Shenny one shot!

(I wrote this already but for some reason it never posted. Sobs! But it was a prompt from imagine your Otp something or rather (sorry! I forgot it!) And it was like imagine your otp grocery shopping and person a is pg and throwing a whole bunch of stuff in the cart and person b is getting frustrated. So yes I had to do this. Sheldon and Penny have been together for quite a while and stuff)

It was grocery shopping day. It seemed like a normal grocery shopping day. The list was wrote up the night before. They went a little late because Penny was feeling sick. Sheldon knew she could have been in contact with someone who was sick but she got angry when be said “dumb shit” like that. So he merely asked if she had the flu to which she said, “God dammit Sheldon it’s probably because you poisoned me!”

He let it go, she was particularly moody lately. It was too early for her to be menstruating and he knew cause…other reasons.

He blushed thinking about the night before. He quickly dropped the thought and examined the list again.

“Sheldon!” Penny squealed in delight holding a box in his face, “I want this! It looks amazing.”

“Penny, you know that isn’t on the list. You don’t even like Hamburger Helper.” He said looking at her with a tired patience.

She threw it in the cart, “I want it.” She walked away and Sheldon groaned following her.

He made no move to take the box out for fear of Penny’s wrath. They strolled onto the next aisle and Penny did her happy squeal again before opening a bag. She ate the chips with joy.

“Oh God, these are amazing.” He examined the bag in her hands.

“You usually eat Doritos.” He stated and she looked at him with a mild glare, the chips distracting her.

“Ew. Doritos sound so disgusting.She looked at her chips again. These would be amazing in that Hamburger Helper….OH! With sour cream.” She smiled thinking about the meal.

“Tonight is fried chicken night.” He said with a whine.

“Loosen up Shelly. Be whimsical.” She sauntered off. Sheldon followed debating on how to tell her he didn’t like hamburger helper…how to tell her he didn’t want to be whimsical today.

She tossed in a couple bags of chips, some salsa, and a couple things of gummy worms.

“Honestly, Penny, this is ridiculous. Out of our normal budget and deviating from the list.” He was next to her now and she started crying. In the store! To Sheldon’s horror.

“Why are you yelling at me?” His eyes went wide and he stuttered. It was still hard to deal with a crying Penny.

“I wasn’t yelling.” He quickly said, pulling her in for a hug. “I was merely stating an observation.” She pulled away and glared.

“Whatever lets get this over with.” She walked off and Sheldon had to catch up again.

His list finally finished. He was ready to get home. But Penny wasn’t she was looking at ice cream.

“Sheldon would it be totally crazy to dip like…pizza crust in ice cream?” She grabbed some ice cream and then started shopping for fresh pizza stuffs.

Sheldon hates frozen foods. And they rarely buy them. Besides Penny liked cooking pizza.

At this point the gears in Sheldon’s head were turning. He was counting and thinking about everything. Processing data.

“All right.” She smiled at Sheldon and then remembered there was going to be a girls night. “Shit I need to get some rum.” She said and Sheldon nearly screamed.

“No!” He said quickly.

She knew she had a bit of a problem a while back (especially when she was dating Leonard) but she had slowed down a lot. She hardly drinks. So she didn’t understand the weird voice from Sheldon.

“Are you really telling me what to do?” Her nostrils were flaring and Sheldon looked worried but not for the reason she believed.

“No, love,” He noticed early on that terms of endearment worked well when Penny was angry, “it’s just not a good idea. I promise I will explain later.” The look in his eyes worried her a bit but she wasn’t one to back down.

“Sheldon Cooper you tell me what is going on now!” She shouted and he cringed. This is their usual grocery store he would hate to be ‘that couple’ because they aren’t.

“This isn’t an appropriate place for what I have to say. I’m begging you my Penny Blossom.” Penny’s eyes went wide he only called her that in really intimate or important circumstances.

She nodded quickly. Rendered speechless. She stood in line. Sheldon pretended he forgot something and went to the 'Misc.’ Aisle. He had to sneak it in the cart. He devised a plan quickly.
As he snuck it into the cart.

“Maybe you should relax go wait in the car.” He said and Penny, already speechless, nodded again and went to her car.

Sheldon, while not overly fond of Penny’s bagging preferred her to do it. He paid for everything, bagged in a methodical order, loaded the car (which Penny usually helped with), and almost offered to drive but decided against it.

“So..Sheldon…” Penny trailed off and decided for banal chit chat, “Bernie and Howard are trying to have a baby finally. I mean those kids have been holding it off long enough.” Sheldon looked a little twitchy.

“They will have a small child.” He said absently and Penny snorted.

“Sheldon!” She shouted and laughed again.

When they got home Sheldon insisted on lugging the grocerys in and putting them away. When he came into the living room Penny was texting and barely noticed the box in his hand.

“Sheldon….what is that?” She said finally.

“Honestly, Penny, it’s right on the box.” She glared at him.

“I’m aware Shelly. I just don’t know why /you/ have one.” She didn’t soften her glare when he handed it to her.

“Did you take your pill last month?” He said and Penny’s glare dropped into an embarrassed smile.

“I didn’t…but it’s no big deal we use protection all the time.”

“You don’t recall that one tipsy night where you convinced me I didn’t need a condom because you were on the pill.” Penny’s face turned white.

She wasn’t ever reckless before him and hell she really never ever let anyone enter without protection. (okay that sounded awful) she thought. She just loved him and trusted him so much. It still wasn’t logical.

“I’m so sorry Shel-” then reality smacked her in the face.

The mood swings, the morning sickness, the cravings! Oh God!

“Holy crap on a cracker.” She said to herself. “The test…should I take it now.”

“No you should take it in the morning.” She nodded vaguely remembering something about that in a pamphlet.

The whole night passed with an actual kind of…glee. After the initial shock they were both happy. Discussing names and dos and donts. Debating on boys and girls. Transforming their office into a nursery. It was nice actually and Sheldon was excited!

-the next day-

Sheldon woke up to Penny’s scream. Which was odd enough because he was usually up before her. He looked at the time 6:10. He darted out of bed and ran into the bathroom. She was crying and he looked at the white stick in her hand.

“Sheldon, I’m pregnant.” She smiled up at him and Sheldon hugged her elated.

“Penny the best thing that had ever happened to me is you and now you’re giving me a child. I couldn’t be happier.

"Sheldon you gave me this. Without you this wouldn’t be happening.” She kissed his cheek.

Sheldon was happy and there were thoughts of marriage floating in his head (his mother would kill him if they had a baby without being married) but that was a problem for another day. Because right now she was smiling at him and he was smiling at her.

Everything in the world felt right.

Slash fic prompt demand!

Okay, hubby? Did not fart in front of me until he said “I love you”. Apparently for him? That meant all things go. His brother farted in front of his future baby-momma (who doesn’t deserve him) too. My grandpa farted right after my grandparents’ honeymoon, when she lost her virginity.

OMG, farting shows love, vulnerable mind, and nervousness.

What about the pairings we love?

Spander, destial, shassie, Kurt/puck, penny/Sheldon, anything else. I demand a response to this idea!

dreadfulcalendarwoman  asked:


Ship that you secretly like: 💚 Hmm, trying to think of a ship I don’t really talk about…oh, not a secret but I was a huge Shenny shipper on the Big Bang Theory! I re-binged on some of that fic a month or two ago…still good. I actually wrote quite a bit for them too. 

Ship that you used to have as an OTP: 💙 I don’t change my actual OTPs too much, I just fall away from fandoms mostly. But a pretty all-consuming ship for me was Creddie on iCarly, actually. Probably because a close friend of mine was really into it, and the fandom was a lot of fun. You’d think given my shipping history I would have shipped Seddie, but nope.

Thank you!