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(1. Tumblr is like the russian roulette of social media… I’m sorry but not sorry :3c

2. Oh anon, my lovely darling, great minds think alike. It’s not mentioned in this doujin ever about Al’s virginity (or anyone else’s for that matter) but I’d like to think so as well. There is no one else I can think of who he’d have his first time with other than Gil. There will be a flashback scene to them tho!! That’s waaayyy later. You guys will be surprised about how gentle and cute Gil is (while maintaining his badassery).

3. I’m so glad I have people supporting my weird af pairings so far!! I’m especially happy that I have people who can appreciate pruame like I do. I never got to know any other fans who also at the same time liked usuk tbh… Thank you so much for reading. <3 <3 )


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honestly i can’t believe i put this thing back on…” 


You stopped short in the doorway, the triumphant grin that had been on your face the whole drive home fell away as you saw Sam, Dean, and Cas’ expressions drawn in worry and anger.

“So you’re alive then,” Dean said flatly.

“Safe and sound,” you replied, trying to pull your smile back.

“Because you could have fooled us,” he snapped, his tone giving away his anger now. “Sam’s been checking every damn hospital in the area for hours.”

“I couldn’t find you, Y/N,” Cas added. His blue eyes were stony.

“Demons had the place warded,” you explained. “But it’s ok…I won–”

“You don’t win hunts,” Sam interjected. “You survive them. And you survive them by being safe, not by sneaking out by yourself in the middle of the night.”

“I’m sorry I worried you guys,” you said meekly.

“Worried is an understatement,” Dean said. You looked between the three of them and how their faces were drawn tight still even though you stood unharmed before them. You walked to them, then, and pulled them to you in a messy group hug. And though they were still upset about the stunt you’d pulled, all three of them fell into it, clutching tightly to you, relieved that you were back at all.

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To be honest I feel like Nate gets along extremely well with the Unova E4. Like he probably was super pissed with them at first and hated them for seemingly neglecting Unova, for allowing a child to face Plasma for the second time with higher stakes, but after time passed, after he healed a little, and after he heard that pretty much? They couldn’t do anything because their hands were tied ( more on that later when my thoughts aren’t everywhere because of dash shenanigans ), he started to open up to them bit by bit, popping in for random visits to each of them, talking with them, getting to know them, and well… now he bugs them whenever he can.

I’m watching the Shitlocked shenanigans on my dash and I’m just so done? These are levels that are beyond ridiculous. And it’s one thing that you ~can’t have panels focusing on Ben and Martin when they aren’t around but these choices? What is this, it has levels of B movie trash, who the fuck cares? 

I’m ranting because for a hot minute I wasn’t sure if I want to reblog the garbage but I probably will anyway.