Can we just talk about how absolutely terrifying Sheoldred is?

First of all her body resembles a giant spider WITH A MOUTH…


It’s like some weird fetus thing that can fucking SLITHER around and shit because it doesn’t have legs.

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to your bedroom door creaking open and you see someone standing there, but suddenly they drop to the floor and slither toward you really fast and there is nothing you can do about it.


Combined, they lasted maybe 45 minutes, the first game being 15 minutes alone.


Mine: Atraxa, Herald of the Legion

Opponent’s: Breya, Machine’s Uprising (calling it now)

Game 1: Opponent conceded after getting Isochron Scepter w Abrupt Decay onto the field and slowly started destroying their stuff (most of which was CMC 3 or less) and killing Daretti.

Game 2: It looked like opponent’s favor until a few turns after i cast Rashmi and he had Remand on an Isochron Scepter. Sheoldred pseudo-cascade trigger, which he kept bouncing back to my hand (also tons of Mana Ramp T2, with Jace tMS cast T3.) T4-7, Jace at 6 Loyalty, unactivated. Cast Sheoldred, topdeck Ajani Unyeilding (which he Remands Sheoldred.) Ajani hits, +2 to topdeck for a Progenitor Mimic (which i have the mana for after getting Paradox Engine on the field) and copy Deepglow Skate which he has on his field, and ETB to bump Jace up to 12 and instant ult, to which he responds by tapping Sensei’s Divining Top and getting an Everflowing Chalice before everything gets exiled. Then, as he had 3 turns left to win, he scooped before i could swing out.

It was amazing Game 2.


(REDO!!!!) Sheoldred, whispering one (the last black one wasn’t too great huh?)
Okay! My last black edh deck was lacking and I want to a policies because it just wasn’t good at all. Luckily, this one is kick ass. Here we have a praetor and what the praetors do very well is give you an advantage and hurt your opponents something fierce! Sheoldred is great because she synergizes most with cards in her color. (I don’t care what you have to say about the other ones, they’re great sure but not like this)
One amazing thing you can do with sheoldred is etb effects. I know there aren’t a lot of sac outlets in the list but there should be in a sheoldred deck because it enables you to really mess with an opponent. Shadowborn demon can sacrifice himself and blows up up a creature when he enters. Massacre wurm can butcher any token or weenie deck while also dishing out massive damage to your opponents. Another worthy thing to put in sheoldred would be a conjurers closet because a massacre wurm etbing twice will wreak mass destruction.
Deathrender is also great because with sac outlets like ashnods altar you can easily play your whole hand by sacing creatures then getting them all back via sheoldred. It takes major advantage of your graveyard playability.
Sheoldred also has an ability that makes your opponents sac each of their upkeeps so it is wise to take advantage of this with cards like blood artist. This means they loose life when they sac and you gain life. Another enchantment to note which synergies with this ability is grave betrayal which puts their creatures under your control each time you force them to sac.
Lifeline is hard to come by, but it will let you have a backup in case your general dies. It also lets you sac more recklessly and pull more creatures from the grave each turn.
Necroplasm is also an amazing card because it let’s you sac, it dredges more creatures to your graveyard and it is a low cmc creature wipe no matter the power or toughness. This is great if your opponent is playing rhys and has fifteen 6/6 wurm creature tokens out with which they are ready to smash.
So that’s all for right now, I may redo some different decks in the future but the last mono black I did was dissapointing so I wanted to give mono black players a bit more inspiration. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to make their lands swamps. :)