shep fairey

Things Which are Fucked by Zack Rhodes

That is not the title of a grammatically incorrect fetishist children’s book, although to some it may seem that way. No, instead that is the title I’m sticking with - though maybe it needs a dash, okay “Things which are fucked - by Zack Rhodes” okay done we’re leaving it there, done. Okay I want to talk about things which are fucked. the soft drink “Sprite” is made by The Coca-Cola company, it is one of their longest running brands. The United Kingdom division of the marketing team recently changed the slogan of their long running ad campaign. The changed the slogan from “Obey your thirst” to just “Obey.” That’s obey with a fucking dot, a full stop, a period if you may. That is the in the advertisement of The Coca-Cola Company, that’s Coke being blatantly obvious to you, telling you exactly what it wants from you; it wants you to obey. There are posters in London With “Sprite:Obey.” written on them, two words: a brand and a command.


Shep Fairey used a similar phraseology in his work “Giant Obey” a satire of advertising rhetoric.  His work plays on hyperbole, extreme exaggeration of form and yet he’s less abrasive than the real players, the real giants - the corporations.