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Knock Knock... Good Day Diana. Do you know why I'm here? Because we want you Diana, we want all of you. Come join us in Satan Raeken's inner circle. If you sign up today you get a membership bonus, including a free 'I <3 Chimeras' badge and a free cosmetic with the Dread Doctors. All you need to do is sign your soul over to Theo and confess loyalty upon him, Theo, our Lord and saviour and reannounce the old ways of Scott McCall.... we also have cookies too. x

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Scott McCall is the only lord and Savior Melanie get this trash out of my face


If you ever wanted to see Sora and Riku in an awkward school dance

Here you go


(We heard music play as the cosplay ball started nearby, so we kinda dared each other to slow dance and then this ended up happening)

Kingdom Hearts 2
Sora ◆ Jin | behindinfinity | FB
Riku ◆ Gax | FB
video clips by Reskiy

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