Can we just talk about how absolutely terrifying Sheoldred is?

First of all her body resembles a giant spider WITH A MOUTH…


It’s like some weird fetus thing that can fucking SLITHER around and shit because it doesn’t have legs.

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to your bedroom door creaking open and you see someone standing there, but suddenly they drop to the floor and slither toward you really fast and there is nothing you can do about it.

So. I think I have decided what I ultimately would like for a chest piece...

The Phyrexian infect symbol directly on my sternum and the have the 5 Praetors surrounding it facing outwards starting with Sheoldred, the Whispering One on the top and continuing clock-wise with Vorinclex - Voice of Hunger, Jin-Gitaxias - The Core Augur, Urabrask - The Hidden and finally Elesh Norn  - The Grand Cenobite.

traumatrae  asked:

When is Elesh going to take over and rule New Phyrexia? I mean, we all know that she's the best Praetor...

Preposterous. Elesh doesn’t know a damned thing about administration, she just wants worship and adoration and - ugh - love. Besides, even if she did take over I’d still be hanging around for her regularly scheduled backstab. - S

Mindcrank’s Commander Arsenal: White

Alternatively: how to fill the other 98 cards of an edh deck past mindcrank and your commander.

This is an 8 part Series I wanted to do counting down my top 10 cards for the 99 for each color as well as an additional three lists for my top 10 multicolor, colorless and lands for EDH. This series is gonna lean towards personal preference over card power so if you wanna chime in and say “Hey where’s X?” Or “#7 is so much better than #2, what gives?” your probably right but thats not what I’m doing here without further ado I’ll get right to it.


Just add Scroll Rack

#10 - Land Tax: Commander is a multiplayer format and at least one of your opponents is likely gonna have more lands, even if they aren’t playing ramp. Unlike more modern versions of this effect this doesn’t grab just plains and even if you only get one or two triggers off seek the horizons costs 4 mana. Combining it with Scroll Rack makes this one of the most potent card draw engines available.


Blazing Card advantage that never stops

#9 - Sun Titan: This is a card that I originally misunderstood because I encountered it so early in my MTG life, then one day I reread it and realized that lands are indeed permanents CMC 3 or less. Grabbing stuff like fetches or strip mine is probably the most common thing but the list of good EDH cards cmc 3 or less is too long to list here. White is the worst color for card advantage but this alone is powerful enough swing games.


Magic’s art doesn’t get more literal than this

#8 - Wrath of God: I love a good board wipe and Wrath of God is a classic. 4 mana to clear out an annoying board state is a price I’d pay all day long and even though regenerate is kinda irrelevant it’s good to have just in case.


Angel of Timeout

#7 - Angel of Serenity: You know whats a really good effect? Fiend hunter. You know whats better than exiling one creature from the battlefield? Hitting three from the battlefield or graveyard. Not only is this some ludicrous card advantage on a large flying body it’s capable of doing the same trick where you blink/bounce it with the trigger on the stack stack exiling the creatures forever. It also forces your opponent to recast the card instead of just getting it back on field or graveyard.


Probably more protective than your actual mom

#6 - Mother of Runes: Commander is generally a pretty interactive format, with most decks running at least some spot removal. Protectiion also lets you slip past some blockers or chump without taking any damage. Obviously she’s best with something to protect but even alone she can block anything on foot all day.


Taking a Vacation on a dude ranch

#4/5 - Path to Exile/Swords to Plowshares: Swords is probably better for EDH, in a 40 life format who cares about an extra 2-6 life? However both are almost musts for any deck that can play them. Being able to instantly answer a problem, likely for the rest of the game, is too good to pass up.


Not Actually a Democracy

#3 - Council’s Judgement: Commander is usually a multiplayer format that’s traditionally 4 players but sometimes you can only grab one or two other people and that’s when this card is most effective. Sure it isn’t an instant answer like Swords or Path but it hits anything and it can hit more than one thing. It solves any nonland for 3 mana regardless of abilities or protections and can occasionally offer up a 2 or 3 for one. In a 4 player game it is a little less reliable but the odds are if you want something gone in a 4 player game, someone else does too. Even if you don’t hit what you want you’ll remove several issues from the board.


Better be packing World Breaker

#2 - Humility: It might be a pretty high ranking for  a card that only stops creatures but creatures are pretty popular and it stops pretty much every single creature deck ever and it stops them dead. Static effects? ETBs? All gone. Most of the decks it stops run very few answers to it giving you plenty of time to set up a harder lock or better board state


It’s the end of the world and likely the game

#1 - Cataclysm: Man oh man, this is the mother of all Boardwipes. It hits every permanent type. It gets around every protection. It’s too easy to tilt in your favor and it’s the same mana cost as Armageddon and Wrath of God. I could literally go on for like half an hour coming up with ways to game this towards your advantage, from just having mana, having lands in hand or just something really oppressive on board like a Sheoldred this card played right is one tough card to beat. Most decks can play this without changing anything but building for it pretty much guarantees a win after resolution.

Thanks for reading, see you next week for my Top 10 Blue cards!