She was just so damn addicting; I couldn’t figure it out. No matter what she did I found myself riding in on the same waves next to her. She filled me up from head to toe, I no longer was me, because in my head I was always with her. I guess this meant something. Well, I guess this means a lot of things, I wasn’t sure I was ready for it to mean anything.
—  But regardless of how I chose to see it she was starting to become everything.
You spend countless hours missing someone, don’t you? You’re remembering the way their lips tasted on your tongue or the sound of their voice whispering I love you. You remember the way their eyes would light up when they talked about their passions, or the way they’d laugh at things with a senseless meaning. You miss the way their fingers wrapped around yours and all the insane adventures you’d take at 12am just because you could. You’re thinking about the way they’d do everything to keep a smile on your face, and the way they made you feel. They made you feel like you were running circles on the edge of the world; an adrenaline rush so large nothing could compare. But as your thoughts make multiple laps around your head you begin to freeze. You don’t miss that person you miss what was, and when you think about it, you realize they no long make you feel that high. You suddenly begin to realize the separation between your past and your present. You suddenly realize that what was, no longer is and in an instant you’re content. Nothing no longer hurts and all the remembering becomes instant memories of what to expect for a better future.
—  I quickly remembered everything I was missing was no longer current and it didn’t hurt so bad.

I’ve lived in Southern California my entire life, and I finally had the opportunity to not only visit the observatory, but shoot there as well. I’m so incredibly happy with the way the shots came out, and that I had the chance to shoot with Gehrig again.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Gehrig has a show coming up on March 23rd at the house of blues on sunset. Tickets are $20, and the event is 21+ if anyone wants to come, message me for tickets. You don’t wanna miss this opportunity to see him live.