shep mix

jason & kyle adopt a dog and its a german shepherd/golden retriever mix (because cmon Look at them) but they cant agree on what to name it. kyle keeps suggesting pretentious art names and jason suggests pretentious lit names and it’s not until like 2 days later that they realize this dog responds literally only to “dog”

This is Redfield! This was taken back in July when he was 6 months old. We’re not 100% sure what breed he is (German Shep mix is our guess), but he’s super snuggly, loves to run, and dances for his food <3 What breed mix do you guys think he is? 

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So last week the wonderful @cactuarkitty hosted Mass Effect Relationships Week (#MERweek), an appreciation week focused on relationships of all kinds in the original trilogy, and it was a total blast seeing all the wonderful art, fic, and meta that people came up with. I managed four of seven fic prompts, which I’m OK with given I was travelling for three days out of the week. 

Thank you so much to cactuarkitty for hosting, and to @vorchagirl for the fic prompts.

This post collects everything I did for the week, mainly so I can find it again later …


Mordin and Dr Chakwas -  I’m personally convinced that Mordin and Chakwas are really close friends.

Renegade Shepard and Garrus - Hello, my name is emrisemrisemris and today for MERweek I’m going to be having feelings about Garrus and his romance arc with renegade Shepard.

Harbinger and the Illusive Man -  They’re both Shepard’s enemies, but the story doesn’t directly examine the extent to which they’re also enemies of one another.


Day One: The Day We Met (MShep/Garrus)

There was the business on the Citadel, of course, but that was in another life.

Day Two: Pictures of You (MShep/Garrus)

Detainees are allowed pictures on their walls or framed on the little bolted-down desk, although the criteria for what’s permissible are exhaustive and exhausting. No violence, no politics, no pornography. 

Day Four: In the Heat of Battle (MShep/Garrus)

Then, much to Garrus’ surprise, he pulled off his helmet and dumped it beside him. There was blood crusted along his forehead, and his blond hair was messy with sweat, but he looked exhilarated.

Day Six: Break My Heart (Garrus/Sidonis)

He’d berated himself time after time for being too much a cynic, too cold, too bitter. What kind of leader kept a list of boltholes that he didn’t share with his own second-in-command?


Look Good in Blue - a mix for Byron Narragansett Shepard and Garrus Vakarian, lovers and renegades.

quick Very halfassed doodle to get this concept off my head:
AU where saitama is a cat (sphynx? i mean he would be actually a hairless ocicat or smt) and genos is a dog,(belgian shep/ german shep mix thing)

saitacat is laid back, but dogenos thinks no one can be trusted lmao
gotta protect sensei

i will delve more into this au, so the designs aren’t official.
other characters will get designs as well lol but i can’t be bothered rn so have this :v also yes genos still has his rad cyborg eyes bc i can i also forgot to draw proestetic legs on genos but im not aure about those yet

Look Good in Blue - a playlist for Garrus Vakarian & Byron Narragansett Shepard, lovers & renegades, from beginning to end to after the end.

Look Good in Blue - Blondie

That’s Gonna Leave a Scar - Sixx:A.M.

Angel - Concrete Blonde

The Light - Disturbed

Bulletproof Heart - My Chemical Romance

No Light, No Light - Florence + The Machine

Still Unbroken - Lynyrd Skynyrd

complete list on YouTube


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codex:  a child of the streets, Shepard learned to live by her wits and guts, surviving in the hidden underbelly of the megatropolises of humanity’s home world.


And you will be one day exactly what you are 

Just keep your head held high, 

kiss your fist and touch the sky.


dog spam part one: shelter dogs! my followers whove known me for a while have already seen these aaaaaa

i was only 14 in these!! i still had braces!

the japanese akita was named samadhi, she was very old and the biggest sweetheart. we really bonded over a few months

the american akita is named jake and he was my heart dog,,this sounds silly but i stg he hated everyone but me. if he heard my voice hed jump up and down, all four paws off the ground, and his tail would curl up instantly. everybody else hed just growl at and hide in the corner of his kennel. he loved me so much and i still get sad about how much i miss him 😢

the shepherd, husky, shep mix puppy and bully puppy were all dogs i helped train and helped to get adopted!

Today in 1989, 28 years ago. Rhythm Nation is released as a single from Janet’s juggernaut album Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814. The remixes were all mixed by Shep Pettibone and were released on 12 inch and Cd single. The song reached #2 on the billboard charts and usually goes down as a fan favorite. The video choreographed by Anthony Thomas and Janet won an MTV award for Best choreography.


Dear Animal Lovers in Arizona, please help find homes for these lovely dogs by adopting one or sharing this post with your followers. I went in to meet one today and had to take a few photos to share. These dogs are all either completely FREE or are only $20.00 to adopt. It breaks my heart to know that all of these faces (and there are even more that I didn’t get a photo of) had homes one day but their owners couldn’t do the simple task of going online to check whether they were found or not. PLEASE DO NOT ADOPT ANIMALS IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE CARE OF THEM LIKE THEY ARE YOUR OWN FAMILY, you are a jerk if you can turn your back on something with a heart because yours is empty. All of these dogs have been given their vaccinations and are spayed or neutered. They even have kittens and cats that are either free or just $20.00 also. These dogs may not be puppies anymore but you’re also no longer a baby and people still have been able to find reasons to love you and enjoy your company. We all deserve a second chance at happiness.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Where to adopt -


4380 N. Miller Road

Scottsdale, Arizona

Contact number -

(480) 429 4519 ~ Ext 5

Adoption hours & fee -

Monday through Friday : 10:00AM to 8:30PM

Saturday and Sunday : 10:00AM to 5:00PM

$0.00 to $20.00

Some of the available dog breeds - 

  • a variety of small tiny tea cup Chihuahua’s
  • beagle
  • cairn ter mix pup 3 mon
  • pomeranian
  • border terr mix
  • dach/chi mix
  • rat terrier mix
  • aust shep mix
  • border collie mix
  • lab mix
  • shep mix
  • boxer mix
  • corgie/ chi mix


my aunt brought my cousin’s new puppy, George, over. mastiff/shep mix, quiet, and bitey. rough-housed for a bit, played with his bunny, briefly nibbled on some wires, spilled his water bowl, stole some shoes, almost pulled a cloth covered in fragile and heavy objects off a table, and then clonked out for a nap. he’s a terror in the making

i’m going to steal this dog.