Val wasn’t sure how he felt about theses wolf ears Joss had talked him into getting. It was in the spirit of the season he said. People were suddenly too friendly, too touchy. A cat in his lap the moment he slipped on the fuzzy headband. What sort of party had he stumbled into?

Ah well, as long as the drinks kept coming… This was sure the be an interesting evening.



I’m in deep shit and I’ll tell you why. 

I am the type of parent that pranks my kids. Like, nothing that’s going to cause tears. Nothing traumatizing. But we joke around a lot and it’s par for the course that you check your shoes before you put them on and the faucet doesn’t have a rubber band on it before you turn on the kitchen tap. The usual.

But this prank, the one they just pulled on me? It shook me. They hid all my books. LIke, the sheer logistics of it is amazing. The books were two deep in these cubbies. It’s a good, solid prank. Especially for starters. I thought, good on them

I was amused, bordering proud, when I looked on my night stand. 

What’s that? One more book? Huh.

Everything about this is beautiful. The irony in that the book thief was the only book left. The cleverness of using a bookmark. The we are anonymous type signature. Her haunted look, like she knows where your books are.

Let me tell you, I have never been more proud, and if they continue to apply themselves like this, more scared.

Typical day at the teamiplier office
  • Ethan: I can predict almost everyone here
  • Ethan: For example, if I leap at Tyler, he will most certainly catch me in his arms
  • Ethan, running at Tyler: COMING IN!
  • Tyler: Holding coffee!
  • Tyler: [drops coffee to catch Ethan]
Buff teaches Lifting
Ian Murray
Buff teaches Lifting

Ever since Buff Bendy became a thing. I’ve wanted to do a comic dub of him, and thanks to @anastasia-cherubin I’ve done just that. After reading this I had to do a comic dub of this and the end result is hilarious xD.


Voices = Me

Music = Kevin Macleod


jensen & misha jib panel snipets. emotional moment abt yana

(reminder that jensen had depression something that alot of people ignore, & attack him at avery turn)


(drop by youtube, by clicking video titles, to thank the fans who filmed it)

anonymous asked:

Scrooge: Admission for 3 adults, and 5, wait no hold on *counts* 4 feathery freeloaders. Actually you know what, I was right, 5. Donald: *annoyed grumbling* Launchpad: *closes eyes and fist pumps*

Forgive me, I haven’t drawn ducks in quite a while.