shemonty asked:

I really do love your blog, like I don't reblog ALL your stuff because i'm not a complete fashion blog, but I like following fashion/hipster blogs sometimes, so my dash/blog is diverse... so yeah. c:

aw thanks :) no that makes sense! and your blog is seriously freaking’re one of my top liked/reblogged blogs! 

anonymous asked:

Hi, it's me, Shemonti. I wanted to show you this because I thought it relates to you. It's from U of T confessions "[#28315] All these Brown guys fooling around with non-brown girls, see you in a few years at our arranged marriage. -Brown girl‪#‎wastehertime2016‬"

i know for a fact that this wasn’t shemonti but okay lmao. in fact, i know that this is my anon that allegedly collects my pictures. what’s good?

but yes that was me, #wastehertime2012-2015

anonymous asked:

ok, i'm not shemonti. in fact, i don't even go to u of t. I go to Ryerson. but it's also not the same anon that saves the selfies.

i know for a fact that that’s not true but okay lol