be to do this.

I don’t know, just for those beginnings, and the joy you get from it, ME1 is worth playing again. There’s a sense of pride there. And it’s not just that, of course. The game has its charms, and knows how to play with the atmosphere (to me, it has a retro sci-fi vibe, which is perfect for Feros, Noveria, etc).

And of course, there is Shepard themselves and all those quests we’re on. Half of those quests, I’m like “really???? really???” but this is like the beginning of a long tradition where you just know, if Shepard is in the Citadel, at some point they’re going to drop by someone like “HERE IS THAT THING YOU TALKED ABOUT IN A PRIVATE CONVERSATION TWO WEEKS AGO. Knew you needed it, see ya!” while the person is just “O___O wait what?!”

I love this game so much.