concept: a “group of schoolgirls doing nothing” anime except that each of them is the protagonist of a different other action-oriented “dealing with monsters etc. is easy, school is hard” genre. They spend the entirety of the first episode trying to hide their abilities/secret-identities/etc from each other, while simultaneously trying to actually get their schoolwork done, until they all figure each other out as a result of shenanigans which happen immediately before the entirely-mundane school-focused climax.

The B plot of every subsequent episode consists of one or more of them dealing with their own in-genre stuff and/or messing up when they end up in another heroine’s. The supernatural sleuth need to help a ghost pass on before the zap-first-ask-questions-later magical girl causes some kind of collateral damage. The alien girl’s evil-overlord father has gotten his daughter confused with the mistaken the unpowered girl with a choice selection of monster boyfriends and girlfriends (mostly girlfriends by the end, knowing me). The witch girl really feels like there are far too many lasers and explosions in her life these days. And so on.

Or maybe it could just be the genre-mashup played straight? I dunno which one I’d be able to enjoy/make more. Shrug.