You interrupted me in doing the ‘fish-stick’ mortal…

Cosplay: Sheogorath (The Elder Scrolls)

Cosplayer: ME @bravestcolour

Photographer: Laffing Stock Photography

Should you worship...
  • Azura: Worship her, Moon and Star. She's awesome.
  • Boethiah: Worship at own risk, will likely betray you.
  • Clavicus Vile: Doggy! Worship, but don't make any deals!
  • Hermaeus Mora: A bit weird, but knowledge and libraries!
  • Hircine: Worship if you like hunting and stuff.
  • Jyggalag: His name XD And sure, why not, order and stuff.
  • Malacath: Are you an Orc? Then yes!
  • Mehrunes Dagon: Yeah, sure, let me give you Mythic Dawn robes...
  • Mephala: Are you a Spider? No? Like plotting? Then sure!
  • Meridia: Yes. Just yes. (Unless you're a Vampire)
  • Molag Bal: No. Never. Don't even.
  • Namira: Each to their own... I won't judge...
  • Nocturnal: Are you the sneaky sort? Then yeah!
  • Peryite: Who?
  • Sanguine: If you like pranking and lollygagging, then sure!
  • Sheogorath: You get cheese! Wait, scratch that. Cheese for no-one.
  • Vaermina: Are you plagued with nightmares? Then no!