Chapter Twelve

Shipping Shendel. Fiction.

The flight to Tokyo was ten hours long. Chris dozed off next to me with his head against my shoulder. I pressed my cheek against his hair. My stomach was filled with butterflies. He promised me ‘everything.’ Images of his gorgeous body underneath mine filled my head, sending electric currents straight down to my groin.
“Look at you two, all cozy and shit.” Taylor commented from across the aisle.
“Shh, he’s asleep.” I whispered.
“Aww. Are you guys a couple or something?”
“What? Shut up, Hawkins.” I stammered, feeling my face turn red.
Realization hit Taylor like a Mack truck. “Are you?”
“No, be quiet.” I lifted my eyes to meet his.
He nodded and returned his attention to the book in his lap.
I froze when I felt Chris’s hand gently squeeze my thigh.
“Are we a couple?” He whispered.
“I hope.”
“Natie.” He sighed so quietly. His hand slowly inched it’s way between my legs.
I caught it and stopped him. “Shh. Wait until we’re alone.”
A tiny whimper was his only response.
We checked into the hotel in Tokyo at 9:00 at night. We all entered separate rooms. However five minutes later, I heard a soft knock on my door.
Chris came in, backpack and suitcase in hand.
“You’re just gonna stay in here with me?”
“That okay?”
“It’s perfect. Come here.” I pulled him into my arms and kissed his mouth. “I wanted to touch you and kiss you so bad. Longest flight ever!”
He laughed against my lips. I felt gentle fingertips under my shirt, tickling the small of my back.
I had ideas about taking him to bed when there was another knock on the door. “Mendel, Shiflett! We know you’re in there! Dinner, now!” Dave.
I pressed my forehead against Chris’s. “Shit.”
Three pairs of eyes watched us as we ate dinner. Finally, Dave spoke. “Couldn’t help but notice, Chris, your bags in Nate’s room earlier. Something wrong with yours?”
“What? Broken shower, lumpy bed?”
“No, nothing like that.”
“What, then?”
“Ned wasn’t in it.” He replied, turning his gaze to me.
I smiled, surprised by his admission. Happily surprised.
“So you guys are…?”
“Together, I guess.”
“Ah, yeah. That explains why you’re all googly eyed and shit.”
“You okay with it?” I asked them collectively.
“Fine, as long you’re both happy.”
“We are. But you guys are the only ones who know, okay?”
“Of course.”
“I fucking knew it!” Taylor exclaimed. “I called it two weeks ago when you guys were flirting in the studio!”
“Yep, Tay, can’t slip anything past you.”
“Damn right.” He nodded and winked.
I was sure I blushed when Dave and Tay watched me open the door to our room and Chris slip past me inside.
“Sweet dreams, boys.” Dave said with a smirk.
“They ain’t gonna be sleeping, D.” Taylor told him.
“Shut up, Tay.” I mumbled.
They walked down the hall, laughing and I couldn’t be positive but I think I only heard one other door open and close.
Chris walked directly toward the bed and began to undress. I watched him, trying the swallow the lump in my throat.
“I promised you.” He simply said. “Do you want to…?”
“Make love to you? Absolutely.”
“Then get the fuck over here, Mendel.” He said. A smile played on his lips as he lowered his gaze.
It was the most incredible, intense sex I ever had. I flopped onto my back, panting. Chris rolled against my side and laid his head on my chest. He sighed loudly.
“Okay?” I asked him.
“No, not okay.”
I picked my head up to look at his face. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing. I’m not okay. I’m perfect. You were perfect.” He smiled.
“What, baby?”
I choked out, “I’m in love with you.”
“I hope so.” He replied with a chuckle. “I’m in love with you, too.”

And they all lived happily ever after. The end.

Chapter Nine

Shipping Shendel. Fiction.

I sat up and ran my fingers through his hair. The way his mouth felt on me was incredible. A long, throaty groan escaped from my parted lips. Three years, I thought. This man hasn’t been with someone in three years and he was pleasuring me. Well, how typical.
“Chris?” I said his name softly.
“Let me? ”
He looked up at me. “You want to?”
“Of course I do. Come here.” I gripped his elbow and urged him onto the bed, laying him back against the pillows. “You waited for three years to be with someone again and you picked me. Do you have any idea what that means to me?” I said as I hovered over him.
“Means you better be good, Mendel.” He smirked before he pulled me into a kiss.
I let my hand wander down his ribcage to his hip and over his abdomen before snaking my fingers around him. When he inhaled sharply and let his head fall back, I lowered my mouth to his neck and started leaving a trail of kisses down his chest and stomach. I paused there to run my tongue over his tattoo. His hands very gently touched my head and I heard him whimper. His body was tense against my touch.
“Please, Nate.” A soft whisper.
“Why, Shiflett, are you begging me?”
“Yes! Please!” He said louder as he picked his head up to look at me.
“Very well."I said with an exaggerated sigh. Then I slid him into my mouth.
I was nervous but I really wanted to please him. After three years of only jerking off, I was fairly confident that even if I was terrible at this, he would enjoy it. But I didn’t want to be terrible. After only a few minutes, I felt his hips push upward against me.
"Natie…” He groaned. His fingers dug into my scalp. “Shit!” He grunted as he came into my mouth.
It was warm and sweet and I swallowed it down. I rolled onto my side and rested my head on his hip.
“Goddamn, Mendel.” He gently brushed a hand over my hair.
“How was that for my first time?”
“Pretty damn good, but there’s always room for improvement. Come here.”
I snuggled against him, letting him wrap an arm around me. My arm fell across his stomach.
“You’re a good dude, Nate.” He said and kissed my forehead.
“The best.”
I awoke to find Chris next to me, sprawled out on his stomach. A naked thigh stuck out from under the covers. My Chris. My love. My bandmate and buddy. I had an overwhelming urge to pull him into my arms and ravage his gorgeous body.
Instead, I left him sleeping and made coffee. I sat outside on the front porch, reading the news on my Ipad and sipping coffee. Seeing his car in the driveway after spending the night together felt good.
After a little while, I heard the door open. He stood in the doorway, in only his shorts, wiping sleep from his eyes. He had the sexiest case of bed head, too.
“Good morning.”
“What do you wanna do about practicing today? I was thinking we could go to my house first so I can grab some shit.”
“When you getting Noah again?”
“Next week.”
“Maybe you guys can come by and we’ll do a proper slumber party. Once Cara cools off, she’ll let me have them again.”
“That will be fun.” I said as I caught his wrist and pulled him into my lap. “You look so sexy.” I told him before I kissed him.
“I look like I just got out of bed.”
“Hmm. I know.”
“Oh Mendel, you horny old goat.” He teased and then kissed me.

Ready to Collide - Chapter Six

This is a work of total fiction. Told from Shiflett’s point of view.

There were two buses waiting to drive us to Vegas. And after that, we would continue on to New York and then fly back to Europe. Dave and Taylor bounced onto one bus like two small children on a field trip. That left the other bus for me and Nate.
I felt uneasy. Nate declined being set up with Cara’s friend, Katie, with a flimsy excuse about not wanting to get serious with someone while he was away so much. And after that, I didn’t see him very much. I spent a lot of time with Cara. Enough time to know that I liked her a lot.
We boarded the bus after the Vegas show and Nate claimed the shower first. I was in the bunk area, taking off my sweaty clothes when Nate pushed the curtain back and stepped forward. He wore only a towel around his waist. And I stood there in sweaty boxer shorts.
“Um, okay. My turn, I guess.”
As I tried to squeeze past him in the tiny corridor, the bus slowed abruptly and sent me crashing against Nate. My hands landed on his chest and we bumped foreheads. I felt his warm, strong hands squeeze my hips as he tried to push me back.
“Sorry. Sorry, man.”
“It’s okay. Happens on the bus sometimes.”
The water turned ice cold in less than two minutes and I screamed, “Fucking shit, Nathan!”
He was stretched out on the sofa in the back, wearing a pair of flannel pajama pants and a smirk.
“Dick. Now I know why you wanted to go first.”
“You can go first next time.”
Before I knew what I was doing, my eyes were lingering on that faint trail of light red hair below his navel.
“Come here, you want to watch a movie or something?”
“Uh.” I swallowed and snapped my eyes up to his face. “No. Just gonna try to get some sleep.”
“Okay. Good night, Shifty.”
“Night, Ned.”
Pulling the curtain across and settling back against the pillow, I closed my eyes and threw my arm across my forehead. Don’t go down this path, Shiflett. Don’t do it. Think about Cara. Think about her smile or her hair or her perfect skin. Anything about her. Just not him.

The curtain whipped open with a loud zip. I rolled over with a sleepy gasp.
“Shh.” He hissed with a lascivious smirk as he climbed on top of me. “This is what you want, isn’t it?”
“Nate, please. I…I don’t know what I want.”
“Maybe I can help you figure it out.” He whispered and buried his face in my neck.
“Nate!” I groaned.
His hand was gripping my shoulder as he repeated my name against my neck. “Chris, Chris. Wake up.”
I grunted and opened my eyes. I was holding a pillow to my chest and felt a thin layer of sweat on my neck and forehead. Nate was crouched in the corridor next to my bunk, his hand on my shoulder.
“Are you okay? Nightmare?”
“Yeah, you could say that.”
“You going to be okay? Need anything?”
“Nah. I’m good. Thanks, pal.”
“Um, so do you usually get boners from nightmares?”
“What?!” And I pushed the pillow down over my crotch.
Nate chuckled and stood up, pulling the curtain back across.

We were waiting at JFK for our flight to London. Taylor was higher than a kite and Dave’s hands were full keeping him out of trouble.
I sat next to Ned in the lounge and ordered a beer. “I didn’t know he was using.”
“Yeah. Now and then. He’s afraid of flying so…”
“Ah. What’s he doing?”
“Not sure. Dave said painkillers.”
“Yep. Hey, so how’s Cara?”
“Oh! Thanks for reminding me. I gotta call her.”
“I’ve been thinking. If her friend is still interested, I’d like to meet her when we get home.”
“Oh. Oh yeah. Okay.” I stared into his eyes. Shit, no. You’re mine. What? I cringed and pulled out my cell phone as I hopped off the stool and wandered away to a quieter spot. Hearing her voice would chase away those errant thoughts.

Someone In Between the Right and Wrong Part II - Chapter Thirteen

100% Fiction.

“Hey, Chris has the boys this weekend. Do you guys want to come over tonight for movies and games and such?” Nate dialed Tay.
“Yeah, we can do that. How are things going?”
“Good. We moved more of his stuff over so he doesn’t feel so displaced anymore. Um, dude, Charlie is fucking amazing. I cannot thank you enough for her.”
“Yeah, man. She’s a fucking shark. I knew Chris wouldn’t like her but she gets results.”
“He likes that.”
“I bet. Well, I’m happy everything’s working out. See ya later, around seven?”
“Sounds good. Thanks, T.”
Nate allowed Dave to barbeque some burgers, along with veggie burgers, on his grill. Dave promised to use foil and clean it when he was done. Nine men, big and little, crowded around Nate’s patio table, eating, chattering, arguing. Each man looked around and smiled.
Taylor ruffled Dave’s hair and beamed at him, thinking how amazing it was to have a person as wonderful as Dave for a partner. Taylor loved Dave’s energy, loyalty, craziness, and confidence. And he would always be grateful for the way Dave loved and took care of, not only him, but Shane also.
Dave swatted Taylor’s hand away and stuck his tongue out at the blonde. He felt a tiny hand smacking his thigh. He turned to Shane.
“Uncle D, open.”
“Shane, come on.” Taylor lightly scolded him.
“Please?” Shane gave Dave a tiny, toothy grin as he handed him the new ketchup bottle.
Dave glanced at his love as he opened the bottle for Shane. The son of his boyfriend. A little boy who captured his heart. Sometimes Dave looked at the boy and could swear he knew what it was to be a father. And when he looked at Taylor, he knew what it was to be blessed. He had a best friend and a lover in one perfect, gorgeous, talented, special person.
He looked across the table and just happened to catch Nate’s eye. His friend. The one he knew the longest, the one who’d stuck by him through thick and thin. Nate, the moral compass, the ethical standard to which Dave had tried to hold himself. He smiled and tilted his head at his bassist.
Nate returned his smile. Dave fucking Grohl. His role model in more ways than Dave knew. He taught Nate a lot about a lot. One thing he taught him was how to be fearless. And fearlessness won him an incredible lover and companion in Chris. He looked at his boyfriend, who had his hands full with his boys and Noah. Noah got that Extra Daddy after all and was taking full advantage of him. All four boys were arguing over who was sitting where. Noah solved his own problem by climbing into Chris’s lap. Chris smiled and looked over at Nate.
Did his best friend know that, at first, Chris was afraid of him? When the flirting and teasing began, Chris was scared. He felt like he was the only one who was into it. Nate had to be playing around. And he was freaked out over being into another man. But gently, tenderly, Nate had guided him into a loving, trusting relationship and the only thing Chris feared now was losing the man he was proud to call his. Chris then turned his attention to Taylor. His confidante, his trusted source of advice. Imagine, taking advice from the spaz. The spaz had weathered a few storms in his life and had slowly become one of Chris’s favorite people to be around for his wisdom and his easy acceptance and unassuming personality. Chris caught the drummer’s eye and smiled and mouthed the words, ‘thank you.’
Later, when the boys had all rushed into Noah’s room to play, the men still sat around the table, enjoying some beer and conversation.
“I’ve been writing a little.” Dave said, bracing himself for their response.
“Shit! Where we going to record this time? The fucking moon?” Chris laughed.
“Not a bad idea, Shiflett.” Dave pointed his bottle at him.
“On the moon, in drag. Sounds about right for this band.” Nate added.
“Indeed.” Dave murmured wistfully.
“Wish someone would have told me it’d come to this. I would have taken that audition with Guns N Roses instead.”
“Right, because I’m sure no freaky shit would be going on over there. They’d probably make you blow goats or take a shit in a bowl of popcorn or something.”
“Colorful, Dave. Thanks. Is that what you two do for kicks?”
“A gentleman never asks.”
“And a lady never tells.” Taylor added.
“I could not ask for better friends. The four of us, and Pat, have been through it all. And I love each of you. Thanks for the past eighteen years of my life.” Nate held up his bottle in toast.
The other three enthusiastically agreed and clinked bottles.
After a few moments of quiet contemplation, Dave spoke up. “Did it ever occur to anyone else that Pat is the only one of us NOT fucking another dude?”

The End.

This has gone through 6 redraws 8 recolours, several computer crashes and an rip pc and rip all my photoshop/tablet settings and over a month, but finally she’s done. (And then I notice that I forgot her feathers but my lineart software isn’t installed atm ;.;) but finally here is my half of the art trade with the wonderful irasponsible I hope you like it <3

I tried to get my settings back to what they were but if it’s a little odd in some places I apologize <3

Someone In Between the Right and Wrong Part II - Chapter Three

100% Fiction.

After three more crazy, fumbling, exciting make out sessions in Chris’s car, Nate was making himself nuts. Every time he thought about Chris, two things happened. He felt that wonderful twitch in his groin and he thought about Cara. And it was both that finally made him pick the phone and dial Taylor.
“Hey, buddy! What’s up?”
“T, can we get lunch or a beer sometime?”
“Sure, what’s up?”
“Just need to talk to you about something.”
“Okay. Tomorrow?”
“Good, yeah. Can you come here?”
“Yeah, around one?”
“Thanks, Tay.”
“You got it, buddy.”

Taylor hung up and settled back into Dave’s chest. The brunette wrapped one arm around his stomach and with the other, swept the golden hair off Tay’s neck before nuzzling his face into it.
“Shoulda bet money -” Taylor began before Dave nibbled, prompting a groan from his boyfriend. “that Nate and Chris-” Another grunt when Dave moved his mouth to his ear. “are fucking.”
“Is that what he just told you?” Dave whispered against Taylor’s cheek.
“No, he wants to talk to me about something over lunch tomorrow-get this- at his house.”
“May he doesn’t want to fuck Chris. Maybe he wants to fuck you.”
“Maybe I want to fuck you!” Taylor grinned as he turned around to face his lover.

Taylor knocked softly on the door. Knowing Nate the way he did, he knew his friend would already be aware Tay had arrived. Not even a second later, the door opened.
“Hey, dude. How are you?” Tay asked as he passed through the door.
“Fucking freaking out, to be honest. Thanks for coming over.”
“Freaking out, huh? Nate, just stop fighting it.”
“You know?” Nate asked, astonished.
Taylor grinned and said, “Gaydar.”
“I don’t know what the fuck to do!” Nate groaned as he walked into his kitchen. “Black bean burgers, hope you like them.”
“Sure. Sounds good.” Tay slid his ass onto one of the stools at Nate’s counter. “What’s freaking you out the most?”
“Where the fuck do I begin?”
“Beginning helps.”
Nate turned and leaned against the counter, spatula in hand, hand against his hip. “I don’t know. Just always had a weird crush on him, you know? I never felt like it was sexual, exactly. I just wanted to be around him all the time. I wanted to make him laugh and smile and feel his warmth. And then you guys happened and it fucking clicked. I want him. And the worst part is he wants me too. We sneak around, making out like teenagers, clumsy and giddy.”
“But you haven’t…?”
“No! No. I feel guilty already, I can’t imagine living with myself if we slept together behind Cara’s back.”
“You want to, though?”
“Well, yeah but fuck…”
Taylor laughed hysterically at Nate’s choice of words. Then noticed the burgers behind Nate. “Bud, your burgers are burning.” He pointed at them.
“Oh! Oh, shit!”
The conversation was quelled until after Nate was done cooking.
“You want a beer? We can sit out on the deck.”
“Sounds good.”
Taylor eyed the redhead while they ate, simply waiting for Nate to start talking again.
“Tay,” he began after several minutes of silence. “I don’t know what to do.”
“What do you want to do?”
“I don’t know! I want to be with him but I don’t want to break up a family. On the other hand, I don’t want to be with him while he’s still with Cara.”
“What does he want?”
“I don’t know.”
“Would he leave her?”
“I don’t know.”
“So you needed me to come over here, eat a burned black bean burger and a beer for me to give you this advice? Talk to him. Next time you want to be giddy teenagers and make out, be men instead and talk.”
“Thank you. Sorry it’s burned.”
“No big deal. I’m excited for you, buddy. I hope you get what you want.”
“Can I um, can I ask you something else?”
“What is it like?”
“What is what like?”
“Aw, Jesus. Never mind. I’m an idiot. Just forget it.” Nate blushed and waved his hand.
“Ohh! Oh…” Taylor smiled. “It’s awful. Absolutely disgusting. Horrible! I strongly advise against it.”
“Probably just because you’re doing it with D.”
“I’m gonna tell him you said that.”
“Go ahead. See if I care.”

There was a knock on the Nate’s door at nine in the morning. An impatient knock.
“Hang on! I’m coming, geez!”
Nate pulled the door open to find Chris standing there. “What are you doing here?”
Chris grinned and rushed at him, attacking him. He kissed Nate roughly, his hands sliding under the redhead’s shirt, fingernails and callouses scratching his skin.
“Let’s have sex, Nate. Please!” He groaned, panting into his ear.
“Oh fuck, Chris. No!” Nate tried to squirm out of his arms.
“Come on, I want you!” He started kissing his neck, fingers dipping into Nate’s pants.
“Stop! Chris!” Nate finally pushed him away. “Fuck, what’s with you?”
“I’m just super fucking horny, babe. Please?”
“No. We gotta figure out what we’re doing, Chris.”
“I thought we were having fun. I mean, damn, I can’t get enough of you. And its great, I love it.”
“But your family and Cara…”
“What about them?”
“Well, are you going to tell her?”
“Tell her what? That I’m making out with my male best friend? That I want to have sex with him?”
Nate looked away, his heart and throat constricting. “That maybe you love him and want to be with him.” He muttered.
“Oh. Oh shit. Nate, I …do you love me?”
His eyebrows scrunched together in pain and disappointment. If he said no, he’d be lying. If he said no, he’d be doing himself and Chris a disservice. If he said yes, though, if he said yes, he’d be risking everything.
He sighed and looked Chris in the eyes. “Yes, I do.”
Chris’s expression turned to one of confusion. He stared at Nate, his head tilted to one side, his eyes searching Nate’s face. “You do?”
“Afraid so. Chris, I didn’t plan it. I don’t know how it happened. I just know that you’re the one I need to make happy.”
A tiny grin played on Chris’s lips. “It would make me happy if you’d have sex with me.”
“Chris.” Nate groaned.
Chris pulled him into his arms again and kissed his mouth. When he finally released the redhead, he whispered breathlessly, “I want to make you happy, too.”