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“Libraries aren’t in the real world, after all. They’re places apart, sanctuaries of pure thought. In this way I can go on living on the moon for the rest of my life.” - Paul Auster

On Monday, when I was on a bike trip, it suddenly started raining. So I was sheltering in the public library about an hour. I love to stay there even if I don’t need books. The place Is filled with silence. There are no stupid noises of the city. There are only sounds of turning pages, someone’s footsteps and whisperings. The book I have on the pic is “Man in the Dark” by Paul Auster.
UnderRim AU

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AU Canon: An open Au started by Vega who has asked that other people add to it/make it a community generated AU. The following is the submitted information for the AU unedited:

  • Toriel and Asgore were one of the first sets of Jaegar pilots. And damn they were good, good to the point where people honestly were thinking that the planet would be Kaiju free in a matter of a couple of years. At one point though, they were given the option to either go out closer to the Rift to fight, or guard the cities along the coastline. Asgore made the call for them to go out to the sea, and a different Jaeger was assigned the coastline. You can imagine where this goes.
  • Chara and Asriel had been walking back to base from their classes, playing Jaegers and Kaijus. Chara may have convinced Asriel to not go to a public shelter and fond their own hiding place so they could see their parents fight. Chara was killed, Asriel was knocked into a coma for a couple of years, before his little heart finally gave out. And as canon goes, Toriel and Asgore split up after that. Asgore ends up a general or something, pretty much in charge of the entire Jaeger program. However, Toriel chooses to stay in the program, she’s just as far from command as possible, training Recruits in the Academy.
  • Frisk of course, is one of these recruits. They joined up primarily because they felt like they had nowhere else to go, it was either the Military or living on the streets. Frisk is naturally gifted in training and it’s whispered amongst everyone in the Academy that they will certainly be one of the most unstoppable pilots out there when they graduate. They’re just a little worried that, their friendly nature aside, most people are a little too intimidated by their high performance to actually try and befriend them. What’s the point in being a good pilot if nobody’s willing to Drift with you? Imagine their surprise when they see their test scores compared to Toriel’s and realize their Drift Compatible with their own teacher.
  • Undyne has been in the program for awhile, but she’s been very difficult to find a partner for. She tends to be too abrasive to easily mesh with anyone in the Drift. She’d be one of their most powerful Jaeger Pilots if she could just find someone to Drift with. Eventually Asgore gets a little frustrated and just lets her have it out on the kids fresh out of the Academy.
  • One of which is, of course, Papyrus. He definitely joined up under the ideal of famous pilots and the idea that someone to Drift with would pretty much automatically be a best friend, right? He got super excited when he and Undyne sparred for the first time and they immediately clicked. Undyne certainly hadn’t expected this skinny dork to be Drift Compatible with her, but she supposed their Zeal for life was alike enough to be something like middleground.
  • Sans had been through the Academy on his own a couple of years before Papyrus was old enough to sign up himself, but he wasn’t interested in actually becoming a Jaeger Pilot, too much activity, not enough sleep. It was just easier to get into the science program if you’d already been through the Academy. He’s working alongside Alphys, who is 900% a Kaiju fangirl, and is intent on cracking their biological mechanisms. Thousands of years when into evolving Kaiju, there has to be a purpose to them, some sort of plan. Some language to their growling. Something she could decipher. 
  • Mettaton is an early retiree of the Jaeger program. Smashing a couple of Kaiju faces in with his Cousin was the quickest way to get both of their names on the map. And while the prosthesis that Alphys had designed for both of them were great (he needed reinforcement for his legs and Napstablook needed a pacemaker) he’d gotten them both out of the program early from fake damage to the nerves in his legs and strain on Blooky’s pacemaker. Blooky didn’t agree with lying for the sake of stardom and returned home to their farm somewhere in Montana. He only shows anyone his music under a pseudonym now, but he keeps an eye on his cousin’s rise in the acting world through the TV. 
  • But, because this AU needs plot not just setup, Kaiju bullshit starts happening. Most of their normal teams go down, Save Papyrus and Undyne. But Undyne breaks her arm in like three places and can’t operate a Jaeger until it heals. So, it becomes all hands on deck. Everyone able bodied and even new kids fresh from the academy, are assigned any able Jaegers they have.
  • With Undyne out of comission, Papyrus asks for Sans to go in with him, he’s the only other person Papyrus knows that he could possibly be Drift Compatible with. Normally Sans would just chuckle and insist he barely remembered anything about Jaeger operation, but if he did that then Papyrus might end up going out with someone he doesn’t naturally Drift with. It would be so much easier for his brother to make a mistake and cost his life, so he agrees. It’s both surprising and unsurprising how easily they fall into the Drift together. Undyne meanwhile, stays behind with Alphys and helps her as a third hand for when she needs it. She’s right there with her when Alphys has a breakthrough about how Kaiju minds operate, and is completely Gung Ho about sharing the mental load when Alphys decides the only way to figure things out for sure, was to Drift with with what was left of a Kaiju brain.
  • Mettaton of course, turns down the call for re-recruiting, the nerves in his legs won’t be able to handle the stress of Piloting anymore, they can barely handle dancing! Of course that stance goes under fire when Napstablook calls him for the first time in years and tells him he’s going to be going. He was just calling as a goodbye just in case, though. After all, he didn’t want to convince Mettaton into doing something he doesn’t want to. He mentions briefly that he’s not Mad at Mettaton for doing what he did anymore, and he hopes that if Mettaton was still mad at him, he’d at least wish him luck.
  • The accidental guilt trip was completely successful and literally just as they’re briefing Napstablook about being short on fully trained co-pilots, and how he may have to take someone that’s barely out of the Academy, Mettaton bursts in, already in armor (it’s been painted pink and it’s covered in glitter now.) Toriel comes out of retirement for a last fight, Patting Frisk’s shoulder proudly when she announces she even has a partner all set up. Though Frisk needs to cinch up their armor in some places (they’re so tiny!) they take to Piloting outside of simulation like a fish to water. Toriel can’t help but feel immense pride in this. She’d trained Frisk herself, and here they were fighting together. Asgore is, of course, a little sad about not getting back in a Jaeger himself, but more under the fact that he’d be back at base during the fight and not be able to actively help, instead of Toriel refusing to Drift with him. Besides, he was probably more needed at base, calling the shots, then fighting in the front line.

Three Jeagars against who knows how many Kaiju.

That night they stopped the clock.

Official Canon Design:



Meet Moby (A687887)!

I don’t know what’s in the water these days, but the shelter keeps getting these ridiculously fluffy rabbits. I’m beginning to suspect there’s a local breeder pumping out some kind of insane Lionhead/Angora/Jersey Woolly cross of pure fluff.

Moby is a young girl, only about 4-5 months old. She is absolutely, utterly terrified in the shelter. She really needs a quiet home, preferably adults or older kids only, where she won’t be so stressed out. She’s a gentle girl, a nice girl, she just needs to be drawn out of her shell a bit.

All animals on this blog are at Toronto Animal Services South, a public shelter where I volunteer. If you’re interested in adopting or have any questions, just send me an ask!

she and her brother leave the kingdom bc of reasons and she keeps her identity as the princess hidden. lucky for her, she had been so sheltered from the public that no one in the outside world really knows what she looks like. She is the reincarnate of the goddess of light, and though she recalls nothing of her past life, she knows the return of the Amber Phoenix and the King of Shadows (Felix) is prophesied to bring back balance to their demon ridden world. 

So, she and her brother (her self proclaimed body-guard), set out to fight demons and find the King of Shadows reincarnate (: the story itself will most likely start soon before she and Felix actually meet, and then the rest is adventure and demons and prophecy and blah blah


Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter. Book preview by Lloyd Kahn of Shelter Publications.

I don’t know if people really know about the earthquake that happened in Japan on Thursday (April 14th), but it was really bad. It was in Kyuushuu; Kumamoto prefecture, and I believe Oita prefecture is being affected as well. It was about a 6 or a 7, and they have confirmed today that 37 people have died. People are sleeping in public shelters. The aftershocks are still continuing and are further destroying structures. Kumamoto’s castle is ruined. Many wooden temples have been diminished to only a broken roof lying on top rubble. Japan’s television channels are all about the quake.

Tumblr seems to love Japan so much so I’m not sure why nobody is talking about this. Do people think nobody lives in Kumamoto? You all love their yurukyara, Kumamon, don’t you?

I’m sure if it was Tokyo, everybody would be up Japan’s ass.

So obviously I’m fine here in Tokyo, but the aftershocks are still causing the people stress. They will probably continue on for a long time.

Anyway, just in case you missed it, I guess.

Today we walked - AGAIN <3 - the beautiful and lovely dogs (unfortunately we couldn’t take pics of them - humans and their silly rules…) from São Paulo public shelter. They don’t have a family to call theirs and they only go for walks on Sundays and it’s really rewarding giving them love and helping them to stay healthy. We had a blast.

A huge thank you to Su and Cynthia. Without you this amazing morning wouldn’t be possible! <3

Hoje nós voltamos ao Centro de Controle de Zoonoses (infelizmente não pudemos tirar fotos dos animais - humanos e suas regras bobas), no qual passeamos com cachorros que vivem no abrigo público municipal. Eles não tem uma família para chamar de sua e caminham apenas aos Domingos e é muito gratificante ajudamos eles a se manter saudáveis e encher eles de afeto e carinho.

Um enorme obrigada à Su e à Cynthia. Sem vocês essa adorável manhã não teria sido possível! <3

I understand not wanting to deal with an addict/addicts in your personal life.  I really do.  My father is an alcoholic and an addict. Both sides of my family have a lot of addicts.  And sometimes you just can’t deal with someone or need to refuse contact until they make an effort in changing their behavior.  Sometimes you need to  do it for your basic safety.  That doesn’t make you evil.

But when you try and deny people access to social services or general public space denials, that is evil and an act of violence.  Trying to use the welfare system as a blunt instrument to control people whose behavior you don’t like, even in cases where their behavior is actually bad, is violence.  And it’s a form of violence that effects their families too.  People shouldn’t have to prove they are well behaved enough to deserve food, water, shelter, etc.

Public policy and social services aren’t just for people you would want to spend time with. 

You can’t say “well they’re a drug addict with 12 DUIs” and pretend like that somehow justifies your wanting to starve them.

did i ever tell u about my headcanon complete denial of canon as is stands about how v. vancleef is alive and well and working as a alchemist/poison specialist under like, gilnean witness protection. you see the basis is that 1. vanessa deserved better and 2. it’d make sense given the fact that gilneas has kind of this industrial-alchemical thing going for it and they’re also dealing with the problem of the blight and probably want as many capable people on that as possible and v is a prodigy at poisons AND 3. it would create Intrigue and  going under the noses of its own allies to shelter one of their public enemies for personal gain is something that does not seem out of character for the gilnean leadership to me

also it goes hand in hand with my other headinvention of canon about how tess greymane is spearheading relief efforts in westfall & duskwood under gilneas’ banner while varian is paying attention to draenor and genn is paying attention to varian, so that by the time she takes power her nation will be well- reputed & entrenched in the heartlands of the alliance