on jaq

i know this doesn’t fall into jack’s dad music preferences but history lesson shaquille o’neal had a brief but spectacular rap career in the 90s and included on his discography is the hilarious and easy to make fun of where ya at and i have a vision of jack and shitty performing their own personal rendition once they’re solid BFFLs with shitty as phife dawg and jack of course as shaq

shitty: yo jack where ya at

jack: im over here

shitty: yo jack where ya at

jack: yo yo i’m over here

etc etc and of course they both know all the lyrics. they sang it a ton their frog year in the locker room and junk and the frequency of their shaq outbursts decreased with time but occasionally even in their senior year when they were getting pumped before a game or something shitty would shout the first line and initiate and then jack would just bust out this fucking rap perfectly no beat or anything and amaze the whole team especially the younger guys who had only known captain jack and not shenanigans, fun loving soft man jack so they just looked at him dumbstruck like who the heck is this guy