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Mass Effect Relationship Week Day 5: Fun with Food

Shepard focused intently on the cook book in front of her, tongue poking at from between her lips as she separated out the ingredients she would need. She was wearing a pair of gloves, a suggestion of Solana’s incase Shepard had a reaction to any of the dextro ingredients. Solana had also been kind enough to translate the measurements as best she could, but it was still a struggle to know how much she needed.

“As long as I don’t poison him it’s a win, right?” Shepard mumbled to herself, stirring the pot with all the ingredients. It didn’t look particularly appetizing to her, but then she didn’t have to eat it.

When she was almost done, she heard to the door to the house open. “I’m in the kitchen, Garrus!”

“You, in the kitchen? Am I dreaming?” Garrus teased, appearing in the kitchen doorway a moment later. “What are you cooking, it smells awful, by the way.”

Shepard frowned, looking at him over her shoulder. “It was supposed to be for you, but I might have done something wrong.”

“For me, huh?” Garrus approached the stove, eyes widening slightly at the sight in front of him. “It looks… uh… Shepard you can’t even cook levo food, why did you attempt this?”

Shepard sighed, shoulders slumping. “I just wanted to do something nice for you.”

“Well, I very much appreciate it,” Garrus assured her, wrapping his arms around her from behind. He let his head move forward, brushing his face plates against her hair in a facsimile of a human kiss. “Why don’t we go out to eat tonight? My treat.”

“Just no places with fish tanks, alright?”

“Of course. Wouldn’t want a repeat of the sushi restaurant.”