Mauve Avenger

Hi everyone! Please visit my other blog! It’s quite different from my blog here in tumblr. Most of the time I just post pictures here. Well, I enjoy pictures (including gifs) better than reading lengthy post. I just maybe got used to several photo blogs here. At blogspot, there’s more text. haha!

I just can’t delete all the reblogged posts here to make it look really mine. You know what I mean? I know you get it. Those reblogged posts are just amazing and it makes me happy…reminds me how beautiful this world is. haha! I also use them for reference.

So yeah… please visit and if you’re feeling being nice to me.. you could also follow it!


P.S. I used #shengfollowsbliss to track MY POST here in tumblr

better late than never. =3 congrats again daddy batchoy for being a chubby registered nurse!*throws confetti*

The hard copy is the haggard version. haha! I’m bad at inking especially if there’s no undo button. haha! I edited the lineart a lot in CS4. Shaky and trigger-happy hand is a problem.  I’ve also done editing on the colored paper (which makes ink so smudgy) I used.My handwriting is so unacceptable(it’s better on hard copy). =l