Two Times For Love

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Reader is Jenny and Gibbs’s daughter but Gibbs doesn’t know that he is his. During a case, Jenny and Gibbs are put in danger and you accidentally call him dad. This was requested by @profiler-in-training and @riversong-sam wanted to be tagged, so here you guys go. Sorry I’ve been so behind and haven’t posted it, but I hope you like it!!!

Jennifer Shepherd had fallen in love twice in her entire life. Only twice. One was a man she found wonderful and mysterious, one to soon be her employee. The other was bound by blood and loyalty, the object of her infinite affections the moment they came into her life. You were the latter. Gibbs was the former.

Now as she hung strung from the ceiling, dirty and afraid, she just managed to stretch her hand out and brush her fingers against one of those two people, Gibbs. But Gubbs was oblivious to her incredibly strong feelings (even though he held them, too).

The attempted warmth in Jenny’s gesture seemed to heat the cold space. There was almost no more hope. All was bleak as NCIS hadn’t come yet. They fought and they screamed but as the man returned, masked by the dark room’s shadows, there didn’t seem to be much hope left for them.

He had a knife. Their captor had a knife and he didn’t seem afraid to use it. He tossed it back and forth between his fingertips as if it was a mere toy. When he started moving closer and closer to Jenny, she didn’t fight or scream or cry. All she did was try to push her hand out farther and farther and wrap her hand in Gibbs’s.

He had the knife to her throat now, so close to just yanking it one way or the other and ending her life, but he teased her first, and that was his first mistake. He made the knife dance across her skin in tantalizing twirls and swirls, daring the blood to drip off her skin.

Just in the moment that their captor began to press the knife harder into her skin, receiving tiny droplets, Tony, McGee, and Ziva rammed into the room full force. A SWAT team trailed behind them, useless in the shadow of the NCIS team’s passion and anger toward their bosses’ captor.

In alarm, the man with the knife stumbled back toward Gibbs. His second mistake. Swiftly, as if he wasn’t currently being hung from the ceiling, Gibbs brought his head down incredibly hard onto his captor, causing the shadowed man to crumble down to the ground.

They were free. Hope was back. Tony quickly handcuffed the abductor, chaining him to his own moronic fate, and Jenny and Gibbs were finally okay. The pair found themselves wrapped in each other’s embrace within seconds, reminding themselves that there was somebody there for them, that somebody was willing to hug them at such a terrifying time. Neither Gibbs nor Jenny quite cared that three sets of eyes followed them. All they needed was to know that there was a warm set of arms around them, alive and well.

Eventually, the odd group of agents wandered out of the dank warehouse and into the sparkling light of dawn. Cars began to pull up filled with fellow agents and medical professionals to make sure that all was good.

One mismatched car came roaring down the dirt road with zero inhibitions and no stopping. When the car came to a halt, a y/h/c girl raced out, hair billowing behind like lightning.

“Mom! Are you okay?” You yelled, racing to your mother as wet tears drooped from your eyes.

She held you in a big, uttering promises of never again and reassurances of good health. When your eyes weren’t quite focused on nothing but Jenny, you found Gibbs bad before you could stop yourself, you were throwing your arms around him, too.

“Oh, dad,” You whispered, and Gibbs froze the minute the words dropped off onto the strange black abyss of the cold night. So much passion and love and regrets were racing through your veins that you hadn’t given a second thought to the words you had said, but Gibbs did. He definitely noticed.

“Dad?” He questioned, shocked and surprised. His eyes were glass and confused when you slunk off of him, his eyes darted to your own mother who handy heard say the forbidden word. After all, Gibbs wasn’t supposed to know that he was your father.

“Jenny.” Gibbs said the word like some disguised poison, secretive yet lethal. He was confused and spinning. You weren’t supposed to say those words. He wasn’t supposed to know that he had a daughter, not yet, not now.

Jenny stepped forward, moving toward the shocked man, “Yes, Gibbs. I’m sorry. You’re her father,”

There was only two words managing to wiggle off the tip of his tongue, “Her father?”

He was speechless, and all he could do was stare straight into the delicate seas winding through your eyes. Stretching out a tentative hand to you, a small smile met the corners of his lips, “Nice to meet you, y/n,”

And then he couldn’t stop smiling. He had a daughter.