sheltered whites

And some writers were pushed forcibly to writing, either because they want to be heard or because they were emotionally destroyed and that made a crack in their soul…floating with words that found a shelter in white sheets…
—  q8ieng 

0E1A0062 by Ottawa Humane Society


These rows of “coffins”, known colloquially at the time as fourpenny coffins, were the men’s sleeping quarters in London’s Burne Street hostel and many other homeless shelters like it. It beat the penny sit up, where you were given a meal and possibly some clothing, as well as a place to stay inside for the night, but were not allowed to fall asleep. At two pence, you might be able to use a twopenny lean over, where, in addition to the meal and the possible clothing, the proprietor would allow you to fall asleep, hanging over a rope, either placed in front of your chair or, where space was more limited, in front of you while you stood, to prevent you from falling on your face. In the morning, the proprietor or one of his employees would unhook the rope to wake the sleeping. Photos circa 1900.

so was the zoo episode of the stevenbomb legitimately intended to be something cutesy and fun? is that what it was?

i honestly thought it was supposed to be creepy. i was uncomfortable the whole time. and that’s what made me like it! but i’m seeing people claim it’s racist partially because it was portrayed as a good thing? and maybe i’m wrong (hell, i probably am) but imo the zoo was never painted as a good positive thing
…though also the absolute neglect steven and greg display after leaving it is. well. it’s something alright. not a good something. are we just gonna be given these characters and then never see them again?

idk i’m not saying anyone is wrong–i’m a sheltered white kid who grew up in a sheltered white town. i didn’t even know what a human zoo was until today! so i don’t think i have the right to call the episode racist or not. but i just want to pose the question: was the zoo really treated as a good thing for these humans?

honestly the whole time i had a “the giver” vibe in my mind, you know?