A piece.

A piece.

A piece of who? Me.

Everyone wants me, yeah its not what it seems.

They don’t know that it makes me uncomfortable, that I don’t need to hear it.

I heard it all…friends of my parents. 

Get it?

Going back thinking on why I’m so sexual…

No one really gave a fuck, they didn’t know about my adult mind…still thinking I’m an adolescent. 

Raised by men, I learned it all.

“Fuck feelings and then babygirl you can have it all…”


Always been comfortable in my skin, nudity is art.

People tryna abuse that… “Baby you’re beautiful…take it off”.

I never judge but get judged the most.

Fuck them, stay true to you Niec’ at all cost.

This isn’t my whole story BUT you got a piece.

A piece… right now is all you really need.