shenanigan speaks

how to flirt with the signs
  • aries: fight them. just fucking do it.
  • taurus: accidentally break their room window with a rock and shout sorry before getting the hell out of there
  • gemini: call them at 3am and ask if they have any cheetos
  • cancer: stand outside their house with a boombox blaring "never gonna give you up"
  • leo: offer them a ride and yell "GET IN THE CAR LOSER WE'RE GOING SHOPPING" as you pull up in front of them
  • virgo: one word: memes
  • libra: don't even ask them out just tell them you're dating
  • scorpio: convince them you're batman
  • sagittarius: look them straight in the eye as you consume an entire pizza slice in one bite
  • capricorn: dance at them like one of those tropical birds with the fancy butt feathers
  • aquarius: tell them about homestuck
  • pisces: run up to them and say "can u hold onto this for me k thx" then hand them a flower and trip over a snail as you attempt to run off

went into a skirmish as widow and there was a genji that would take me to “romantic” spots and sit with me. he put up with my awful shenanigans with a language barrier and totally made my night. he told me his favorite character was mccree and i saw he was using the mystery man so here’s to you, friend. i will never forget our dates that were always crashed by someone else.

Thanks to the chatroom, we now know who Gon’s birth mom is

Ging created Greed Island with a bunch of other people and then tested out all the cards to make sure they work. All of them.

Including the Pregnancy Stone, a card that turns into a rock. If someone holds the rock for a month straight, they become pregnant, regardless of sex of the holder.

“No.007 Pregnancy Stones

If held without releasing for one month, this 3KG stone will make the holder pregnant regardless of being male or female.”

Ging tested out the card to see if it’d actually work. 

It did. 

Gon is born, and that’s why Gon is with Ging on Greed Island as a tiny baby.

Illuminati confirmed.

the signs as wonderful people in the phandom
  • aries: gif makers!! v v important and hard working people who deserve lots and lots of love n recognition!!!!
  • taurus: @phanfictioncatalogue admins!!! tbh ur the backbone of this fandom we would be chaos without ur organization
  • gemini: actual dan howell my softest rose son
  • cancer: people who reblog stuff!!!! ur still an important member of the phandom even if you dont create original content bc u spread people's hard work and help validate n motivate creators!!! tysm!!!!!
  • leo: edit/ icon makers!!!! yall make the most beautiful stuff im so proud of u
  • virgo: fic writers!!! honestly, i am so proud of u whether ur work gets 5 notes or 5000 notes bc it is so hard to make words work ilysm
  • libra: meetup hosts!! thanks to you we get to see the beautiful people in this fandom and every time there's a new meetup i remember how gay i am holy heck thank u
  • scorpio: shitposters/ meme bloggers!!! ty for your wonderful humor to brighten up everyone's day uwuwu
  • sagittarius: people who send kind anons!! honestly the purest people ever, what did we do to deserve you
  • capricorn: video/ video edit makers!! literally how do you even do that video editing takes 938274 years i admire yall so much keep doing what ur doing friends
  • aquarius: actual phil lester smiley soft son
  • pisces: artists!! it takes so much practice to become so good at art and yall are slaying!! im so proud of u bab

yoi-shenanigans  asked:

Yuri just sticking his tongue out because he wants to, because he's kissing, because he's a brat, because he's focused, FUCK just Yuri sticking his tongue out. That's my kink. This is my fetish.

yuri’s BLEP stick out tongue is my favorite thing like…. look at him!!

More official art with it please?? (also, something I gotta draw more of too tbh)