Hello ! I know it’s not a drawing (yet) but i’m the godmother of a dog in a shelter and it’s my duty to find him a family. It’s why today i share this with you. 
I did my best and i thank vice-s-assistant for the help with the text in english.
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He is in France actually, but there are lot of visitors from England and Germany who come to see dogs and cats in our shelter so dont worry for the distance!
Animals lovers can move mountains. ~

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Hey guys! I am trying to help out a rescue near my home town called “For the Love of Rats”. This rescue takes in many different animals that have been abandoned or abused, such as rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, mice, degus, prairie dogs, and even a pig! However the rescue is in desperate need of funding so that the rescue can be renovated and expanded. The owner, Mrs. Darleen Watts, would like to make the rescue bigger so that she can take in more animals and make it more comfortable for the animals already there. If you can donate anything at all it would be very much appreciated by Mrs. Darleen, the volunteers, and the animals. If you don’t have the opportunity to donate at this time please share this post!!! The animals in the picture above are just a few of the animals that live here, and I know they would love too have bigger cages to run around in and a playroom to roam around and have fun in. Please please please share this!!! Thank you for reading and sharing! And thank you to all who can donate!

I got a phenomenal offer today to be an assistant to the director of human services with a nonprofit organization called Caring For Children! I’ll get to be working one on one with professionals in the social work field, going to churches/homeless shelters/etc spreading the word about a new program called Angels Watch, to help children under 6 and their siblings have temporary foster homes if, for example, their family members get into an accident and don’t have anyone to care for the kids… we’ll provide them a safe, loving home/family for however long they need. 

ALSO as most of you know, I have a service dog for my anxiety and PTSD.. she will get to come with me and help clients feel more comfortable and overall at ease. 

I knew there was a reason that life brought me to this place, this moment, this opportunity. I am beyond excited. Although is is a volunteer position, it could lead to potential jobs, and if nothing else would look fabulous on a resume. 



So my authentic 1965 Westen Bundeswehr Klappspaten (West German Army folding spade) has arrived. I’ve laid it next to it’s contemporary clone, courtesy of Mil-Tec and some poor Chinese slob. Came with the original leather sheath (assuming the buckles are aluminum given the zero corrosion). Aside from a bunch of scuffs from traveling and storage, this 52 year old antique is in phenomenal shape. The fit is noticeably better than the Mil-Tec clone. Much less play and rattle. Looks to be held on the haft by friction and or glue as I can’t see any bolts. That’s one thing the Mil-Tec shovel has over the original, as its riveted to the haft. Opening, closing and adjusting actions are smooth and sweet. In the pictures, the original is on the left. Think I’ll shelve the clone and give the antique a place in my outdoor gear rotation.


You all may remember this big ball of love from my Shelter Photos and the tour i did of the shelter I volunteer at. 
I took this video to showcase the love and affection that the cats in our shelter are capable of– and also how much they need it in return. We’re usually very under staffed due to lack of funding and supplies, and are only able to play with the animals for a few minuets each day. 
With donations of food, toys, funds and supplies, our jobs will get easier and we can spend more time enriching the lives of the animals in our care until they find their forever homes!

If you would like to help make sure that our shelter, Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary, can keep the lights on and running while finding cats like this a home with loving humans– Feel free to Check out my post about the ways you can Donate! Every dollar, bag of food, or box of supplies helps!

I armed my twin daughters with shotguns, gave them some ammo and armor and sent them out in the wasteland to scavenge while me and the wife stayed in the shelter sleeping and taking showers… When they got back they had killed 9 people, subdued 5 other people and had a full inventory full of materials, food, water, ammo and fuel… Their stress bar didn’t move an inch…

I now fear my own children over the apocalyptic wasteland.


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