shelter structure


Marcus waited to radio Abby until they were sure. Until it was certain that the shelter was structurally sound, and most importantly, radiation-proof.

And it was.

It was massive, too. Underground tunnels and halls and dozens of private rooms. Fresh water from a well dug deep into the earth. Even power from solar panels.

They wouldn’t just survive - they might even be comfortable.

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          He’s a MESS, covered in blood and bits of gore–though that’s  going to be a given once you’ve carried (most) of a mutilated body across town. At least that dreadful rain has helped to wash away most of the stench. 

          Some pieces of entrails had fallen from his arms along the way, but that was fine. Despite the efforts Ren was taking to bury the remains, he hadn’t ACTUALLY known the kid. Just making sure that MOST of him was no longer ruined… that’s more than enough, yeah?

          He’d chosen a dry(-ish) spot near the park, underneath a wooden roof-like structure that sheltered from most of the rain. The hole’s been half-dug by the time he recognizes a LIVING presence… fortunately, it’s a friendly(?) one.

          “You come to watch? Wouldn’t imagine it’s too entertaining.” He manages a smile, then returning to work. Company wouldn’t be too bad, actually.


lichens are totally underappreciated! a lichen is a mutually symbiotic relationship between blue-green algae or bacteria and certain fungal species. the filaments of the fungus provide a structured shelter for the algae, which photosynthesize and eventually die off, giving a continuous energy supply to the fungus. they cover rocks and trees, and are the first stage of a forest progression from bedrock as they eventually build up a layer of organic material for other plants to root and grow.

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i'd be interested to hear your perspectives on cosmology... like, the origins of the universe, and what happens after death. do you take the norse myths literally?

Myths were never meant to be taken literally, one for one representationally. They’re stories that convey truths, knowledge and shared experience. Like a song - take Bohemian Rhapsody or Hey Jude or American Pie.

The Sound of Silence.

 Smalltown Boy

All these are stories, and even if they are not literally one-for-one, they nevertheless evoke memories, associations, similarities in us, biophysical effects - direct our attention to particular ways of perceiving, experiencing and knowing the world. Add in the music, and well, that’s another layer. They communicate, share experience, bring it forth in us.

Their is no literal world tree. But a there is a thing/process which we might perceive as such, in certain states of consciousness - an  ever-present axis-mundi, the centre of the kosmos which is everywhere and reaches everywhere else, best conveyed by the associations, metaphors, kennings and memories of trees.

The wandering nature of Odin is conveyed by a cloaked figure one might meet on the road, interfacing with our realm of experience - an appearance or apparition which for a time is as concretely real as the cup of tea I’m drinking. Real enough to appear and nod at me in the rain, and then vanish again when I looked round.

It’s tricky to convey if you’re not used to holding multiple seeming contradictions in your head at once. Myth serves as portal to the raw nature of Being - it transports us - yet it in itself is ‘just’ a story, ‘just’ a recounting of experience arranged a particular way.

Myth is the realm of double, triple meanings; highly compressed information slipped into the unconcious mind, to unfurl there like a seed. Poetry is mere words, mere mouth-noises transcribed. It is also blood and fire, honey and ash, the vertigo of love and fear. Look at Beowulf, the Illiad. 

Poetry endures, stands for longer than stone temples. Myth carries knowing of-gods across the years. When we had all but forgotten them, when the shadow of the God who is Only Once darkened the earth, blotting out all the bright wonders of blood and honey, song and madness, myth remained, to reach out and touch the minds of mankind anew, to set fire to our worlds, to inspire us though Irminsul fell, though Delphi lay empty and Solomon’s temple lay in forgotten ruins,

There are giants. There are gods. There are spirits of mankind that walk after death. How they appear, how they intrude, how they interface with our experience, is through strangeness, through signs and wonders and gut feelings and impossible actions.

Cosmology is a structure to parse the experience of existence, to give us room to arrange things. It matters not where there be 9 worlds or 7, or three - what matters is that there are worlds; realms of difference. Learning the routes to experience, to have knowledge of these differences, this is the pursuit of wisdom - knowing what to do and when, the right words to say. This is the reason for amassing lore.

(Would you know more, or what?)

Learning how to navigate, to manipulate, to act as-if something which has just appeared is eternal and immortal (which it may be and thus is, in some fashion) this is the trick.

To chart a course through the stormy ocean of the waters of life and death, and to keep to that course in order to get what you need - that’s the trick

The passphrases and rites, the knowings of other forms of awareness, all these are conveyed - today we see only one thing - entertainment or scripture.

Myth is both and neither. it is, as said before, a transportation mechanism.

transport (v.) late 14c., “convey from one place to another,” from Old French transporter “carry or convey across; overwhelm (emotionally)” (14c.) or directly from Latintransportare “carry over, take across, convey, remove,” from trans- “across” (see trans-) + portare “to carry” (see port (n.1)). Sense of “carry away with strong feelings” is first recorded c. 1500. Meaning “to carry away into banishment” is recorded from 1660s.

trans- word-forming element meaning “across, beyond, through, on the other side of, to go beyond,” from Latin trans-, from trans (prep.) “across, over, beyond,” perhaps originally present participle of a verb *trare-, meaning “to cross,” from PIE *tra-, variant of root *tere- (2) “to cross over” (see through). In chemical use indicating “a compound in which two characteristic groups are situated on opposite sides of an axis of a molecule” [Flood].

port (n.1) “harbor,” Old English port “harbor, haven,” reinforced by Old French port “harbor, port; mountain pass;” Old English and Old French words both from Latin portus “port, harbor,” originally “entrance, passage,” figuratively “place of refuge, asylum,” from PIE *prtu- “a going, a passage,” from root *per- (2) “to lead, pass over” (source also of Sanskrit parayati “carries over;” Greek poros “journey, passage, way,” peirein “to pierce, run through;” Latin porta"gate, door,“ portare “passage,” peritus “experienced;” Avestan peretush “passage, ford, bridge;” Armenian hordan “go forward;” Welsh rhyd “ford;” Old Church Slavonic pariti “to fly;” Old English faran “to go, journey,” Old Norse fjörðr “inlet, estuary”).

We are led outside of ourselves, into a larger kosmos - this the secret of ecstasy and creativity, poetry and song:

ecstasy (n.) late 14c., extasie “elation,” from Old French estaise “ecstasy, rapture,” from Late Latin extasis, from Greek ekstasis “entrancement, astonishment, insanity; any displacement or removal from the proper place,” in New Testament “a trance,” from existanai “displace, put out of place,” also “drive out of one’s mind” (existanai phrenon), from ek “out” (see ex-) + histanai “to place, cause to stand,” from PIE root *stā- “to stand” (see stet).

Used by 17c. mystical writers for “a state of rapture that stupefied the body while the soul contemplated divine things,” which probably helped the meaning shift to “exalted state of good feeling” (1610s). 

Driven out of our rote-minds, our habitual processes, we are presented with vastness, the immensity which rains down up and through us like a wind, a veritable deluge of sensation. Is it any wonder we seek some defence, some shelter in a structure - endlessly conflicted in our desire to be bitten by the serpent of wisdom, yet fearing the venom of that wyrm, as we constantly seek an antidote?

As is said: “Lord, What fools these mortals be!

(Puck flashes you a grin, faerie sharp, faerie slick. Old dead Puca slipping on a  human skin, ancestral wight strutting ‘bout the stage, all wild and in plain sight. Bucca up from the mine and out of the sea,  with bony animated wisdom, peering right at thee. Best keep him sweet with some milk, some blood, some beer, lest he become too close and near - and does you a mischief!)

Turn the skincoat of your own flesh inside out, see the bones and skull and understand you’ll clatter and knock like all those gone before you, til at last you’re dust.

Ahh, but your voice, that’ll go on, wordless, eternal, part of the thronging stream, to make someone’s heart leap, someone not yet born, rising out of the darkness to greet their first dawn.

Maybe, if you’re very lucky, they’ll use the memory of your hide to make a map of the vast places they could go when they die. Maybe not.

Because it’s all about how you prepare when you step out the door to go there and back again. Everyone makes their own map, but if you listen to the songs and the adventures you may find the marks others have left behind.


Myth is realer than real because it’s not bound by time - linear or otherwise. It has its own cycle, its own rhythm.

I don’t know what happens when you  die, sorry. I can take an educated guess at my options. Maybe.

AS for how the universe began. I rather think that if it did, it arose from the bones of the last, all rearranged, like. Of course, beginnings and endings can be the same thing….

It’s a Mystery. With a capital M, in case you missed it  

Call it a Rune, if you prefer.


I save the seeds of almost everything I eat these days. With apples and pears I keep them in a glass of water until I can be bothered organising them into a pot to put outside for cold stratification. I would have thought that these little guys would have waited until spring to emerge, but little more than a month after going into soil they already have their first proper leaves! They are tolerating cold nights of -6C quite happily, and when they are a little bigger I will prick them out and plant them in their forever homes, as an espaliered fence at the very front of the garden beside the footpath. I’ve found that seedling apples tend to be super vigorous, especially if they go into the ground early, so I hope that it will only take a couple of years for them to be providing a bit of structure, shelter and privacy.

Award-winning architect and designer Abeer Seikaly has developed a practical yet elegant solution to the need for lightweight, mobile, and structurally sound shelters for disaster zones. The Canadian-Jordanian’s Weaving a Home project not only provides flexible, transportable shelter, but also incorporates water collection, solar power generation and solar water heating into the design.

The Signs as People I've Known

Aries: The MOST social person I’ve ever met. So obsessed with human interactions that they actually thrive off of them. Very opinionated and often bossy. They think they know best and really just want to be loved and to be free at the same time. Emotional being with a big heart and a whole lot of passion. Loves to cuddle and to get attention. Takes much pride in their personal appearance. Someone I’ve grown apart from, that is no longer in my life. My biological father. 

 Taurus: The most laid back person ever. The eating thing isn’t a lie, not even close. Very VERY smart, but often lazy. Takes a lot to get them out of bed in the mornings. Once they are passionate about something, they stubbornly stand beside it to the very end. An amazing friend. The type of person that pays for your food, no questions asked. Laughs a lot and loves to make others laugh as well. Kind eyes. The best friend of my boyfriend. 

 Gemini: The funniest person I’ve ever met, I admire them so much. Dazzling personality, wild soul. Has a permanent childishness about them. Always the best at parties. May have different sides to them, but fiercely loyal to the right people, and will defend their friends to the very end when necessary. Hard workers that sometimes get overlooked, but are extremely intellectual. Gifted fighters. Fierce and defiant. Usually short. Quick-tempered and quick-witted. Great at arguing. Has the funniest laugh. Believes in you. My best childhood friend. 

Cancer: SO MATERNAL ITS CRAZY. They make very good friends. Emotional, but also often use their logical senses. One of the most artistic and intellectual signs out there. Very intuitive, they seem to know what’s going on before anyone else does. Sympathetic for the most part, but not as selfless as everyone would believe. Very caught up in their own lives, introverted. Family-oriented, and, in truth, a very resilient sign. Loves the sea, unsurprisingly, as they’re a water sign. Has a competitive spirit. Just wants to fit in. Will bitch you out one moment and cry quietly the next. Wears a lot of scarves and sweaters. My best friend. 

Leo: So damn cocky it’s ridiculous, but once you get to know them, you see that there’s more than meets the eye. Secretly self conscious and afraid of not being good enough. They tend to be over-dramatic and prone to large fits. So feisty it’s ridiculous, but in general they’re all just big crybabies. Very in touch with who they are as a person. Obnoxious, but easy to love and want to be around. Wild, youthful souls. Big, beautiful eyes. Effortlessly popular. Takes pride in their appearance and their accomplishments, and will let you know it. Always finds good music and makes you listen to it. Cries more than anyone will ever know, because they only do it in secret. My younger sister. 

Virgo: The nag, the smart one. The one that’s secretly so afraid of being unloved or unnoticed that they often don’t say much at all, for fear of being ostracized. Obsessed with books and learning. Always afraid of being forgotten. Pretends to be very headstrong but is really just a weakling that can be vicious when provoked. Knows how to hit where it hurts. Can be very funny but only when the cards are played right. Slightly selfish, but always has good intentions and wants to make life (and everything) better. Myself. 

Libra: An eternal child. Always believing the sun revolves around them, much like Leo. A bit materialistic, but will love you to death if you love them. Fun to be around. Naturally beautiful. Very easy to love. Extroverted. Generous. Will do anything to please and keep the peace. Alert and sensitive, almost like a water sign. Popular and charismatic, gifted at making others laugh. Sees the best in people and forgives far too easily. Often winds up hurt, just wants love and a real family. Often musically and artistically gifted. Very dramatic. They give the best and warmest hugs. My big sister. 

Scorpio: The outsider. So difficult to understand and like. Always wanting to be different, and yet also deeply desiring acceptance from others. Actually sensitive. In tune with themselves, but not necessarily others. Forgettable. Beautiful and mysterious. Makes you envious. Annoys you with how easily seduction comes to them. Wears pajamas all the time because they actually love to sleep. A bit selfish. Either laughs too loud or at the wrong times. Very good with technology and test-taking. My big stepsister. 

Sagittarius: Needy. So, so very needy. Adventurous and always searching for the next big journey. Always desiring attention. Smart, but too immature to realize their full potential. Always in for the chase, but not the long haul. Unreliable. Attractive, even to the most stubborn of signs. Truly a good person who just gets caught up in the moment or in a bad decision. Always listens to good music. Loves the idea of relationships, but not the actual prospect. Can’t be tied down. Doesn’t take no for an answer. A real go-getter. Charming and manipulative. My ex-boyfriend. 

Capricorn: Just as stubborn as any Taurus, but a much harder worker. I admire them. Sarcastic and cynical. They believe in tradition. Creatures of habit. The funniest person to be yourself around. Someone that comes off as cold but you get comfortable with after time. Seductive. Warm and cozy. Not very emotional, but really more logical and moral. Headstrong and independent. Appears to be older than they are, though there’s definitely an immature side. Just wants to follow a routine with the ones they love. Has a heart that not many people get to see. Doesn’t cry in front of others. Loves food and anything to do with comfort. My boyfriend. 

Aquarius: Difficult to follow. Flighty. Opinionated. Loud. Actually very good with money. Always in control. Masters of communication. Comes off as cold and generally is. Plays it aloof. Watchful. Observant. Likes socialization, although they don’t need anyone to survive. Has crutches, like drugs and alcohol. Is really very fragile, though no one would know it. Rolls eyes almost all the time. Acts like they’re the boss in every given situation. Can NOT lose control. Loves to play the victim. Almost as hardworking as a Capricorn. Small, secretive smiles. My mother. 

Pisces: A whiny baby who wants to be tended to. Alcoholic. Very funny when in large crowds. Creative and emotional, they are very deep and sensitive. Good person to have long talks with. Night owl. Intellectual but bad at saving money or ‘adulting.’ Typically bad at planning. Very whimsical and strange. Wants to believe that people are generally good. Needs shelter and structure, but is unable to find it. Can not remember things very easily. Small faces with generally very clear skin. Hopeful. Optimistic. Always doodling or writing little poems or silly limericks. Will help you in any given situation without question. My stepfather.

This birb lives at the bus terminal and knows the timing on the automatic doors of the shelter structure, so she sneaks in to beg food off the patrons. A security guard who works there told me “she’s the smartest pigeon we got here” as he foot-blocked her from getting in. I would like to point out, in defense of her considerable powers, that while he was distracted she thwarted him, slipped inside the structure, and had to be chased out by a patron. 

She Manage these station.  Under Covers bosse!

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Hello. Fan from Mongolia. Great job as always. We read all about this great castles & strongholds. Can you elaborate more on them? Their layout, defense Such as what Highgarden is like? Riverrun?

 It’s always amazing to hear that we reach fans all over. Our Wordpress says that we’ve received 157 views from Mongolia for 2015, glad to know you’re one of them.

As for the great castles, they each have their strengths and weakpoints. The World of Ice and Fire goes into each castle in depth, but let me see what I can discuss.

Winterfell: Winterfell is built on uneven terrain unlike many other castles, and boasts an eighty-foot outer wall and a hundred-foot inner wall. Winterfell was originally built using First Men architecture, but as technology and engineering improved, the Starks expanded and rebuilt many sections of the castle. Some believe that the castle originally started as a series of ringforts which the Starks later expanded into a single entity once they started becoming true powers and started earning the tax revenue to support such a massive engineering project. Winterfell’s true claim to fame, however, is its natural hotsprings which heat the castle in the coldest winter and allow for food to be grown in glass gardens. 

Riverrun: This is the smallest of the Lord Paramount castles, which makes sense given that the Tullys were never true kings. Riverrun’s defensive strategem rests in its unique location. Situated at the intersection of the Tumblestone and the Red Fork, its western moat is equipped with a complicated sluice gate, capable of flooding the moat in no time. Thus, at will, Riverrun can become an island and all-but-impervious to assault.

The Eyrie: The Eyrie is a beautiful castle made of shining white marble, and it is likely to be the most impregnable castle in Westeros. With a narrow supply route, three waycastles, and a hundred foot vertical ascent to the Eyrie, an assaulting army finds attacking the Arryn stronghold impossible. Any attack would likely be starved as necessary supplies go tumbling down the Giant’s Lance. However, this is also a weakness on the Arryn’s part, as the difficult lines prevent the Arryn’s from holding the Eyrie in winter. However, the Gates of the Moon is also a well-built keep that can be staffed during the cold winters of Westeros.

Pyke: Originally a much larger keep, the castle lost a good portion of itself when the cliffs they were on collapsed into the ocean. Pyke now exists as a series of towers connected by rope bridges. On the headland, the main keep is as well-fortified as any wealthy house can manage, and the small access points mean that the Greyjoys can mitigate numerical advantages in the event that an aggressor comes to take Pyke.

Casterly Rock: Built into a massive mountain, the Rock is a maze of tunnels and fortified structures. Sheltered by the mountain itself, it is difficult to breach or damage with siege equipment and, according to Visenya Targaryen, is likely resistant to dragonfire. This castle also has a port in a natural sea cove, and mining tunnels in the lower reaches mean that Lannister wealth is never far from hand.

Highgarden: A castle built more for aesthetics, Highgarden nevertheless has three concentric walls, each inner wall higher than the last. Between the first and second wall lies a thick briar maze that can stymie an attacking army. In the long run, however, Highgarden is not as strong a fortress as Casterly Rock or the Eyrie.

Storm’s End: The castle of the Durrendons is a most curious construction. The walls are thickest not on the western face that an army would attack, but the eastern, impregnable, sea-facing side. While this might give credence to the Godsgrief story, the layout is indeed a curious one for a skeptical mind. The walls are well-put together to resist the winds of Shipbreaker Bay, and its keep is a heavy, squat tower. Given that Stannis was able to hold it for so long, its stores are great and its walls strong.

Sunspear: Sunspear is on a peninsula, with the shadow city to its west. This offers a great deal of hiding places for the Dornish-style guerrilla warfare that the Targaryens found particularly frustrating during the First Dornish War. A winding wall, aptly named The Winding Wall, frustrates and corrals opposing armies, unless they decide to take the Threefold Gate, the defensive structure that allows for a direct path to the central keep, but this is heavily guarded.

Harrenhal: While not a Lord Paramount’s castle now, in its heyday it was a massive enterprise, with stores so large and walls so thick that no army could hope to besiege it before winter (or another king’s army as befits the Century of Blood) forced them away.

The Red Keep: A sprawling complex, the Red Keep has all you would expect a capital holding to have, with seven drum-towers, de-centralized granaries, and barracks to house the Goldcloaks. The royal family enjoys Maegor’s holdfast, a defensively positioned seat for the royal family that possesses its own moat so that even if the rest of the keep falls, the royals can hold out for a bit longer, if necessary. It also boasts an impressive array of secret passages that a knowledgeable person could make use of.

That’s a basic breakdown of the great keeps in Westeros. Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the question, Anon from Mongolia.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

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comparing the rocky horror picture show to being pushed into a locker and called faggot is entirely inaccurate? rhps was written by a non-binary person, richard o'brien, actually. i can link you to a bbc article about him if you'd like. obviously, the terminology used in the 70's is not what we use today but the show is notorious for being made by LGBTQIA+ folks for LGBTQIA+ folks. for many lgbtqia+ ppl this was the first sort of representation they ever saw and many of us flock to it?

Oh gosh, you’re right, that was an inaccurate comparison.

It literally depicts a trans woman esque character as a serial murderer and a serial rapist, a stereotype that is used to force trans women from shelters, support structures, including rape victim support structures when we’re raped so much, and even used to keep us from pissing in bathrooms. Usually with violence.

So you’re right, being pushed into a locker and called a single slur isn’t even close to as shitty as fucking RHPS. Rocky Horror is way fucking worse. Thanks for cluing me in.