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There was an ask where someone mentioned that people hate biotic Shepards? Is that true bc I've never seen it??? I think Shepard being a biotic adds something to their character a bit, especially since human biotics are discriminated and they most likely went through it too so they can understand that those biotic terrorists from ME1 are upset. Also what's so bad about Shepard using space magic? I think it's dope af

I don’t really know if they hate a biotic Shepard, anon said people liked to hate them if they are but in my experience a lot of people enjoy a class like Vanguard. What is annoying is not knowing how they trained, how it was like growing up as a biotic, because it is fascinating, but all in all I’m with you, a biotic Shepard is great :)

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Are you a fan of a biotic Shepard? I know people like to hate on he/she being a biotic but I personally love being a vanguard.

I’ve only started to play a biotic Shepard recently and I really enjoy Vanguard. It gives a much, ah, more energetic way of fighting. And even if we talk a lot about Vanguards charging and basically just destroying everything in a second, I really enjoy the strategy that comes with playing Vanguard? Like knowing when to charge, when to use your squadmates’ powers etc. In a way I feel like I am much more aware of everything that is going on when I play Vanguard than I am when I play another class.


This happens to me ALL THE TIME when I’m playing Mass Effect (ME2).

Adventures of the Sniper Squad.
Selene Shepard with her squadmates Thane and Garrus are taking down some mercenaries. But for some reason Garrus keeps doing these suicide-charges.

I can’t even..


HEY! If you have some good, funny, hilarious or just random Mass Effect moments to share, you can hit me! Perhaps I’ll do more strips like this! :DD
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Sniper Squad will continue…